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1. Launcher subassembl
2. Industry day for integrated battle command (ibcs) system
3. Signal generators
4. Synopsis - electronic shield, actuator
5. Strapping
6. Draft rfp for integrated battle command system (ibcs) lrip/frp
7. Mk 70 booster
8. Piston rod assembly
9. Delivery order for government of singapore (gos) warhead kit upgrade engineering change proposal (ecp) and integrated logistics support (ils)
10. Coupling,quick disconn
11. Retainer assembly
12. Hoist,sling
13. Solicitation for us army patriot cooler liquid electron tube (clet)
14. F-16 plate switch and sleeve assembly
15. Icbm cylinde blast valve
16. Hook,forward attach
17. 14--r0tary joint, in repair/modification of
18. 4u, 6kw ac source; 2kw/phase
19. Mk 41 vertical launching system (vls) request for information
20. Sources sought for a modification to the integrated air and missile defense (iamd) battle command (ibcs) development contract
21. Notice of award for sole source pma-201 follow-on support of the aww-13 data link pod system and systems
22. Rfi only - sources sought for us army patriot cooler liquid electron tube (clet)
23. Rfi only - sources sought for us army patriot cooler liquid electron tube (clet)
24. Typy 2 installation
25. Panel,firing,guided
26. Jsow agm-154c ils and training for rsaf
27. Hose,m52x2,1220mm
28. Subsonic aerial target (ssat) bqm 177a center of gravity (cg) limit engineering change proposal (ecp)
29. 14--r0tary joint, in repair/modification of
30. Mk 41 vertical launching system (vls) request for information
31. Fd2020-20-00469
32. Lock,removable plug
33. Knife assy
34. Hose assy, hoist
35. Ring
36. Door weldmen
37. Shrink film
38. Rod, end,spher
39. Gasket
40. 14--computer group,guid, in repair/modification of
41. Receiver assembly,n
42. 14--dome,optical
43. 14--dome,optical
44. Dome, optical
45. Sea based weapon system (swbs), sm-3 guided missile
46. Delivery orders for spares, repairs, and integrated logistics and engineering sustainment support for harpoon/slam-er missiles
47. Replenishment of spares, parts and materials
48. 1u, 5kw dc power supply 40v ma
49. Remanufacture air launch cruise missile (alcm) electro mechanical linear actuator (emla)
50. Propulsion subsystem support contract (pssc 2.0)
51. Draft rfp for integrated battle command system (ibcs) lrip/frp
52. Knife assy
53. Ring
54. Hose assy, hoist
55. Door weldmen
56. Shrink film
57. Rod, end,spher
58. Gasket
59. Delivery order for class i engineering change proposal (ecp), missile subsystem test set (msts) hardware and technical manual updates for parts with known replacements for integrated logistics support (ils) program for united states navy (usn) and foreign
60. Multiple launch rocket system (mlrs) m270a2 modification/upgrade for field artillery launcher fleet expansion
61. Award: n00024-16-c-5433 p00039
62. Mfom 6 channel leak tester
63. Lock,removable plug
64. Pad, rubber
65. Pad, rubber
66. Cartridge,combinati
67. Thaad booster development and demonstration request for information
68. Knife assy
69. Hose assy, hoist
70. Door weldmen
71. Ring
72. Shrink film
73. Rod, end,spher
74. Gasket
75. Hose set,interconne
76. Apkws ii guidance section seeker software update
77. Essm block 2 lrip 1-3 and spares
78. Cartridge,combinati
79. Power supply,aircra
80. Cockpit tracker mod
81. Structural section
82. J--gyro,subassembly, in repair/modification of
83. J--gyro,subassembly, in repair/modification of
84. Lock,removable plug
85. Tube,tire,(300x15)
86. Tube,tire,(300x15)
87. Knife assy
88. Ring
89. Hose assy, hoist
90. Door weldmen
91. Shrink film
92. Rod, end,spher
93. Gasket
94. Power supply,aircra
95. Cockpit tracker mod
96. Structural section
97. Standoff land attack missile expanded response (slam er) obsolescence redesign and production effort for royal saudi air force
98. Mald-n emd sow revision
99. Mald-n emd sow revision
100. Lock,removable plug
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