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1101. Repair of redoubt #10 exhibit & repair of world war i american trench, german pillbox
1102. Miston/ridgely levee restoration and berm construction
1103. Canaveral harbor, florida, maintenance dredging 39 through 44-foot project, brevard county, florida canaveral harbor, brevard county, florida
1104. Infill floor openings
1105. Parking lot repaving and restriping at lake charles wfo, oxh wfo, and slidell wfo
1106. Id-dworshak nfh-quarters abatement
1107. Subsurface exploration
1108. Tail door
1109. Wpafb bldg. 280 modernization
1110. Upgrade prrtp rooms building 5
1111. Repair of potable water lines and elevated tank nas corpus christi tx, corpus christi, texas
1112. Renovate fm area
1113. Sanitary sewer cleaning
1114. M107 polish concrete floor
1115. Concrete batch plant
1116. Pn: 568-16-101, relocate sps & endoscopy (fm) reaward, construction, sealed bid 568-18-4-9977-0317 & 568-19-1-9964-0002 original award terminated - jv not registered in vetbiz
1117. Replace asphalt roofs 550-18-105 bldgs 22,69,64,72
1118. Theater woodwork project
1119. Fort george bank stabilization
1120. Paving idiq
1121. Market research is being conducted for the dry dock 4 renovation at norfolk naval shipyard, portsmouth, virginia
1122. Dino - split mountain boat ramp
1123. Qtrs remodel interior/exterior painting
1124. Childcare center intrusion prevention
1125. Amendment 0001
1126. Juneau federal building elevator install emergency rope
1127. Replace & install new carpet tile
1128. Cmc services for the harold washington ssa 6th floor ph. 2 consolidation and restack
1129. Snow removal services for the nws wfo in topeka, ks
1130. Parking structure rust removal
1131. 36c262-19-ap-0536|605-19-1-6012-0011|605-18-407 ll - security gate
1132. Buck creek roof replacement
1133. Stageyard and riley trailhead parking lots
1134. Market survey for installing an access road from taxiway a to the runway 10 glide slope site at waukesha county airport, in waukesha, wisconsin.
1135. Mri suite partial duct replacement & duct cleaning (va-19-00009705)
1136. Repair of energy recovery units, otis joint base, mass
1137. Sources sought:job order contract
1138. Replace seismic deficient building 225/226 for logistics (va-18-904101) 692-350
1139. Screening information request/request for offer construction services on the decommissioning of the mto vor replacement shelter and new construction of the rco and dme antennas located at 432 airport rd, mattoon, il
1140. Replace hvac, bldg. 12000
1141. Major m & r of water system at uscg base elizabeth city, nc
1142. Repair playground yokosuka, phase 8 at the u.s. commander fleet activities, yokosuka, japan
1143. Renovate building 726 at cfa chinhae
1144. Remodel or restrooms building 318
1145. Repair roofs
1146. Catm auger replacement cannon air force base
1147. Renovate and modernize ventilation system building 6 p/n: 589a7-18-300
1148. Usms national physical security- maintenance rfi
1149. Scott afb b1600 renovation
1150. Access panel floor replacement
1151. Roof replacement at pasco (psc) air traffic control tower (atct)
1152. Siad gas pipeline maintenance and repair
1153. Cctv conduit install, u.s. attorneys lease space, fort smith, ar
1154. Afb usao sound attenuation
1155. Ketchikan federal building elevator modernization
1156. Idiq a/e services for smithsonian observatories in hawaii and arizona
1157. Ip camera system/audio visual upgrade
1158. Pond liner repair and misc small projects for loma linda vahcs, ca.
1159. Vor and t1 tower line-x coating
1160. Ip camera system/audio visual upgrade
1161. Athol springs shoreline reduction and protection
1162. Parking lot, driveway, and drainage system restoration
1163. Repair building 3a water damage charles george va medical center asheville nc
1164. Gsa region 8 idiq contract for small project delivery in south dakota
1165. Gsa region 8 idiq contract for small project delivery in north dakota
1166. Gsa region 8 idiq contract for small project delivery in montana
1167. Gsa region 8 idiq contract for small project delivery in wyoming
1168. Gsa region 8 idiq contract for small project delivery at the denver federal center (dfc)
1169. Gsa region 8 idiq contract for small project delivery in colorado service center (csc)
1170. South bend dock & plaza deck coating replacement
1171. Replace climate control system for scottys castle
1172. Rehabilitate flamingo visitor facility
1173. Nist-boulder-medium voltage subcycle transfer switch
1174. Refurbishment of goodfellow air force base (afb) building 3525 at the u.s. dot san angelo test facility (satf)
1175. Rail track maintenance
1176. Fav - exterior idiq construction
1177. Replace exterior door locks
1178. Utilities hardening at marvin shields blvd, ncbc gulfport, ms
1179. Fpc duluth - bas system
1180. Mbeb 11-1001 maintain kegelman aaf- tree removal
1181. 0001 construct fence for dog run f790
1182. Special notice for sole source - utility operations and maintenance services
1183. Huntsville rcag tower replacement award notice
1184. Mlk roof repair
1185. Sequoia and kings cyn ntl parks parking lot striping
1186. Building 240 remodel
1187. The federal aviation administration (faa) has a requirement for storm water remediation repairs at rgv-brp-brownsville station, near brownville, tx.
1188. Henry mountain field station housing upgrades
1189. Renovate restrooms b-3168 nswc crane indiana
1190. O&m 312 nss la
1191. O&m 312 nss la
1192. U.s. marshals service command and control center build, federal courthouse fort smith, ar
1193. Ballistic security desk and ballistic glass usa attorneys
1194. Repair vehicle maintenance shelter
1195. Repair vehicle maintenance shelter
1196. Renovation of avionics b7072, westover arb
1197. Replace roof on park housing unit
1198. This is a market survey to refurbish concrete and gravel at the gary, indiana airport localizer and glide slope iaw sow, specifications and drawings.
1199. Installation of community base park playground
1200. Repair aton structures district 1
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