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1. Laboratory testing (water quality testing/waste water, river water, and pipe water)
2. Drug re-purposing for effective alzheimers medicines
3. Transcoding study
4. Transcoding study
5. Investigation into accelerated corrosion damage to seawater pumping system
6. Investigation into accelerated corrosion damage to seawater pumping system
7. Profiling of microrna transcripts in human and mouse plasma samples
8. Rattlesnake fuels break cultural
9. Engineering services to evaluate building performance in puerto rico
10. Medical and health studies
11. Medical and health studies
12. Chromium cdna synthesis
13. Bio-statistician analyst service for va san francisco
14. Wfds-ls evaluation study (fire effects modeling software)
15. Model aquatic health code (mahc) assistance
16. Compensation study
17. Igf::ot::igf, x:nogrn, ft. polk idiq archaeology s
18. Historical building presevervation planvermont
19. Sales tax data support
20. Am rat eradication feasibility study
21. Notice of intent: in vitro cell permeation model and drug classification for the prediction of drug transfer into human milk
22. Four bear_devils tooth cultural
23. ***intent to sole source notification***
24. ***intent to sole source notification***
25. Study to update usfa publication funding alternatives for emergency medical and fire services
26. To-15 lab analyses
27. State medicaid program integrity reviews
28. Storm water monitoring services
29. Medical and health studies
30. Nr-ard-166 improve operations rfp
31. Hiv risk questionnaire (hrq) study: an assessment of the predictive value of a panel of questions for recent infection with human immunodeficiency virus (hiv)
32. Eloy and maricopa-stanfield basin study groundwater model development
33. B5--other special studies and analyses
34. Rattlesnake fuels reduction cultural
35. Bpa call - south dakota travel management plan
36. Food production trial
37. Macroeconomic forecasting and analysis of macroeconomic developments affecting u.s. agriculture subscription
38. Medical and health studies
39. Storm water monitoring services
40. Independent audit of nasas langley exchange fy2019
41. Study fleet data collection and reporting services for northeast fisheries science center
42. Engineering services to evaluate building performance in puerto rico
43. Notice of intent to sole source extension for continued operations in support of the saturn arch reconnaissance and security (r&s) quick action capability (qrc)
44. Special studies and analysis - not r and d
45. Inventory and document forest structures on shawnee national forest using nps historic american building survey
46. Graduate level acoustics courses
47. Red tree vole viability assessment
48. Custer-gallatin national forest - south plateau cultural resources inventory
49. Custer gallatin national forest - cooke city cultural resource inventory
50. Evaluation of single-dose doxycycline prescribing practices in regions with high lyme disease incidence
51. Administrative and general management consulting services, at various locations in asia and pacific-rim
52. Notice of intent for sole source
53. Technical consulting services
54. Lgac lab analysis
55. Special studies of structural reliability condition database implemenation
56. Fire protection and safety surveys - multiple locations in battle creek, mi
57. 537 medical and health studies
58. Friendship bench project hiv cohort study data collection services
59. Inventory and document forest structures on shawnee national forest using nps historic american building survey
60. Next-generation sequencing analysis of microrna expression from 150 rat liver rna samples
61. Pr 35296 - occupational exposure assessment
62. Preventing opioid-related harms in the construction industry
63. Analysis of geospatial optimization modeling
64. Environmental restoration studies and monitoring, environmental planning, cercla and rcra analyses and studies, and other scientific and technological investigations.
65. 656-19-4-0256-0199 - service - asbestos survey services - stc
66. Targeted gene sequencing
67. Targeted gene sequencing
68. Programmatic biological assessment for bia,pawnee
69. South shore monitoring at bonneville and the dalles projects - warm springs
70. Determination of eligibility and site record updates - warm springs
71. Traditional cultural property assessment for the bonneville project - warm springs
72. Fcrps site condition and walkthrough monitoring in the john day project - ctuir
73. Fcrps multiple property document - ctuir
74. North shore monitoring at bonneville and the dalles projects - yakama nation
75. Wana pa koot koot national register multiple property documentation for coyotes journey - yakama nation
76. Wana pa koot koot determination of eligibility - nez perce
77. Wana pa koot koot traditional cultural property inventory within the dalles pool - nez perce
78. Next generation sequencing services
79. Special studies and analysis- not r and d
80. Navy analytic studies and modeling program industry days
81. Human impact monitoring
82. Nr-ard-166 improve operations rfp
83. Hla class ii generation sequencing
84. To-15 lab analyses
85. Hydrographic surveying within mississippi river channel
86. Caa - ccats
87. Intent to sole source
88. Navy analytic studies and modeling program industry days
89. Non traditional methods to obtain annual average daily traffic (aadt) evaluations and analysis
90. State medicaid program integrity reviews
91. Big grassy post-fire cultural resource inventory
92. Promoting infection prevention in dialysis facilities
93. Best practices for operating a disaster supplemental nutrition assistance program (d-snap)
94. Laboratory analysis of water/soil toxicity paramet
95. Lake chelan aquatic vulnerability survey
96. Wilderness project - enhanced solitude monitoring & wilderness character monitoring
97. Western white pine blister rust surveys
98. Proteomics analysis
99. Notice of intent to sole source - installation and testing of nasas goddard lidar
100. Fry canyon ee/ca - notice of intent to sole source
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