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1101. Systems engineering technical assistance (seta) follow-on
1102. Intent to sole source
1103. Aftac commercial solutions opening
1104. Cid clear subscriptions
1105. Aspr professional staffing services support
1106. New acquisition integrated logistics support (ils)
1107. 4.0 sbir css
1108. Rfi regarding a potential vessel acquisition manager (vam) service for the u.s. department of transportation, maritime administration (marad)
1109. Chemical weapons convention mission support services
1110. Industry day and facility tours, u.s. citizenship and immigration services (uscis), national records center (nrc), records operations support services (ross)
1111. Sipi indirect cost rate study
1112. 711th mission support services
1113. 711th mission support services
1114. Industrial / medical sanitation services
1115. Gender and social inclusion ghana
1116. Fiber optic training
1117. Statistical consulting
1118. Uspsc executive officer (exo) - overseas
1119. Uspsc program and policy coordination officer
1120. Uspsc program officer (multiple positions)
1121. Uspsc risk reduction advisor
1122. Uspsc oti learning specialist - washington, d.c.
1123. Graphics design and dissemination services
1124. Appraisal services ca
1125. Grand jury court reporting services
1126. Traffic control flaggers at colorado national monu
1127. Chemical structure and data support and maintenance for nlm web applications (chemidplus)
1128. Expanded function dental assistant (efda) coordinator
1129. Entry control locks
1130. Entry control locks
1131. Statistical consulting
1132. Ilea san salvador residence hall management services
1133. Graduation lighting and sounds
1134. Commercial cloud hosting
1135. Thrift saving plan multi-asset management services of fixed income index investment fund (f fund), common stock index investment fund (c fund), small capitalization stock index investment fund (s fund), & international stock index investment fund (i fund)
1136. Sole source for instructor to conduct one strategy and war course in the washington dc area
1137. Sole source for instructor to conduct one strategy and war course in the washington dc area
1138. Sole source for instructor to conduct one strategy and war course in the san diego, ca area
1139. Sole source for instructor to conduct one theater security decision making course in the annapolis, md area
1140. Sole source for instructor to conduct one joint maritime operations course in the san diego, ca area
1141. Sole source - procurement, engineering and logistics support services in support of an/zpy-3 multi-function active sensor (mfas) radar
1142. Training services
1143. Medical specialist (rheumatologist) with training in vasculitis.
1144. Ultrasound software development and analysis and validation
1145. Document destruction services
1146. Materiel coordinator
1147. Faa equal employment opportunity discrimination counselors/mediators
1148. Request for information for designing billing and coding systems in the defense health agency
1149. Paralegal & administrative assistant services
1150. Ag support services
1151. Role player bpa
1152. Dod iac program management office (pmo) support
1153. Interpreter
1154. Chicago nurse credentialing program
1155. On-site program support services
1156. Igf::ot::igf technical support services contract
1157. 18-19 may 2019 yellow ribbon conference
1158. Wtp project controls and field scheduling support
1159. Final bid - needs assessment services - wingate elementary
1160. Cyberfeds subscription
1161. Cid clear subscriptions
1162. Request for information - rfi
1163. Infrastructure engineering services
1164. Notice of intent to sole source: crime reports
1165. Jsc administrative support services (jass) iii industry day
1166. Ebsco subscription visn 7
1167. The dalles tribal housing integrated village development plan
1168. Cyber security support services
1169. Inl/whp idiq functional area 2- it services
1170. Grand teton national park construction management
1171. One acquisition solution for integrated services (oasis) small business (sb) multiple award (ma), indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (idiq) solicitation. - gs00q-13-dr-0002
1172. Air force (af) readiness analysis and decision support
1173. Industry day and facility tours, u.s. citizenship and immigration services (uscis), national records center (nrc), records operations support services (ross)
1174. Optometry services - fmc lexington
1175. Cdid tso
1176. Headquarters human capital management office support
1177. Hhm402-19-r-0012 centcom j2 intel support rfp
1178. Nextgen optimal processing solution
1179. Nextgen optimal processing solution
1180. Engineering support services for abnormal operating conditions and incidents at lng facilities for ferc
1181. On-site shredding for 775 boxes of sensitive paper material
1182. Language instruction services
1183. Family retreat (91 sfg)
1184. Navsta norfolk and st juliens creek annex regional telephony management system (rtms) configuration and installation) intended sole source
1185. Senior learning advisor
1186. Aircraft services & test support for ciws mk 15.
1187. Sign language interpreting services for dscc
1188. Eagle logistics support services, ft. hood, tx
1189. Data (ascend) for veteran suicide prevention: development phase - 554
1190. Support for communications and operations research and analysis (scoar)
1191. Professional technical support
1192. Centers for global health technical and management support services
1193. Optometry services - fmc lexington
1194. Promoting internet freedom
1195. Cyber security support services
1196. Request for capability tsa pre&#10003; expansion, non-biometric vetting solution
1197. Tap-curriculum and learning platform for military spouses
1198. Friendship bench project hiv cohort study data collection services
1199. Coordinating center for continuation of follow-up of des-exposed cohorts
1200. Employment verifications sources sought notice
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