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701. Trabecular bone scoring (tbs) analysis service (va-19-00024444)
702. Competency-aware machine learning (caml) proposers day
703. Ceiling increase synopsis
704. E-2 integrated test team and test aircraft operations
705. Forest inventory & analysis bpa suite
706. 2019 small business innovative research (sbir) program phase 1
707. Optionally-manned fighting vehicle (omfv) program
708. Transparent, integrated, autonomous multi-level access and transfer (tiamat)
709. Usaid small business applied research
710. Innovation ots
711. Rfp n00421-17-r-0055; aircrew services
712. Emergent r&d
713. Niaid clinical research products management center
714. A sbir sttr solicitation
715. Intelligent neural interfaces (ini)
716. Organic precision fires-mounted
717. Aspr/barda antimicrobial resistance project bioshield
718. Aspr/barda antimicrobial resistance project bioshield
719. Preclinical medications screening in dependence models of alcohol use disorder
720. Folding vertical take off and landing (vtol) small unmanned aerial systems (suas)
721. Multi-sensor integration for autonomy and openness (miao)
722. Autonomy capabilities team 3 (act3) processing, exploitation, and dissemination (ped) thrust
723. Commercial solutions opening
724. Fiscal year 2020 annual plan (fy20 ap) under ground vehicle systems (gvs) other transaction agreement (ota)
725. Potential follow on production for automated scrap inspection
726. High-energy proton radiation effects testing of microelectronic and photonic components and systems
727. Guaranteeing ai robustness against deception (gard) proposers day
728. Baa s&tcd 2018
729. Baa s&tcd 2018
730. Meteorological modeling and subject matter expert services (mmas)
731. Broad agency announcement for office of the under secretary of defense for policy
732. Dhs fy 19 sbir solicitation
733. Jpl starshade technology maturation
734. Screening of investigational agents through the ninds preclinical screening platform for pain (pspp)
735. Research & technical support for infrastructure laboratories
736. E-2 integrated test team and test aircraft operations
737. Nsrdec botaa_17-01 request for project proposal (rpp)
738. Future development and implementations of common core ontologies
739. Robust evasion and search technologies for orchestration of rescue and escape (restore)
740. Analgesic ketamine
741. Development of radiation/nuclear medical countermeasures
742. W81xwh-19-00-1954-noninvasive neurological assessment devices (ninad)
743. Advanced requirements characterization engineering and representation (archer) utilized for joint strike fighter (jsf) offboard mission support (oms)
744. 5.4.3 laboratory support
745. 5.4.3 laboratory support
746. Ladar innovative development and research (lidar)
747. National baseline study research center
748. Environmental security technology certification program (estcp) - environmental technology demonstrations open baa
749. Strategic environmental research and development program (serdp) open baa
750. Electronics resurgence initiative: defense applications (eri:da)
751. Partnership opportunity document for a nasa goddard space flight center (gsfc) small explorer (smex) spacecraft
752. Notice of contract action (noca) -- multi-intelligence smart processing (misp)
753. Development of personalized bacteriophage therapeutic for the treatment of bacterial infections
754. Tools, applications, and processing (tap) laboratory and overhead persistent infrared (opir) battlespace awareness center (obac) support services (tloss)
755. Installations of the future industry day
756. Global theater security cooperation management information system (g-tscmis)
757. Special notice: rfp n00421-17-r-0055; aircrew services
758. Free electron laser (fel) study
759. Installations of the future industry day
760. Real-time raman spectral analysis
761. Materials architectures and characterization for hypersonics (mach)
762. Av-8b cy19 fod study and analysis
763. Proposers day notification for secure, assured, intelligent learning systems (sails) and trojans in artificial intelligence (trojai)
764. Cryogenic spice models
765. Protocol participant support
766. Army research institute for the behavioral and social sciences- request for white papers: data science for enhancing job design
767. Prevent cancer preclinical drug development program
768. Introduction of point mutation
769. Guaranteeing ai robustness against deception (gard) proposers day
770. 2018 u.s. army geospatial center (agc) virtual small business forum
771. Angler
772. Optionally-manned fighting vehicle (omfv) program
773. Defense production act title iii market research regarding the domestic industrial capability for critical chemicals production for dod missiles and munitions
774. Evidence-based practice centers (epc) vi
775. Feasibility study for the integration of the mobile user objective system (muos) system into the e-2d advanced hawkeye (ahe)
776. Optimizing performance for soldiers ii: androgen therapy for biomedical performance enhancement
777. Remote ground terminal (rgt) engineering services
778. Drive ez-baa
779. Program annoucement -wargaming capability
780. N00253-15-c-1001 - request for information, hybrid energy systems
781. Technology/business opportunity additive manufacture combined with casting to create custom energetic components
782. Digital rf battlespace emulator (drbe) proposers day
783. Trex palt session
784. Program announcement -wargaming capability
785. Program announcement -wargaming capability
786. Program announcement -wargaming capability
787. Program announcement -wargaming capability
788. Program annoucement -wargaming capability
789. Portacount 8048
790. Nondestructive evaluation (nde) exploratory development and inspection support for air force systems
791. Rapid technology development and demonstrations (rtd2)
792. Nondestructive evaluation (nde) exploratory development and inspection support for air force systems
793. Automatic ground collision avoidance system
794. Infrastructure information confidence model (iicm) for armada
795. Adcirc model development, gulf of mexico
796. Adcirc mesh development, atlantic
797. Measuring biological aptitude proposers day
798. Technology interchange -- 2019 human systems and armed services biomedical research evaluation and management communities of interest (hs and asbrem cois) independent research & development (ir&d)
799. Rncp-wide dosimetry guidance & monitoring of sources and irradiation protocols (clinical trial not allowed)
800. Research support services - aerospace medical and environmental health
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