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GROUP 68 Chemicals and Chemical Products Note-In general, individual nonmedicinal chemical elements and compounds are clas- sified in Class

6810. Combinations (or mix- tures) of chemical compounds, or chemicals prepared in a particular vehicle (other than water) are generally classified according to use, in classes other than

6810. For example, the chemical compound DDT, is classified in

6810, whereas DDT liquid spray, the insecti- cide, is classified in

6840-Pest Control Agents and Disinfectants. Similarly items of supply bearing nonchemical names such as BLEACH; INSECTICIDE, ROACH; and ANTI- FREEZE are generally classified according to use, in classes other than

6810, whereas cor- responding chemical compounds, such as so- dium hypochlorite solution, chlordane, and ethylene glycol are classified in

6810. Medici- nal chemicals are generally classified in

6505- Drugs and Biologicals; in vitro diagnostic sub- stances and reagents are classified in

6550-In Vitro Diagnostic Substances, Reagents, Test Kits and Sets. Excluded from this group are liquid chemicals designed exclusively for use as propellant fuels and oxidizers.

6810 Chemicals Includes Naphtha Solvents; Water Soft- ening Compounds; Tanning Materials, Natural or Synthetic; Dextrines and Starches; Inedible Gelatins; Acetone; Propellant Chemicals, Bulk, not Special- ized Solely for Guided Missile Use. Excludes Medicinal Chemicals; Gases; Foundry dextrines; Radiographic and Photographic Chemicals; In Vitro Diag- nostic Substances and Reagents.

6820 Dyes Includes Household Tints

6830 Gases: Compressed and Liquefied Includes Fuel Gases. Excludes Military Chemical Gases; Medi- cal Gases; Empty Gas Cylinders and their caps, valves, and valve spare parts.

6840 Pest Control Agents and Disinfectants Includes Insect Repellents; Fungicides; Insecticides; Rodenticides; Weed Killers. Excludes Personal Deodorants.

6850 Miscellaneous Chemical Specialties Includes Antifogging Compounds; Wet- ting Agents; Etching and Fountain Solu- tions for Lithographing; Blanket Repair Solutions for Lithographing; Antifreeze.