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1. Industrial engineering services
2. Market research industry day - test sets
3. Market research industry day - test sets
4. Fy18 uk weapon control systems spares and special support equipment
5. Army himars parts
6. Transducer,pressure
7. Receiver assembly,n
8. Delivery order for engineering support to sustain the standoff land attack missile-expanded response (slam-er) and harpoon block ii+ (hii+) unique planning component (upc) as a software component of the joint mission planning system (jmps)
9. Air force requirements and experimentation vehicle (afrev)
10. Seal and damper sub
11. Piston,launcher clo
12. Air force requirements and experimentation vehicle (afrev)
13. Notice of intent to sole source pma-201 joint standoff weapon extended range
14. Advanced anti-radiation guided missile (aargm) fuze logic circuit card assembly (cca) re-spin
15. Slam-er warhead housings
16. Spring assembly,ela
17. Spring assembly,ela
18. Housing,guided miss
19. Structural panel
20. Structural panel
21. Fin, guided missle
22. Cable assembly, power
23. Receiver assembly,n
24. Structural section,
25. Forward closure
26. Cover,anti corrosio
27. Cover assy, launcher
28. Leg assembly,short
29. Processor,signal da
30. Snubber guide assy
31. Support,umbilical hook,guided missil
32. Forward closure
33. Cartridge,combinati
34. Electric hoist
35. Resolver assembly
36. Parts kit-seal repl
37. Solicitation
38. Panel,structural,ai
39. Tracker,infrared,gu
40. Tracker,infrared,gu
41. Cable assembly
42. Joint air to surface standoff missile (jassm) jems 8.0
43. Clutch torque
44. Cover,anti corrosio
45. Pad assembly
46. Louver assembly
47. Support,umbilical hook
48. The government requires fabrication of tape-wrapped carbon phenolic (twcp) heatshields for recertification of heatshield production for both the existing navy slbm reentry systems (mk4 & mk5) and future programs
49. Government tomahawk test equipment upgrades for modernization and obsolescence
50. Cable assembly
51. Radome feed assembl
52. Fairing,launcher,gu
53. Structural section,
54. Launcher subassembl
55. Snubber,anti-vibrat
56. Cartridge,combinati
57. Fairing,launcher,gu
58. Lug,arresting
59. Mk13 canisters
60. Stinger gmia-aerial test equipment (te 600)
61. Lrasm lot 3
62. Notice of intent to sole source pma-201 encapsulated tactical harpoon aurs refurbishment, repair, upgrade, and recertification for the usn-688 class submarine
63. National advanced surface to air missile system sustainment and maintenance
64. Gbad marine air defense integrated system drone kinetic defeat capability rfi
65. Kit,hydraulic test
66. Launcher subassembl
67. Market research industry day - test sets
68. Resolver assembly
69. Hose assy,supply
70. Delivery orders for spares, repairs, and integrated logistics and engineering sustainment support for harpoon/slam-er missiles
71. Development of the technical data package for the joint standoff weapon adaptor board
72. Structural panel
73. Cap,end,launcher
74. Fitting,cargo tiedo
75. Clutch torque
76. Container,support
77. Notice of intent to award sole source to raytheon missile systems for standard missile-3 block ib missile support services - hq0276-18-r-0006
78. United states government interceptors, associated one-shot devices and interceptor unique support items
79. Guidance electronics unit, phase iii
80. Double acting mechanical shock isolator
81. Double acting mechanical shock isolator
82. Icbm ground subsystem support contract (gssc) 2.0
83. Rod end,piston,lock
84. Double acting mechanical shock isolator
85. Fin,guide missle
86. Circuit card assembly
87. Cover,anti corrosio
88. Aim-9x cas elx redesign and ddi requalification
89. Radome feed assembl
90. Notice of intent to sole source pma-201 joint standoff weapon (jsow) all up round (aur) ordnance assessment (oa) testing
91. Aim-9x micro-mod warhead qualification support
92. Radome feed assembl
93. Mk 41 vertical launch system (vls) design agent engineering services
94. Grommet and ring
95. Army integrated air and missile defense (aiamd) plug and flight (p&f) a-kit
96. Icbm integration support contract (isc) 2
97. Cable assembly-switch,
98. Cap,end,actuator
99. Rail assembly
100. Detector,penetratio
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