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2301. Refuse and recycling collection and disposal - miami, fl
2302. Grounds maintenance services at jber
2303. Custodial services for charleston afrc/amsa #107 (g) in cross lanes, wv 25313
2304. Refuse & recycling collection
2305. Ground maintenance services at jefferson barracks national cemetery, base year plus 4 year option. subject to availability of fy19 funds.
2306. Dumpster service for construction waste kc - base year 4/15/2019 - 4/14/2020
2307. Sandy lake recreation area custodial maintenance services
2308. Herbicide services
2309. Overtime air
2310. Janitorial services -lakeview interagency fire center (lifc)
2311. Usfs clifton ranger district janitorial service
2312. Electric utility service fcc yazoo city
2313. Dumpster rental and trash removal service
2314. Custodial service for 13 buildings, camp humphreys
2315. Refuse collection
2316. Septic tank asset evaluation/inspection and pumping services
2317. Vault toilet pumping
2318. Janitorial cleaning services
2319. Wcf-ot-fy19 janitorial services
2320. Fisher house ground maintenance services
2321. Paro lawn maintenance
2322. Sector nne janitorial services
2323. Kansas city, mo lawn and grounds maintenance
2324. Ground maintenance
2325. Grounds maintenance services for stellwagen bank national marine sanctuary
2326. Fort lee refuse and recycling
2327. Waste management 512-19-3-639-0008 (va-18-00145242)
2328. Catering services - 22 day blc course
2329. 1186 subsistence
2330. Fields janitorial services-new contract
2331. Hospital laundry and dyeing services
2332. Refuse collection
2333. Janitorial cleaning services
2334. Collection and disposal of solid waste and recycling services at uscg district nine (9) bases and district (9) housing facilities located in the great lakes regions.
2335. Integrated solid waste management to recycle and dispose of untreated wood
2336. Request for information fda drug destruction
2337. Billings, helena, and great falls janitorial services (original market survey november under 697dck-18-r-00071
2338. Hazardous waste removal and disposal at san joaquin
2339. 36c78619c0061 national shrine project beaufort national cemetery
2340. Electronic security system (ess) in building 111, at nas jacksonville, fl
2341. Bear-proof refuse & recycling services glac
2342. Aclsu hospital laundry services agreement and housekeeping supply agreement
2343. Brd toilet pumping idiq 2019
2344. Base operations support services p00001
2345. Emptying of fuel storage tanks
2346. Combined synopsis/solicitation for fence line mowi
2347. Dfac food and mess attendant services
2348. Hazardous waste removal and disposal at sagami and misawa japan
2349. Kanto fuji tank cleaning and ows
2350. Hanksville administrative site janitorial
2351. Janitorial services - blm cedar city interagency f
2352. Refuse - richmond va multi site
2353. Material support integrator (msi)
2354. Dallas fort worth national shrine fy19 raise and realignment services
2355. Remove and replace carpet at the national weather service offices in mobile, alabama and lake charles, louisiana
2356. Jclc camp wilderness
2357. Pest control services for redstone arsenal
2358. Air force contract augmentation program (afcap) v
2359. Air force contract augmentation program (afcap) v
2360. Jt myers mowing & maintenance
2361. Carpet removal and cleaning for bldg. 119
2362. Sewage pumping services at fall river pass
2363. Janitorial services for stellwagen bank national marine sanctuary
2364. Janitorial services for stellwagen bank national marine sanctuary
2365. Ground maintenance nws pittsburg, pa wfo
2366. Meals at and around ft. harrison, mt
2367. Shredder
2368. Window washing
2369. Storm damaged tree removal services, tenkiller lake, ok
2370. Janitorial and related services blue water bridge, ambassador bridge, and detroit metro airport
2371. Cable/satellite services at fci milan, mi
2372. Gardening services
2373. Food service workers in madison, wi
2374. Ice detention services - houston area rfi
2375. Gavins point pumping services
2376. North hartland lake and union village dam aquatic debris removal (crane)
2377. Tellico ranger district, mowing wildlfe forage areas/recreation fields
2378. Mowing wildlife forage areas and recreation fields cherokee national forest (ocoee ranger district)
2379. Or-kffwo janitorial contract
2380. Cellular service in alaska
2381. Diamond lake rd recreation site cleaning
2382. Prospectus for campground and related granger-thye concessions
2383. Custodial services
2384. Paro lawn maintenance
2385. Port arthur resident office janitorial services
2386. Janitorial services armed forces recruiting centers in md and de
2387. Janitorial services at various armed forces career centers in pennsylvania
2388. Landscaping services for the national marine fisheries service, port orchard, washington
2389. Solicitation for the acquisition of a contract detention facility (cdf) in the st. paul, mn area of responsibility (aor)
2390. Option - janitorial services - fws trinity river nwr, texas
2391. Exhaust system & hood inspection and cleaning service contract for dscr
2392. Tso janitor services
2393. 660-19-1-5030-0003 fire suppression maintenance (va-19-00009347)
2394. Annual vegetation maintenance (equipment w/ operator)
2395. Application of herbicide services at jennings randolph lake
2396. Remove and replace carpet at the national weather service offices in mobile, alabama and lake charles, louisiana
2397. Nez perce-clearwater nf, vault toilet pumping services
2398. Janitorial services, buffumville lake, hodges village dam, thames river basin office, massachusetts
2399. Turf and grounds services
2400. Duct work cleaning at bldg. 25
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