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19 - Ships, Small Craft, Pontoons, and Floating Docks


PSC Description 
1905 Combat ships and landing vessels 
1910 Transport vessels, passenger & troop 
1915 Cargo & tanker vessels 
1920 Fishing vessels 
1925 Special service vessels 
1930 Barges & lighters, cargo 
1935 Barges & lighters, special purpose 
1940 Small craft 
1945 Pontoons & floating docks 
1950 Floating drydocks 
1955 Dredges 
1990 Miscellaneous vessels 

GROUP 19 Ships, Small Craft, Pontoons, and Floating Docks Note-Only complete ships, small craft, floating docks, floating dry docks, and dredges (with or without hull) are classified in this group. End items, assemblies, parts, attachments or ac- cessories for use in or on the above are clas- sified in Group 20-Ship and Marine Equip- ment, unless other classes (outside of Group 19) are appliable.

1905 Combat Ships and Landing Vessels Includes Aircraft Carriers; Battleships; Cruisers; Destroyers; Submarines; Frig- ates and Corvettes; Gunboats; Motor Tor- pedo Boats; Subchasers; Landing Barges; Minelaying and Mine Sweeping Craft.

1910 Transport Vessels, Passenger and Troop

1915 Cargo and Tanker Vessels

1920 Fishing Vessels

1925 Special Service Vessels Includes Tugs; Towboats; Fire Boats; Ice Breakers; Repair Ships; Tender Vessels (Buoy, Lighthouse, Destroyer); Light- ships; Cable Ships; Salvage and Subma- rine Rescue Vessels. Excludes Combat Vessels; Dredges.

1930 Barges and Lighters, Cargo Includes Aircraft Lighters, Car Floats, and other Transportation Barges, Depot Barges; Scows.

1935 Barges and Lighters, Special Purpose Includes Derrick, Piledriver, and Rock Cutter Barges; Barrage Balloon, Catapult Lighter, and Torpedo Testing Barges; Concrete Mixing Plant, Mechanical Bank Grader, and other Bank Revetment Barges; Fire, Smudge Removal, and other Pump Barges; Houseboats, except Yacht Type; Power Plant Barges; Refrig- eration Barges; Barge Mounted Cranes, Flexible Towed Barges. Excludes Combat Landing Barges.

1940 Small Craft Includes Powered and Unpowered Small Craft; Lifesaving Boats; Airplane Crash Boats; Reconnaissance Boats; Yachts; Pneumatic Boats. Excludes Fishing Craft; Life Rafts, includ- ing Pneumatic; Bridge Floats and Pon- toons.

1945 Pontoons and Floating Docks Includes Camels; Pontoon Stanchions; Pontoon Ramps. Excludes Floating Drydocks; Bridge Floats and Pontoons; Pontoon Hardware (Jewelry).

1950 Floating Drydocks

1955 Dredges Includes Dredges, without Hull; Ocean- Going Dredges; Floating Dredges.

1990 Miscellaneous Vessels Includes Commercial Sailing Vessels.