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1201. Motor,alternating c, in repair/modification of
1202. Resfor/cnrfc coms/cis bridge contract
1203. Repair lightning arrester system
1204. Maintenance of fast-pak exp system, 605c90608
1205. Option - annual preventive maintenance steris equipment
1206. 657-19-2-1110-0027 service contract olympus ebus scopes -stl
1207. Hologic
1208. Request for information (rfi)/sources sought -field service representative (fsr) support for counter radio controlled improvised explosive device electronic warfare (crew) technology and electronic warfare systems.
1209. Sontek argonaut point source current meter repair
1210. Scriptpro pharmacy equipment rental and support
1211. Request for information (rfi) (fms sniper atp and lantirn sustainment)
1212. Uscgc stratton ds mpde fq2 fy19
1213. Floating plant electrical and electronic system support idiq
1214. Procurement of nasa push boat, clermont ii, dry docking, refurbishment, and/or repair services
1215. Mechanical services / hvac
1216. Equipment maintenance
1217. Rebuilding of scow schooner almas starboard engine
1218. Asw suction and discharge valve overhaul and duplex sea strainers valve operator for the noaa ship gordon gunter
1219. Washer and dryer installation/maintenance service contract
1220. Dockside repairs of cgc douglas munro (whec 724) and cgc alex haley (wmec 39)
1221. Open, inspect and report electronic control
1222. Fms aesa repair requirement to raytheon el segundo
1223. Fms cca repair requirement to raytheon el segundo
1224. Sole source - physical electronics quantera ii xps preventative maintenance
1225. Repair/refurbishment of 3 crac units and acu-3 at noaa wfo in slidell, la
1226. Asw suction and discharge valve overhaul and duplex sea strainers valve operator for the noaa ship gordon gunter
1227. Ts golden bear precruise steel and pipe repairs
1228. Annual maintenance agreement services
1229. Firetrucks / emergency safety equipment maintenance and repair
1230. Ems equipment repair (va-19-00006744)
1231. Dna lab equipment service - pgh full service for qiagen qiacube, qiagility and rdq mdx
1232. Window assy - obser, in repair/modification of
1233. Interface unit,vide, in repair/modification of
1234. Acoustic processor, in repair/modification of
1235. Bda,fixed end, in repair/modification of
1236. Replaced acoustic p, in repair/modification of
1237. Door,access,aircraf, in repair/modification of
1238. Door,access,aircraf, in repair/modification of
1239. Display, in repair/modification of
1240. Switch,black audio, in repair/modification of
1241. Indicator,electrica, in repair/modification of
1242. Pump,axial pistons, in repair/modification of
1243. Chassis,electrical-, in repair/modification of
1244. Circuit card assemb, in repair/modification of
1245. Monitor,voltage dev, in repair/modification of
1246. Gage/diaphragm assy, in repair/modification of
1247. Pump,centrifugal, in repair/modification of
1248. Compressor,centrifu, in repair/modification of
1249. Maintenance services in florence, italy
1250. Jeol scanning electron microscope maintenance
1251. Ekspla nl313 nd: yag laser maintenance
1252. Repair of c-130 digital fuel quantity indicator and digital fuel quantity totalizer
1253. Repair of vdma circuit card assembly for the sbirs program
1254. New - ctx elevator service and maintenance
1255. Full service software upgrades - provation md gi and pulmonary including proprietary upgrades for jesse brown vamc located in chicago, il starting 4/1/2019.
1256. Elevator maintenance and repair services vamc ct - west haven and newington campuses
1257. Maintenance service of parata system
1258. Lsr mu lubricating oil flushing
1259. Sandblasting and painting services for mvm
1260. Maintenance, repair, and rebuilding of equipment
1261. Uss north carolina main condenser inspection
1262. Uss boxer (lhd 4) docking phased maintenance availability (dpma)
1263. Service maintenance agreement
1264. Grand coulee circuit breaker reconditioning
1265. Maintenance, repair, administration, and logistics support (mrals) services
1266. Cg sta galveston (45760) 2019 drydock repairs
1267. Elevator maintenance and repair, nsam, ca
1268. Sis software annual maintenance
1269. Notice of intent to sole source replace x-ray source and re-calibrate micro ct system. this is not a request for quote
1270. Magnetom aera service agreement
1271. Rees scientific software update
1272. Repair of part number t18782
1273. Extended: usns wally schirra (t-ake 8) regular overhaul and dry docking
1274. Aircraft maintenance enterprise solution (aces)
1275. Uscgc anvil and barge dry dock
1276. Heat exchanger repairs/modifications for mh65 aircraft
1277. Overhaul and/or repair of various components for the lm2500 engine
1278. Overhaul and/or repair of various components for the lm2500 engine
1279. Annual on-site preventative maintenance and calibration for a government-owned seta fiji sa5200-0 fiji fame analyzer, miscellaneous related services and supply items
1280. Hoist way door replacement service car #2
1281. Vertical transportation equipment service
1282. Copiers maintenance services tiered evaluations including large business concerns
1283. Service: instrument calibration
1284. Ups maintenance
1285. Uscgc penobscot bay - drydock repairs
1286. Charles sexton dsfy19
1287. Heat exchanger repairs/modifications for mh65 aircraft
1288. Alarm system monitoring and service providence, ri va facilities - community based outpatient clinics
1289. Lektriever maintenance service for flcj new orleans det to include base year and four option years
1290. Maintenance - nikon a1r mp scanner
1291. Id tag machine maintenance and repair
1292. Sewing services for katusa training academy
1293. Iway cics adapter managed support
1294. Pafb alarms maintenance & repair services
1295. Ea 9696 adhesive
1296. Refurbished seaborne target
1297. 603-18-508 - replace satellite chillers
1298. Boiler plant condensate pump repair
1299. Ccm / software maintenance and block service agreement
1300. Uninterruptible power supply (ups) services base + 4 option years request
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