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A - Research and Development

FSC A - Research and Development
All research and development is broken down into the following
1 Basic Research
2 Exploratory Development
3 Advanced Development
4 Engineering Development
5 Operational System Development
6 Management and Support of R&D
7 Commercialization
0 Unclassified.

Caution: 0 (Unclassified) is heavily used by agencies reporting to the
Federal Procurement Data System.

FSC Description
AA1 Insect and Disease Control
AA2 Agricultural Marketing
AA3 Agricultural Production
AA9 Other Agricultural
AB1 Crime Prevention and Control
AB2 Fire Prevention and Control
AB3 Rural Services and Development
AB4 Urban Services and Development
AB9 Other Services and Development
AC1 Defense - Aircraft
AC2 Defense - Missile and Space Systems
AC3 Defense - Ships
AC4 Defense - Tank and Automotive
AC5 defense - Weapons
AC6 Defense - Electronics and Communications Equipment
AC9 Defense - Miscellaneous Hard Goods
AD1 Defense - ammunition
AD2 Defense - Services
AD3 Defense - Subsistence
AD4 Defense - Textiles,Clothing,Etc
AD5 defense - Fuels and Lubricants
AD6 Defense - Construction
AD9 Other Defense
AE1 Employment Growth-Productivity
AE2 Product or Service Improvement
AE3 Manufacturing Tech
AE9 Economic Growth-Productivity
AF1 Educational
AG1 Energy - Coal
AG2 Energy - Gas
AG3 Energy - Geothermal
AG4 Energy - Wind
AG5 Energy - Nuclear
AG6 Energy - Petroleum
AG7 Energy - Solar/Photovoltaic
AG8 Conservation of Energy
AG9 Other Energy
AH1 Pollution Control/Abatement
AH2 Air Pollution
AH3 Water Pollution
AH4 Noise Pollution
AH5 Other Pollution
AH9 Other environment
AJ1 Physical Science
AK1 Housing
AL1 Employment
AL2 Income Maintenance
AL9 Other Income Security
AM1 International Affairs
AN1 Biomedical
AN2 Drug Dependency
AN3 Alcohol Dependency
AN4 Health Services
AN5 Mental Health
AN6 Medical Rehabilitative Engineering
AN7 Spec Medical Services
AN9 Other Medical
AP1 Natural Resources - Aquaculture
AP2 Natural Resources - Land
AP3 Natural Resources - Mineral
AP4 Natural Resources - Recreation
AP5 Natural Resources - Marine and Ocean
AP9 Other Natural Resource
AQ1 Social Services-Geriatric
AQ9 Other Social Services
AR1 Aeronautics and Space Tech
AR2 Space Science
AR3 Space Transportation Systems
AR4 Space Tracking Data Acquisition
AR5 Space and Terrestrial
AR9 Other Space
AS1 Transportation - Air
AS2 Transportation - Motor Vehicle
AS3 Transportation - Rail
AS4 Transportation - Marine
AS9 Transportation - Other Modal
AT1 Transportation - Roads and bridges
AT2 Transportation - Human Factors
AT3 Transportation - Navigation Aids
AT4 Transportation - Passenger Safety
AT5 Transportation - Pipeline Safety
AT6 Transportation - Traffic Management
AT7 Transportation - Tunnels
AT9 Other General Transportation
AU1 Transportation of Hazard Materials
AU9 Other Commodity Transportation
AV1 Subsurface Mining Equipment
AV2 Surface Mining Equipment
AV3 Subsurface Mining Methods
AV4 Surface Mining Methods
AV5 Mining Reclamation Methods
AV6 Mining Safety
AV7 Mining Metallurgical
AV9 Other Mining Activities
AZ1 Other Research and Development

PSC Description 
AA10 R&D-insect & disease control 
AA11 R&D-insect & disease control-B research 
AA12 R&D-insect & disease control-A research/exploration development 
AA13 R&D-insect & disease control-advanced development 
AA14 R&D-insect & disease control-engineering development 
AA15 R&D-insect & disease control-opsy development 
AA16 R&D-insect & disease control-management sup 
AA17 R&D-insect & disease control-comercliz 
AA20 R&D-agriculture marketing 
AA21 R&D-agriculture marketing-B research 
AA22 R&D-agriculture marketing-A research/exploration development 
AA23 R&D-agriculture marketing-advanced development 
