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GROUP 81 Containers, Packaging, and Packing Supplies Note-A chest, case, box, roll, bag, or other container, when specifically designed for housing of a set, kit, outfit, or individual item (with or without attachments or spares), for its protection when not in use, or for the conve- nience of the user, is classified in the same class as the item or items for which designed, or in such other class as is appropriate. How- ever, when the chest, case, box, roll, bag, or other container is primarily a shipping con- tainer, it is classified in Group 81.

8105 Bags and Sacks Includes Shipping and Protective Enve- lopes; Liners for Bags and Sacks; Textile and Paper Laminated Shipping Bags; Closures for Bags and Sacks.

8110 Drums and Cans Includes Barrels; Kegs; Shipping and Storage Pails; Collapsible Tubes; Mailing and Filing Tubes; Closures for Drums and Cans.

8115 Boxes, Cartons, and Crates Includes Shoe Boxes; Beer Cases; Pill Boxes; Piano Cases; Engine Boxes; Bombsight Boxes. Excludes Special boxes, packages, and containers designed primarily for ship- ping, storage, and handling of ammuni- tion, nuclear ordnance, explosives, guided missiles, military chemical agents; and repairable/reusable contain- ers specially designed for specialized equipment such as the Shipping and Storage Container for components of aircraft, space vehicles, automotive ve- hicles, ships, ground communication equipment.

8120 Commercial and Industrial Gas Cylinders Note-This class includes empty com- mercial and industrial gas cylinders and their caps, valves, and valve spare parts. Excludes Filled gas cylinders and items related to gaseous and liquefied gaseous dispensing systems, both mobile and in- stalled. All components of installed gas dispensing systems are classified by ap- plication or function with the end equipment for which designed.

8125 Bottles and Jars Includes Shipping Jugs and Carboys; Ampoules.

8130 Reels and Spools

8135 Packaging and Packing Bulk Materials Includes Wrapping Paper; Moisture Va- por Barrier Paper; Excelsior; Wadding for Packing; Corrugated Paper; Baling Bands, Baling Ties; Shipping Tags; Gummed Paper Tape; Separators; Box Liners; Packaging Staples; Baling Wire; Preformed Cushioning Inserts. Excludes Adhesives; Aluminum Foil other than for food handling and processing.

8140 Ammunition and Nuclear Ordnance Boxes, Packages and Special Containers Note-This class includes only contain- ers and fittings which are specifically de- signed for the storage, handling, and shipping of ammunition, explosives, and military chemical agents. Includes All shipping and storage con- tainers specially designed for guided mis- siles, major missile sections, missile war- heads, and other guided missile components. Excludes General Purpose Containers, Shipping and storage reusable/repairable containers specially designed for components of aircraft, space vehicles, automotive vehicles, ships, and ground communication equip- ment.

8145 Specialized Shipping and Storage Containers Note-This class includes only reusable and repairable containers specially de- signed for shipping and storage of spe- cialized equipment; i.e., shipping and storage containers for components of air- craft, space vehicles, automotive ve- hicles, ships, ground communication equipment, etc. Includes Specially designed components (not elsewhere classifiable) peculiar to special shipping and storage containers as delimited under this class. Excludes General purpose containers; specially designed containers for ammu- nition, nuclear ordnance, explosives, mili- tary chemical agents and guided missile components. Excluded from this class are items for which more specific classifi- cations are suitable. The FSC Indexes and Structure will govern the classifica- tion of those items permitted classifica- tion in a single class only.