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1. Brazil: isa cteep substation automation project "technical"
2. Laboratory analysis support service
3. Laboratory analysis support service
4. Laboratory analysis support service
5. Laboratory analysis support service
6. Laboratory analysis support service
7. Fy19 maintenance dredging water quality monitoring surveys
8. Ltmom
9. Ltmom
10. Ltmom
11. Ltmom
12. Ltmom
13. Ltmom
14. Long term monitoring, operations and maintenance services
15. Long term monitoring, operations, and maintenance services
16. Long term monitoring operations and maintenance
17. Long term monitoring operations and maintenance
18. Long term monitoring operations and maintenance
19. Naval facilities engineering command (navfac nw) long term monitoring, operations, and maintenance environmental services contract
20. Rent comparability studies for hud office of multifamily programs - new york city regional center
21. Libby dam water quality analysis
22. Upper green river sensed data analysis and reporti
23. Occupant crash protection compliance testing
24. Iso 9001:2015 audit services
25. Chromatin immunoprecipitation (chip) service
26. Fire whirl study follow-on
27. Wy-pathfinder final haer report
28. Positioning, navigation and timing (pnt) resiliency and operability test and evaluation capabilities tasking (protect)
29. Radiological sample analysis
30. Consulting/commodities support
31. Notice of intent to sole source
32. Updating four regional northeast, south, west, midwest cost models
33. Mass spectral library
34. Updating 5 existing fungi species fact sheets
35. Purchase of mitigation credits
36. Bls telecommunications services sampling data
37. Bls telecom pricing data buy
38. Notice of intent to solesource, biological opinion
39. Draft statement of work for the sleep deprivation study for aviation research: "comparison across multiple types of sleep deprivation"
40. National, city, and state ace datasets
41. Rfi for media analytics platform
42. Laboratory analysis support service
43. Insider threat division support services
44. Us naval observatory support services for international earth reference systems service(iers)
45. Eastern or&wa cultural resource inventory services
46. Livestock mandatory reporting cattle study
47. Chemical and geotechnical analyses of en
48. Brand alignment services
49. Proteomics/analysis of human plasma samples
50. Proteomic analysis in human plasma samples
51. Environmental services idiq
52. Sentinel initiative
53. Canine scent surveys
54. Backup gps capability and complementary pnt demonstration
55. Western white pine blister rust surveys
56. Engineering mission support services
57. Independent cate analysis
58. North east sand shoals animal tags and services
59. National institute of statistical sciences (niss) affiliates access and research reports - 1625dc-19-n-00007
60. Ltmom
61. Global mapping of antimicrobial resistance tool
62. Laboratory analysis support service
63. Kenai annual base water well testing
64. Northeast sand shoals tags, equipment, & services
65. Development of automated ppe system notice of intent
66. Statistician support for the respiratory protection effectiveness clinical trial (respect)
67. Homeland infrastructure foundation level data (hifld) program business points data
68. High altitude long endurance request for information
69. Bls telecom services pricing data
70. Bls telecom services sampling data
71. Alternative oil study
72. Vfob data conversion
73. Bpa laboratory analysis of low level organic param
74. Gas, water, and solid geochemical analysis
75. 3d body scanner
76. Global satellite tracking
77. Expert railroad operations consulting services to support the development of matrics and standards for measuring the performance and service quality of intercity passenger train operations
78. Piled materials vertification and analysis
79. Doe femp espc idiq, generation 4 procurement
80. To provide asbestos/lead sampling services for the
81. Western snowy plover population monitoring
82. South warner ea cultural survey
83. Forensic testing laboratory accreditation assessment services (or equal)
84. Golden eagle monitoring
85. Notice of intent to sole source
86. Special studies and analysis - not r and d
87. Realty trac fy19
88. Fence-to-fence environmental services
89. Water & soil sample laboratory analysis
90. Geotechnical soil compaction testing, death valley
91. Dataset information on elk and moose populations i
92. Investigation into accelerated corrosion damage to seawater pumping system
93. Gm-19-01 an analysis of seafloor impact
94. South warner ea cultural survey
95. Genetic testing on wolf samples
96. A history of engineers and coastal fortification
97. Us epa office of underground storage tanks (oust)
98. Oust lust 5010: gary thomas site
99. Data scientist for remote sensing using google ear
100. Jordan: technical assistance: greater amman municipality (gam) smart city roadmap and traffic monitoring platform project
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