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14 - Guided Missiles


PSC Description 
1410 Guided missiles 
1420 Guided missile components 
1425 Guided missile systems, complete 
1427 Guided missile subsystems 
1430 Guided missile remote control systems 
1440 Launchers, guided missile 
1450 Guided missile handling and servicing equipment 

GROUP 14 Guided Missiles

Note-This group includes missiles (with or without warheads or explosive components) incorporating mechanisms capable of altering normal flight paths. Radar and infrared assem- blies and components designed specifically for use with guided missiles are classified in the appropriate classes of this group. Ex- cluded from this group are case sections, nose cones, flare sections, center sections, war- heads, explosive components, rockets, and auxiliary components of missiles and reentry vehicles which are designed or constructed for exclusive use with or for housing of nuclear warheads and/or warhead sections. Also ex- cluded are space vehicle nose cones and space capsules specifically designed to carry loads peculiar to space research and space travel.

1410 Guided Missiles Note-This class includes only complete guided missiles, with or without warheads and explosive components, whether in assembled or unassembled form. End items, assemblies, parts, attachments, or accessories for use in or on guided mis- siles are classified in classes other than this class. Includes Complete Drones, initially de- signed as missiles, but converted to drone use.

1420 Guided Missile Components Includes Structural Components; Com- ponents and Accessories Specially De- signed for use on or with guided missiles, including Complete Gyro Mechanisms, Hydraulic Pumps, Automatic Pilot Mechanisms and Specially Designed As- semblies, and Electronic Guidance Equipment installed in missiles. Excludes Electronic Remote Guidance Equipment used to guide missiles; Solid and Liquid Propellant Units; Components of Gyro Mechanisms.

1425 Guided Missile Systems, Complete Note-This class includes only complete guided missile systems. Anything less than a complete system, such as indi- vidual end items, assemblies, parts, at- tachments, or accessories for use in guided missile systems are classified in classes other than this class. Excludes Guided Missile Subsystems.

1427 Guided Missile Subsystems Note-This class includes only combi- nations or assemblies of two or more end items, each of which is properly classified in other classes of this group, identified as single items of supply. Excluded from this class are individual end items, assem- blies, subassemblies, attachments, ac- cessories or parts classified in other classes of this group, not combined as single items of supply. Excludes Complete Guided Missile Sys- tems.

1430 Guided Missile Remote Control Systems Note-This class includes airborne and nonairborne guided missile remote con- trol systems, components, and accesso- ries, designed specifically for use there- with. Excluded from this class are fire control assemblies, subassemblies, and components modified for use with guided missile remote control systems, and fire control assemblies designed specifically for shipboard use. Includes Specially Designed Compo- nents of Guided Missile Remote Control Systems. Excludes Guided Missile Internal (Built- in) Control Systems; Components used in both guided missiles and other than guided missiles (including fire control components).

1440 Launchers, Guided Missile Includes Airborne and Nonairborne Guided Missile Launchers. Excludes Aircraft Launchers; Rocket Launchers.

1450 Guided Missile Handling and Servicing Equipment Includes Specially Designed Trucks and Trailers for use in transporting guided missiles; Specially Designed Slings, Hoists, Jacks, and Blowers; Self- propelled Vehicles and Trailers, Specially Designed for Guided Missile Handling or Servicing; Covers, Guided Missile; Con- ditioning Kits and Sets, Controlled Envi- ronment. Excludes Guided Missile Launchers (FSC 1440); Aircraft Handling and Ser- vicing Equipment (FSC 1730).