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2801. Tradoc g2 operational environment and core (oe/core) functions support
2802. Postal service center & base locator services
2803. Lock out tag out eform 493
2804. Services: wall to wall pharmacy inventory
2805. Two (2) marriage enrichment retreats estimate
2806. Janitorial services: hebo ranger station, siuslaw national forest
2807. Production acceptance certification to work control document correlative services
2808. 2019 nac industry day special notice
2809. Proprietary eps, sss, & sas services
2810. Notice of intent for other than full and open competition for contract modification of usaid shift activity
2811. Technical, administrative, and logistical support services for contract technical merit review meetings and contract closeout support services
2812. Saf/cdm analytical & technical services draft rfp
2813. Request for task order proposals (rftop) no. 72051418r00016 - usaid/colombia land for prosperity activity
2814. Notice of intent to award a sole source contract ceiling increase for cybersecurity engineering
2815. Impact evaluation to inform the 21st century community learning centers program
2816. In57.1 workers compensation case management services (va-19-00011390)
2817. In57.1 workers compensation case management services (va-19-00011390)
2818. Nerc security system installations (software house)
2819. Organization transformation services -
2820. Building maintenance support
2821. Netc library support services
2822. Subscription for professional identity management
2823. Cdc/nchs - gaining nhanes respondent cooperation
2824. Dacms
2825. On-site public speaking training
2826. Community support center director buechel
2827. Subscription for dietary food management system
2828. Technical support for drug-free workplace
2829. Sp32 support -cpff loe
2830. Trade
2831. District iii -tribal court assessment - washington
2832. District iii tribal court assessment- nevada
2833. Real estate consulting services
2834. 556-19-1-4411-0017 sensitive document destruction (va-19-00026967)
2835. Renewal of mpact and anlap software licenses
2836. Purchase of open robotics software
2837. Bus wrap advertising
2838. Senior behavioral specialist
2839. Post closing portfolio management (pcpm) and surplus cash analysis (sca)
2840. Exportable combat training capability (xctc)
2841. Headquarters marine corps law enforcement program support services
2842. Hpcmp program administrative support services (h-pass)
2843. Request for services to facilitate initial and follow-up one day partnering sessions for construction of sere pipeline dormitory
2844. W9123819p0019 appraisal for office of energy incentive (usace-spk real estate office)
2845. Legal orientation program for expedited removal (lope) support services
2846. Engineering and technical services for electrical power and generation systems
2847. Leadership development through coaching and mentoring at naval facilities command southwest
2848. Cerfp role player services
2849. Fy20 modernization equipping requirements conference
2850. Resettlement action plan (rap) implementation consultant
2851. Medical coding audit and education for health information management services at the va pacific islands health care system
2852. Postage for leased meters (via pitney bowes) pop: 3/1/2019 - 9/30/2019
2853. Request for personal service contractor(s)
2854. Programs and resources data platform and analyses
2855. Programs and resources data platform and analyses
2856. Open source intelligence services
2857. Hr marketing services
2858. National, heart, lung, and blood institute industry day for diversity and inclusion (d&i) services
2859. Mendenhall glacier master plan design services
2860. Mendenhall glacier master plan design services
2861. Next generation large airtanker services 3.0
2862. New amendment for financial improvement and audit readiness (fiar) and managers internal control program (micp) - hq001318r0001
2863. Screener services solicitation
2864. Enhanced army global logistics enterprise (eagle)
2865. 711th mission support services
2866. 711th mission support services
2867. Global application research, development, engineering, and maintenance (gardem)
2868. Transcription services
2869. Transcription services
2870. Saf/cdm analytical & technical (a&t) services idiq
2871. Cerfp role player services
2872. Cerfp role player services
2873. Mong - vigilant guard exercise
2874. Air force installation and mission support center (afimsc) analytical support services
2875. Eagle shield defensive cyber operations (dco) blanket purchase agreement (bpa) solicitation
2876. Software and engineering support services for development and follow-on post deployment software support(pdss) activities for software engineering center command, control and communication tactical directorate(c3t) portfolio of systems and support
2877. Float tank therapy/deep tissue massage
2878. Usms merit promotion 2019 - execution
2879. Solicitation for u.s. personal service contractor (uspsc): controller in sarajevo, bosnia and herzegovina
2880. Development of the verificatin, validation, and accreditation (vv&a) plan for the irm analytic tool
2881. Cerfp role player services
2882. Eswl lithotripsy services with an on-site techician
2883. Executive consultant -womens news coverage
2884. Conflict management for educators
2885. Explosive ordnance disposal (eod)
2886. Blanket purchase agreement for appraisals, tx, la, & nm
2887. Post closing portfolio management (pcpm) and surplus cash analysis (sca)
2888. Sole-source to procure the subscription to a full
2889. Rfi for comprehensive landing gear integrity program
2890. White house va hotline call center
2891. Defense transportation tracking system
2892. Records management application
2893. 423. training and assessment support.
2894. Data collection of magnetic resonance imaging (mri) data
2895. Intent to sole source draft sow included
2896. Auditor services
2897. Bonded courier-613
2898. Cultural resources inventory - travel/transportati
2899. Wounded warrior call center
2900. Award of sole source-magtf integration division, capabilities based assessment (mid cba)
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