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1. Miniature air launched decoy- navy , technical maturation and risk reduction
2. Vls shock mounts
3. Mod 5f midesction
4. Rocket motor cover
5. Jems 8.0
6. Fy 2019 trident ii strategic weapon system (sws) navigation subsystem development, procurement,
7. Cover,anti corrosio
8. Kit,resilient mount
9. Fairing,launcher,gu
10. Alignment plates
11. Knife assy
12. Joint air to surface standoff missile (jassm) orca increment 1
13. Fairing,launcher,gu
14. Subsonic aerial target (ssat) bqm 177a spares
15. Cable assy,postnang
16. Circuit card assembly
17. Cell covers
18. Subsonic aerial target (ssat) bqm 177a peculiar support
19. Monitoring unit
20. Subsonic aerial target (ssat) bqm 177a peculiar support equipment lrip 3
21. Panel,structural,ai
22. Fy19-23 mk 41 vertical launching system (vls) canister production
23. Subsonic aerial target (ssat) bqm 177a peculiar support equipment lrip 3
24. Handgrip assembly,l
25. Vls graphite ablative blocks
26. Electric hoist
27. Electric hoist
28. Plug,end,piston
29. Electric hoist
30. Lrasm lot 3
31. Seal assembly,gun g
32. Mk-85 motor tubes (aluminum alloy)
33. An/aww-13 advanced data link system follow-on support
34. N00024-19-c-5412 / standard missile-2 (sm-2) block iiic award notice and redacted j&a - n00024-18-r-5412
35. Door assy
36. Gqm-163a san nicolas island site standup
37. Fairing,launcher,gu
38. Support,cover
39. Patriot major item repairmen
40. No back rings
41. Terminal high altitude area defense (thaad) kingdom of saudi arabia (ksa) foreign military sale (fms) phase i
42. Rail-pusher set
43. Vls drill fixtures
44. Piston shaft
45. Clearbore,door seal
46. Harm sustaining engineering task support and integration of sts-6x
47. Spe4a519r0261--multiple nsns
48. Joint standoff weapon extended range (jsow-er)
49. Lrasm logistics and engineering support
50. Sources sought for a idiq contract to follow the integrated air and missile defense (iamd) a-kit follow on idiq
51. Order for tactical tomahawk weapons control system (ttwcs) system development activity (sda), software and system engineering support/upgrades and sustainment
52. Miniature air launched decoy-navy engineering and manufacturing development
53. Block assy,launcher
54. Vls shock mounts
55. Cover,anti corrosio
56. Mechanism assy,airc
57. Panel,structural,ai
58. Piston rod assembly
59. Peculiar support equipment (pse) for the bqm-177a subsopeculiar support equipment (pse) for the bqm-177a subsonic aerial target (ssat)nic aerial target (ssat)
60. Perspective sources sought for: nsn: 7rh-1430-011603764 p/n: 3624291 seal assembly,gun g
61. Wing assembly,guide
62. Army himars parts
63. Cable assembly-swit
64. Cover,access,guided
65. Cable assembly
66. Cable assembly
67. Cable assembly
68. Lau-12x electrical solenoid
69. Cable assembly
70. Collar,missile
71. Subsonic aerial target (ssat) bqm-177a two-piece electronic bay cover and radome
72. Cover assy,launcher
73. Piston shaft
74. Joint air to surface standoff missile (jassm) lot 18
75. Snubber,anti-vibrat
76. Collector bin,debri
77. Collector bin,debri
78. Collector bin,debri
79. Trident ii shipboard nav subsystem development, integration, production and fleet systems engineering and logistics support
80. Piston,launcher clo
81. Box,resistor
82. Rod end,piston,lock
83. Icbm ground subsystem support contract (gssc) 2.0
84. Subsonic aerial target (ssat) bqm 177a flight consumables
85. Monitoring unit
86. Fairing,launcher,gu
87. Fy19 spare parts for harpoon missile system
88. Monitoring unit
89. Isolator,microwave
90. Icbm ground subsystem support contract (gssc) 2.0
91. Louver assembly
92. M-code tactical tomahawk (tactom) missile system
93. Hoisting unit,stati
94. Icbm ground subsystem support contract (gssc) 2.0
95. Cover,anti corrosio
96. Snubber guide assy
97. Ace power mod- 5vdc
98. Modification to delivery order n0001918f1652 under contract n00019-16-g-0001 to integrate and test a fleet captive air training missile (catm) in order to simulate the harpoon block ii plus (hii+) missile for the purpose of conducting fleet training.
99. Icbm piston rod assembly
100. Dial,lock
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