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28 - Engines, Turbines, and Components


PSC Description 
2805 Gasoline reciprocating engines, except aircraft; and components 
2810 Gasoline reciprocating engines, aircraft prime mover; and components 
2815 Diesel engines & components 
2820 Steam engines, reciprocating & components 
2825 Steam turbines & components 
2830 Water turbines, water wheels & components 
2835 Gas turbines & jet engines; non-aircraft prime mover, aircraft non-prime mover and components 
2840 Gas turbines & jet engines, aircraft, prime moving; and components 
2845 Rocket engines & components 
2850 Gasoline rotary engines & components 
2895 Miscellaneous engines & components 

GROUP 28 Engines, Turbines, and Components

2805 Gasoline Reciprocating Engines, Except Aircraft; and Components Includes Gas Reciprocating Engines; All Gasoline Reciprocating Engines except Aircraft Prime Moving. Excludes Engine Accessories (FSC


2810 Gasoline Reciprocating Engines, Aircraft Prime Mover; and Components Note Engines and components classi- fied in this FSC must be desinged specifi- cally for use as/on an aircraft prime mover. Auxiliary engines and their com- ponents will be classified in the appropri- ate FSC elsewhere in FSG 28. Includes Complete Engine Assemblies; Piston Rings; Cylinders; Pistons; Cam- shafts; Crankshafts. Excludes Fuel System Components (Carburetors; Carburetor Floats; Fuel Pumps; Fuel Controls; Fuel Valves) (FSC

2915); Electrical System Components (Spark Plug Adapters; Ignition Distribu- tors; Ignition Coils, Electrical Starters) (FSC 2925); Engine Cooling System Components (Engine Oil Coolers; Cool- ing Radiators) (FSC 2935); Engine Air/Oil Cleaners/Filters/Strainers (FSC 2945); Miscellaneous Engine Accessories (Pneumatic Starters, Cowling Mounts, Control Assemblies) (FSC 2995).

2815 Diesel Engines and Components Includes Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Locomotive, and all other types of Diesel and Semi-Diesel Engines. Excludes Engines Accessories (FSC


2820 Steam Engines, Reciprocating; and Components

2825 Steam Turbines and Components Includes Mercury Vapor Turbines.

2830 Water Turbines and Water Wheels; and Components

2835 Gas Turbines and Jet Engines; Non-Aircraft Prime Mover, Aircraft Non-Prime Mover, and Components Note Engines and Components classi- fied in this FSC are primarily for use on non-aircraft prime mover (e.g., Naval ship applications), aircraft non-prime mover (e.g., airframe mounted auxiliary power units), and for aircraft ground support equipment (e.g., start carts). Includes Airflow Deflectors; Combustion Chambers, Compressors, Turbines, Ac- cessory Gear Boxes and their Compo- nents. Excludes Components for Gas Turbines and Jet Engines, Aircraft Prime Mover (FSC 2840); Engine Fuel Systems (FSC

2910); Engine Electrical Systems (FSC

2920); Engine Cooling Systems (FSC

2930); Engine Air/Oil Cleaners/Filters/Strainers (FSC 2940); Engine Accessories (Air Duct Heaters, Engine Mounted Control Assemblies) (FSC 2990).

2840 Gas Turbines and Jet Engines, Aircraft, Prime Moving; and Components Note Engines and Components classi- fied in this FSC are intended for use as/on aircraft and/or guided missile prime mov- ers. Includes Compressor and Turbine Ro- tors; Blades; Combustion Chamber; Ac- cessory Gear Box; Afterburner; Exhaust Cone; Reservoirs, Hydraulic; Tank, Oil. Excludes Oil, Air, Anti-icing, and Hydrau- lic Regulators, Valves, and Pumps spe- cially designed for Gas Turbines and Jet Engines (FSC 2995); Control Assem- blies, Push-Pull (FSC 2995); Engine Mounted Control Assemblies (FSC

2995); Fuel System Components (FSC

2915); Engine Electrical System Compo- nents (FSC 2925); Engine Cooling Sys- tem Components (FSC 2935); Engine Air/Oil Cleaner/Filter/Strainers (FSC 2945).

2845 Rocket Engines and Components Includes Rocket Prime Movers, Liquid Type, including Liquid Jet Assisted Take Off (JATO) Units, for use in aircraft, rock- ets, and guided missiles; Liquid Propel- lants encased in consumable containers, intended for insertion into missile propul- sion systems as integral parts. Excludes Rocket Motors - Solid Propel- lant Units (FSC 1337); Liquid Propellants predetermined to specific quantity and quality, but packaged in reusable contain- ers; Solid Propellant Squibs and Car- tridges, whether intended for insertion into Liquid Propellent Systems or not (FSC 1337).

2850 Gasoline Rotary Engines and Components

2895 Miscellaneous Engines and Components Includes Wind and Compressed Air En- gines.