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1901. X-band satcom high, in repair/modification of
1902. Inmarsat satellite, in repair/modification of
1903. High power amplifie, in repair/modification of
1904. Inmarsat antenna, in repair/modification of
1905. Generator,alternati, in repair/modification of
1906. Eds control panel,a, in repair/modification of
1907. Ka-band sspa, in repair/modification of
1908. Narrow band, in repair/modification of
1909. Antenna, in repair/modification of
1910. Sma: satcom modem a, in repair/modification of
1911. Cdl dual-link airbo, in repair/modification of
1912. X-ka antenna assy, in repair/modification of
1913. Local equipment, in repair/modification of
1914. Dual band radio, in repair/modification of
1915. Nba: narrow band as, in repair/modification of
1916. Door,aircraft, in repair/modification of
1917. Spectrum analyzer, in repair/modification of
1918. Motor,hydraulic, in repair/modification of
1919. Precision time unit, in repair/modification of
1920. Circuit card assemb, in repair/modification of
1921. Motor,direct curren, in repair/modification of
1922. Pump,rotary, in repair/modification of
1923. Circuit breaker, in repair/modification of
1924. Freezer monitoring and maintenance services
1925. Cytometry laser equipment maintenance service
1926. Security system maintenance service contract
1927. Synopsis
1928. Preventive maintenance program
1929. Preventive maintenance and repair of va illiana and associated cboc security systems
1930. Valiant fy19 dockside availability
1931. Dauntless - dockside availability
1932. Campbell dockside availability - fy19
1933. Divers life support system (dlss) service contract
1934. Material handling equipment preventative maintenance
1935. Pump unit,centrifug, in repair/modification of
1936. Cadmium plating services
1937. Varian velocity, eclipse and aria software services
1938. Maintenance and repair mahr lmm
1939. Hologic cellient support and maintenance at the charles george va medical center
1940. Plating & metal treatment
1941. Draft request for proposal for c-21 contractor logistics support
1942. Aircraft maintenance enterprise solution (aces)
1943. Fy19 drydocking availability - uscgc reliance
1944. Rewire denial barrier control systems
1945. Annual service inspection, maintenance and on-call repair for air compressors and seccant filtration systems
1946. Polaris atv annual penetrative maintenance
1947. Breaker refurbishing service at wilkes-barre va medical center, service disabled veteran owned small business set aside
1948. Preventative maintenance and repair of government-owned beckman equipment at the national institute of environmental health sciences
1949. Renewal of annual maintenance & support of stemlab application
1950. Oil tank cleaning & testing
1951. Depot level overhaul, diagnostics, and repair of foreign military sales hawk missile system assemblies and subassemblies
1952. Services: non-critical reusable medical equipment disinfection services
1953. Power supply, in repair/modification of
1954. Panel assembly,defl, in repair/modification of
1955. Link resolver assem, in repair/modification of
1956. Multi-function disp, in repair/modification of
1957. Refrigeration unit,, in repair/modification of
1958. Amplifier,radio fre, in repair/modification of
1959. Thermocoupler, in repair/modification of
1960. Blade,propeller,shi, in repair/modification of
1961. Power supply subass, in repair/modification of
1962. Cca,computer, in repair/modification of
1963. Automotive fire apparatus maintenance and services on nws earle, nj
1964. Miscellaneous food processing equipment (mfp) maintenance and unscheduled repair
1965. Washer and dryer installation/maintenance service contract
1966. Maint & repair of eq/electrical & elct equip comps
1967. Repair of data interface circuit card for mwd program
1968. Maint & repair of eq/adp equip & supplies
1969. Blanket purchase request for mobile crane and man-lift maintenance and repair
1970. Services: hospital bed and stretcher maintenance & repair
1971. Preventative and corrective maintenance of automated guided vehicle and large storage module interface carts
1972. Service contract for the period of 01/01/2019 through 12/31/2019 for: service and maintain automatic doors
1973. Patient barrier free ceiling lift preventative maintenance annually
1974. 2001 altec 50 highreach repair (barksdale afb, la)
1975. Decoder-receiver, in repair/modification of
1976. Universal wing actuator tools (uwat)
1977. Award notice for t-45 f405-rr-401 engine and t-45 gas turbine starter (gts) system maintenance, logistics, and engineering-related support
1978. Diagnostic imaging service
1979. Verticle transportation equipment maintenance and repair services
1980. Onsite repair of stratasys printers
1981. Scriptpro support
1982. Cancelation notice of battery replacement dc
1983. Solicitation-organizational level aircraft maintenance
1984. Berthing and messing barge operational maintenance services
1985. Waterjet waste removal and disposal
1986. Contactor relays
1987. Uscgc alert - fy19 dockside availability
1988. Annaul air compressor maintenance
1989. Preventive maintenance for sterilizers
1990. Teco-westinghouse motor rewind
1991. Sensors routine calibrations
1992. Maintenance for the cdc laboratory purification systems
1993. Preventive maintenance for entech instruments
1994. Usp marion replace shu lift parts
1995. Insulator washing
1996. Repair of monitor control
1997. Repair of memory module assembly for sibrs program
1998. Wi vehicle repaint
1999. Repair of milling machine
2000. Janitorial equipment repair
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