AA24 R&D-agriculture marketing-engineering development 
AA25 R&D-agriculture marketing-opsy development 
AA26 R&D-agriculture marketing-management sup 
AA27 R&D-agriculture marketing-comercliz 
AA30 R&D-agriculture production 
AA31 R&D-agriculture production-B research 
AA32 R&D-agriculture production-A research/exploration development 
AA33 R&D-agriculture production-advanced development 
AA34 R&D-agriculture production-engineering development 
AA35 R&D-agriculture production-opsy development 
AA36 R&D-agriculture production-management sup 
AA37 R&D-agriculture production-comercliz 
AA41 R&D-aquacul/hydroponics-B research 
AA42 R&D-aquacul/hydroponics-A research/exploration 
AA43 R&D-aquacul/hydroponics-advanced development 
AA44 R&D-aquacul/hydroponics-engineering development 
AA45 R&D-aquacul/hydroponics-opsy development 
AA46 R&D-aquacul/hydroponics-management sup 
AA90 R&D-other agriculture 
AA91 R&D-other agriculture-B research 
AA92 R&D-other agriculture-A research/exploration development 
AA93 R&D-other agriculture-advanced development 
AA94 R&D-other agriculture-engineering development 
AA95 R&D-other agriculture-opsy development 
AA96 R&D-other agriculture-management sup 
AA97 R&D-other agriculture-comercliz 
AB10 R&D-crime prevent & control 
AB11 R&D-crime prevent & control-B research 
AB12 R&D-crime prevent & control-A research/exploration 
AB13 R&D-crime prevent & control-advanced development 
AB14 R&D-crime prevent & control-engineering development 
AB15 R&D-crime prevent & control-opsy development 
AB16 R&D-crime prevent & control-management sup 
AB17 R&D-crime prevent & control-comercliz 
AB20 R&D-fire prevent & control 
AB21 R&D-fire prevent & control-B research 
AB22 R&D-fire prevent & control-A research/exploration 
AB23 R&D-fire prevent & control-advanced development 
AB24 R&D-fire prevent & control-engineering development 
AB25 R&D-fire prevent & control-opsy development 
AB26 R&D-fire prevent & control-management sup 
AB27 R&D-fire prevent & control-comercliz 
AB30 R&D-rural services & development 
AB31 R&D-rural services & development-B research 
AB32 R&D-rural services & development-A research/exploration 
AB33 R&D-rural services & development-advanced development 
AB34 R&D-rural services & development-engineering development 
AB35 R&D-rural services & development-opsy development 
AB36 R&D-rural services & development-management sup 
AB37 R&D-rural services & development-comercliz 
AB40 R&D-urban services & development 
AB41 R&D-urban services & development-B research 
AB42 R&D-urban services & development-A research/exploration 
AB43 R&D-urban services & development-advanced development 
AB44 R&D-urban services & development-engineering development 
AB45 R&D-urban services & development-opsy development 
AB46 R&D-urban services & development-management sup 
AB47 R&D-urban services & development-comercliz 
AB90 R&D-other services & development 
AB91 R&D-other services & development-B research 
AB92 R&D-other services & development-A research/exploration 
AB93 R&D-other services & development-advanced development 
AB94 R&D-other services & development-engineering development 
AB95 R&D-other services & development-opsy development 
AB96 R&D-other services & development-management sup 
AB97 R&D-other services & development-comercliz 
AC10 R&D-aircraft 
AC11 R&D-aircraft-B research 
AC12 R&D-aircraft-A research/exploration development 
AC13 R&D-aircraft-advanced development 
AC14 R&D-aircraft-engineering development 
AC15 R&D-aircraft-opsy development 
AC16 R&D-aircraft-management sup 
AC17 R&D-aircraft-comercliz 
AC20 R&D-missile & space sys 
AC21 R&D-missile & space sys-B research 
AC22 R&D-missile & space sys-A research/exploration 
AC23 R&D-missile & space sys-advanced development 
