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201. Partnership opportunity document for nasa/gsfc green propulsion engines and propellant technology
202. Nasa-gsfc wfirst latch valves sources sought
203. Hemostasis viscoelastic coagulation analyzers
204. Intent to award nawcad consortium management company
205. Office of economic growth and agricultural development - usaid/haiti broad agency announcement (baa) supporting high potential micro, small, and medium enterprises (msme)
206. Special notice (sn) darpa-sn-19-48: revector proposers day
207. T100 and c1000 thermal cyclers
208. Ai/ml research for expeditionary maneuver and air/ground reconnaissance
209. Human space flight technical integration contract (hsftic)
210. Human space flight technical integration contract (hsftic)
211. Trojai
212. Research assistant - urology senior health systems scientist - urology
213. Special program announcement for 2019 office of naval research opportunity communications and networks applied research
214. Modular walk in chamber w/ humidity
215. Quick reaction evaluation chemical analysis of air force materials
216. Support for chemical and physical materials and systems research and development
217. Fy18 long range broad agency announcement (baa) fo
218. Infinitum humanitarian systems, inc.
219. Systems & technology research
220. Research support for environmental epidemiologic s
221. Mk 18 underwater unmanned vehicle family of systems
222. Small responsive launch
223. Air force research laboratory, materials & manufacturing directorate, functional materials and applications (afrl/rxa) two-step open baa
224. Pre-release dod sttr 19.b (541715)
225. Pre-release dod sttr 19.b (541714)
226. Pre-release dod sbir 19.2 (541715)
227. Pre-release dod sbir 19.2 (541714)
228. Request for information (rfi) deflagrated products
229. Mettler toledo balance
230. Research and clinical expert geneticist
231. The assistant secretary of the army for acquisition, logistics and technology (asa(alt)) expeditionary technology search (xtechsearch)
232. Army applications lab broad agency announcement for disruptive applications
233. Us army wrair pbf pre-announcement notice
234. Reconnaissance and surveillance payloads, sensors, delivery systems and platforms
235. Human space flight technical integration contract (hsftic)
236. Streamlinedml developers day
237. Streamlinedml: an extensible end-to-end machine learning system and advanced learning algorithm development
238. Cwmd 5-year research and development (r&d) open broad agency announcement (obaa) 70rdnd19r00000003 and topic solicitation 1 70rdnd19r00000004
239. Cryopreserved platelet (cpp) development for u.s. food and drug administration licensure
240. Atomizer device for spraying viscous solutions
241. Fy19 as&t baa/gssa framework - innovation with intent
242. Services for molecular surveillance for malaria prevention and control
243. Commercial weather data pilot (cwdp)
244. Ground replay system engineering tool for asw
245. Bae systems iesi, inc.
246. University of miami miller school
247. The u.s. army accessions information environment (aie)
248. Beam control research and development
249. High speed electro-optic tip-tilt corrector
250. Orion cockpit prototyping
251. Capillary array96x36cm
252. Gvsc vehicle electrification forum
253. Sandia procurement opportunities website: see link provided below
254. Protocol participant support
255. Science of artificial intelligence and learning for open-world novelty (sail-on)
256. Optionally-manned fighting vehicle (omfv) program
257. Dod unmanned aircraft system traffic management (utm) field demonstration support
258. Animal study assistance on anti-parasitic drugs
259. Dhs s&t first responders baa 18-02 call 0001
260. Fabrication of units for battery building
261. Broad agency announcement (baa) industrial material testing
262. Manufacturing technology (mantech)electro-optics center of excellence (eocoe)
263. Evaluation of dbx-1 as a drop-in replacement for rd-1333 lead azide in the thin layer explosive (tlx) high energy (he) tips
264. Altc and ultc support
265. Polyplexus pilot topic opportunity notice for emergent polyplexus topic (11)
266. Polyplexus pilot topic opportunity notice – microgravity chemical theory (10)
267. Polyplexus pilot topic opportunity notice – emergent polyplexus topic (09)
268. Evaluating the feasibility and acceptability of container-based sanitation systems in healthcare settings
269. Dod unmanned aircraft system traffic management (utm) field demonstration support
270. Field deployable high-resolution mass spectrometer
271. System-wide safety (sws)
272. Landsat science team research and support services
273. No description provided
274. Intelligent agents for load plan requirements
275. Vibration isolation system for the mh-60s gunner seat
276. Strikem: surface targeting rapid integrated kill chain engagement module
277. Application of 3d actuators (advances)
278. Automated rapid certification of software (arcos) proposers day
279. Human space flight technical integration contract (hsftic)
280. Restore-l composite tube arms
281. System engineering, and test operational support
282. Teaching ai to leverage overlooked residuals (tailor)
283. Multi-mode armament system-active protection system (mmas-aps)
284. Information analysis for multi-domain operations and targeting support
285. Request for solutions pele
286. Information warfare research project (iwrp) prototype projects
287. Measurement of pollution in the troposphere (mopitt) science investigator-led processing system (sips)
288. System engineering, and test operational support
289. Lockheed martin
290. Proactive research enabling supportable systems (press)
291. Swift turbo dna library kit
292. Commercial solutions opening
293. Accelerator to end tb in india
294. Advanced targeting concepts development study
295. Optionally-manned fighting vehicle (omfv) program
296. Multi-mode armament system-active protection system (mmas-aps)
297. Request for solutions pele
298. Study of industrial wireless network deployments and testbed experimentation for factory automation
299. Detection system
300. Military gps user equipment (mgue) integration risk reduction for the e-2d advanced hawkeye (ahe)
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