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101. Aotus
102. High altitude and low earth orbit sensing
103. Automated target recognition (at334511r)/aided target recognition (aitr)
104. Multi-domain command & control execution management & workflows - flyleaf
105. Nasa/gsfc wfirst high-gain antenna flight unit sources sought
106. Design, build & install a pressure test enclosure
107. 586-19-4-932-0061, iwaki aquatic its-x xenopus system
108. Sole source award: research support services ~ ucsf ctsi
109. Development of standardized analytical and environmental sampling methods for per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances in the subsurface
110. Sbir phiii topic no. n02-082, directional acoustic transponder
111. Request for proposal: ship self defense system combat system engineering agent (csea) / software design agent (sda)
112. Preclinical medications screening in dependence models of alcohol use disorder
113. Nice
114. Military infectious disease - prototype innovation program (mid-pip)
115. Usace innovation summit 2019
116. Usace innovation summit 2019
117. R&d for bio-based ligands
118. Human space flight technical integration contract (hsftic)
119. Pecan
120. Multi-sensor exploitation for tactical autonomy (meta)
121. Tac-19-55071 _the role of coaching support this is to address the vendors questions rfp due date remains the same
122. Large unmanned surface vessel (lusv)
123. Unix and linux system admin support with options
124. Insilico screening at the walter reed army institute of research (wrair)
125. Regulatory operations support services
126. R&d for bio-based ligands
127. Water quality monitoring project decommissioning
128. Human space flight technical
129. Techniques to extend lens longevity in protective eyewear
130. Clinical trial support services
131. Monitoring of at-risk karst and aquatic species at fort hood, texas
132. Cnt-vectored delivery of mrna for hiv-vaccines
133. Advanced reflood thermal-hydraulics for uncertaint
134. Mri testing - stanford lucas center
135. Intent to sole source for mri testing
136. Technology transfer opportunity: high performance, zero power receiver
137. Intent to sole source | vicon camera support
138. Line operations safety audits for productive safety.
139. Fr19rpd31000000050 notice of intent to award a sole source contract
140. Request for information advisory & assistance support (a&as)
141. Airdrop of joint light tactical vehicle (jltv) via c-17 logistics rails system technologies
142. Navsea small business industry day (sbid)
143. Opposition advisory force software platform and people driven process
144. Tac-19-55071 _the role of coaching support this is to address vendors questions in reference to 36c10b19r0045 rfq due date remains the same 8/20/2019 at 2pm est
145. Mobility enablement prototype
146. University research forum membership
147. Surveillance, epidemiology, and end results (seer) program
148. Intelligence support to long range fires
149. Multi-sensor exploitation for tactical autonomy (meta)
150. Multi-domain operations advanced battle management family of systems (mdo-abms) broad agency announcement
151. Mri testing - stanford lucas center
152. Sources sought for wide field survey telescope inertial reference units
153. Aided target recognition (aidtr) enabled sensor systems
154. Sources sought optical parametric oscillator laser
155. Manufacturing technology (mantech) center for inno
156. Prevent cancer preclinical drug development program: cgmp production of vaccines and biologicals for cancer prevention
157. 636-19-4-4666-0586 stumptown (va-19-00059829)
158. Technology transfer opportunity: solid-state lighting and lasers
159. N6449819j2r098
160. Intent to sole source purchase of acoustic detection, occupancy models, and exploring acoustic data services
161. Flight-like raman
162. Artificial intelligence/machine learning enabled capabilities
163. Manufacturing technology (mantech) center for inno
164. Prevent cancer preclinical drug development program: cgmp production of vaccines and biologicals for cancer prevention
165. Strategic research and analysis, communications, and exhibits services (sraces)
166. Symbiotic design for cyber physical systems
167. Naval medical research unit six (namru-6) infectious disease research support services
168. At-19-x09 offshore wind interference
169. Combat capabilities development command systems simulation, software and integration (s3i) directorate development operations maintenance and support (doms) system of systems element simulation (sses) increase of contract value
170. Evaluating onbase deployment of smart transportation technologies
171. Automated multisource adaptation via zero-shot information generation (amazing)
172. Learning with optimal labels (lol)
173. Research in nondestructive evaluation methods for materials state awareness
174. Broad agency announcement - locally led development innovation
175. Advance development of the planetary defense framework gateway
176. Direct metal laser melting alloy 188
177. Technology/business opportunity laser ablation of metals using modulated laser light intensity and multi-pulse laser technology
178. Request for project information - candidate drug treatment for traumatic brain injury for phase 2 clinical trials
179. Artificial intelligence (ai) for past performance - cpars
180. Ngis idiq follow on
181. Ngis idiq follow on
182. Nextstep-2 appendix i: commercial destination development in low earth orbit using the international space station
183. Animal protocol support hemostatic control
184. Laboratory testing of geosynthetics
185. Emergent r&d
186. Broad agency announcement - innovator in residence program
187. New directions in advancing locally led development
188. Mangrove disturbance response evaluation and resiliency assessment: puerto rico and u.s. virgin islands
189. Behavioral assessment services
190. Mechanical and composite hardware fabrication support services (mchfss)
191. Symbiotic design for cyber physical systems
192. Characterization of the infectious causes of acute febrile and exanthematous illness in latin america
193. Mri testing
194. Clinical research sites for the niaaa medications development clinical investigations network for the treatment of alcohol use disorder
195. University student research challenge (usrc)
196. Systems engineering advanced services (seas) ii
197. Electronic warfare - air & ground survivability (ewags) technology request for information (rfi)
198. Steadman philippon research institute
199. Metron, incorporated
200. Operation of a facility for the study of infectious agents, vaccines and antivirals in adult and pediatric human subjects for niaid
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