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45 - Plumbing, Heating, and Waste Disposal Equipment


PSC Description 
4510 Plumbing fixtures & accessories 
4520 Space and water heating equipment 
4530 Fuel burning equipment units 
4540 Waste disposal equipment 

GROUP 45 Plumbing, Heating, and Waste Disposal Equipment

4510 Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories Includes Bathtubs; Commodes; Lavato- ries; Shower Cabinets; Sinks; Water Clos- ets; Accessories and Component Parts, such as Dispensers, Faucets, Holders, Racks, Shower Heads, Flush Valves and Stop Valves. Excludes Fittings and Specialties for Hose, Pipe and Tube (FSC 4730).

4520 Space and Water Heating Equipment Includes Boilers, 15 pounds WSP and under (for boilers over 15 pounds WSP, see FSC 4410); Domestic Water Storage Tanks through 100 gallon capacity; Fire- place Heaters; Furnaces; Space Heaters; Heating Radiators; Immersion Heaters; Water Heaters, through 100 gallon recov- ery capacity (for heaters over 100 gallons recovery capacity, see FSC 4410). Excludes Vehicle Heaters; (FSC 2540); Aircraft Heaters (FSC 1660).

4530 Fuel Burning Equipment Units Includes Oil Burners; Stokers; Gas Burn- ers.

4540 Waste Disposal Equipment Includes Compactors; Destructors; Gar- bage Disposals; Incinerators; Septic Tanks.