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1. Water system sanitary survey requirements contract for chugach
2. R8 contract inspector blanket purchase agreement (bpa)
3. Independent testing of hepa and ultra low penetration air filters
4. Quality assurance testing for sacramento districts aor
5. Fire extinguisher and safety equipment inspection, testing and maintenance
6. Stiffleg derricks inspections and reports
7. Or nps crla 2018(1) cleetwood trail and marina improvements
8. Or nps crla 2018(1) cleetwood trail and marina improvements
9. Laboratory testing
10. Environmental qualification and test (eqt) and instrumentation/calibration support services
11. Inspections and testing for underground storage tanks
12. Soil testing services
13. Grte climbers ranch construction inspection servic
14. Bith:igf::ot::igf; service contract for the inspec
15. Reciprocating compressor package
16. Test falcon dam & amistad dam transfomers
17. Inspect heating system bldg 174
18. Bie/nmnc/fm/annual boiler inspection
19. Purpose is to ensure chamber meets secure services for acoustic testing, verify that chamber meets 90% acoutic isoloation to complete tsg certification testing
20. Asco automatic transfer switches 537-19-3-6112-0461
21. Inspect & test the arc flash
22. Hydrostatic testing ansul
23. Radiation physicist services; wilkes-barre va medical center
24. Fort hamilton, ny environmental assessments
25. Soil samples to test for asbestos in basement west crawl space
26. Electromagnetic (emi) shielded trailer
27. Intent to sole source water testing for the louisville vamc
28. Inspection & calibration of aeroprobe corp brand name aerodynamic probes
29. Grte climbers ranch construction inspection servic
30. Hv electrical-insulating rubber glove testing
31. Fire suppression system inspection
32. Segregations of duties assessment services
33. Clean evaluate well
34. Electrical testing | pb
35. Museum security survey
36. Va st. cloud health care system maintenance, inspection, and testing of the electrical distribution system to commence oct 1, 2019
37. Supply and install hvac - wappapello lake
38. Radiocarbon dating service
39. Bith:igf::ot::igf; service contract for the inspec
40. Bith:igf::ot::igf; service contract for the inspec
41. Analytical laboratory testing
42. Sole source -propelled grenade testing
43. Bith:igf::ot::igf; service contract for the inspec
44. Vama - reproduce historic carpets
45. Elevator inspection service salt lake city and cheyenne vamcs
46. Service: test and balance air handlers units
47. Allen bradley rslogix 5000
48. Offsite sterilization of reusable medical equipment (rme) maintenance cleaning
49. Underground and aboveground storage tank inspections - tomah va medical center
50. Rope access rigging and supervision and ndt testing for tainter gate inspection at cordell hull dam
51. Facilitate other maintenance (fom) program 309th aircraft maintenance graoup (309 amxg)
52. Cgc ida lewis provide access to various compartments
53. Radiocarbon dating service
54. Mq-9 uas aircrew and support services
55. Amistad power plant and falcon power plant electrical testing
56. Kodiak sampling
57. Pressure gauge calibration services
58. Siemens co monitor calibration
59. Ce hose and nozzle service
60. Tri annual circuit breaker testing jesse brown va medical center chicago, il
61. Replace 5 backflow preventer valves
62. In-fill radar and tower preventative maintenance
63. Hydropower shaft alignment system
64. Mq-9 uas aircrew and support services
65. Medical physicist diagnostic service
66. Tensile testing
67. Airflow visualization testing
68. Noi
69. Museum security survey
70. Dazo monitoring services-ecolab
71. Radiological dosimetry badges and monitoring services
72. Material handling equipment (mhe) annual and unscheduled service
73. Elevator safety inspection
74. Legionella and dental sampling - sf & nwi base year: 07/01/2019 to 06/30/2020 +4
75. Water purification system periodic maintenance (pvahcs)
76. Water storage tank cleaning and inspection, gustav
77. Equipment load testing
78. Non-destructive testing services
79. Water-based fire protection system itm
80. 598-19-3-8317-0158 survey existing fire and smoke barrier walls
81. Analytical laboratory testing
82. Radiocarbon dating service
83. Environmental and emi testing
84. On-site acoustic emission testing
85. Maintenance on existing intellicab will call management system
86. Pest control services
87. Copy of water purification system periodic maintenance (pvahcs)
88. Soil testing services
89. Fy19 annual physicist inspections & testing
90. Technical inspection of the above and underground storage tanks
91. Elevator safety inspection
92. Legionella and dental sampling - sf & nwi base year: 07/01/2019 to 06/30/2020 +4
93. Tobacco retail compliance inspection - indian tribes
94. Airfield lighting system assessment
95. 167aw fire protection system inspections
96. Fire alarm system inspections at bie many farms hi
97. Visual inspection , maintenance and repair of all lightning protection systems, camp darby, tirrenia (pisa)
98. Ecologic mobile foam test system
99. Stiffleg derricks inspections and reports
100. Reciprocating compressor package
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