AC24 R&D-missile & space sys-engineering development 
AC25 R&D-missile & space sys-opsy development 
AC26 R&D-missile & space sys-management sup 
AC27 R&D-missile & space sys-comercliz 
AC30 R&D-ships 
AC31 R&D-ships-B research 
AC32 R&D-ships-A research/exploration development 
AC33 R&D-ships-advanced development 
AC34 R&D-ships-engineering development 
AC35 R&D-ships-opsy development 
AC36 R&D-ships-management sup 
AC37 R&D-ships-comercliz 
AC40 R&D-tank - automotive 
AC41 R&D-tank - automotive-B research 
AC42 R&D-tank - automotive-A research/exploration de 
AC43 R&D-tank - automotive-advanced development 
AC44 R&D-tank - automotive-engineering development 
AC45 R&D-tank - automotive-opsy development 
AC46 R&D-tank - automotive-management sup 
AC47 R&D-tank - automotive-comercliz 
AC50 R&D-weapons 
AC51 R&D-weapons-B research 
AC52 R&D-weapons-A research/exploration development 
AC53 R&D-weapons-advanced development 
AC54 R&D-weapons-engineering development 
AC55 R&D-weapons-opsy development 
AC56 R&D-weapons-management sup 
AC57 R&D-weapons-comercliz 
AC60 R&D-electronics & comm equipment 
AC61 R&D-electronics & comm equipment-B research 
AC62 R&D-electronics & comm equipment-A research/exp 
AC63 R&D-electronics & comm equipment-advanced development 
AC64 R&D-electronics & comm equipment-engineering development 
AC65 R&D-electronics & comm equipment-opsy development 
AC66 R&D-electronics & comm equipment-management sup 
AC67 R&D-electronics & comm equipment-comercliz 
AC90 R&D-misc hard goods 
AC91 R&D-misc hard goods-B research 
AC92 R&D-misc hard goods-A research/exploration development 
AC93 R&D-misc hard goods-advanced development 
AC94 R&D-misc hard goods-engineering development 
AC95 R&D-misc hard goods-opsy development 
AC96 R&D-misc hard goods-management sup 
AC97 R&D-misc hard goods-comercliz 
AD10 R&D-ammunition 
AD11 R&D-ammunition-B research 
AD12 R&D-ammunition-A research/exploration development 
AD13 R&D-ammunition-advanced development 
AD14 R&D-ammunition-engineering development 
AD15 R&D-ammunition-opsy development 
AD16 R&D-ammunition-management sup 
AD17 R&D-ammunition-comercliz 
AD20 R&D-services 
AD21 R&D-services-B research 
AD22 R&D-services-A research/exploration development 
AD23 R&D-services-advanced development 
AD24 R&D-services-engineering development 
AD25 R&D-services-opsy development 
AD26 R&D-services-management sup 
AD27 R&D-services-comercliz 
AD30 R&D-subsistence 
AD31 R&D-subsistence-B research 
AD32 R&D-subsistence-A research/exploration development 
AD33 R&D-subsistence-advanced development 
AD34 R&D-subsistence-engineering development 
AD35 R&D-subsistence-opsy development 
AD36 R&D-subsistence-management sup 
AD37 R&D-subsistence-comercliz 
AD40 R&D-textiles,clothing,etc 
AD41 R&D-textiles,clothing,etc-B research 
AD42 R&D-textiles,clothing,etc-A research/exp 
AD43 R&D-textiles,clothing,etc-advanced development 
AD44 R&D-textiles,clothing,etc-engineering development 
AD45 R&D-textiles,clothing,etc-opsy development 
AD46 R&D-textiles,clothing,etc-management sup 
AD47 R&D-textiles,clothing,etc-comercliz 
AD50 R&D-fuels & lubricants 
AD51 R&D-fuels & lubricants-B research 
AD52 R&D-fuels & lubricants-A research/exploration D 
AD53 R&D-fuels & lubricants-advanced development 
AD54 R&D-fuels & lubricants-engineering development 
AD55 R&D-fuels & lubricants-opsy development 
AD56 R&D-fuels & lubricants-management sup 
AD57 R&D-fuels & lubricants-comercliz 
AD60 R&D-construct 
AD61 R&D-construct-B research 
AD62 R&D-construct-A research/exploration development 
AD63 R&D-construct-advanced development 
AD64 R&D-construct-engineering development 
AD65 R&D-construct-opsy development 
AD66 R&D-construct-management sup 
AD67 R&D-construct-comercliz 
AD90 R&D-other defense 
AD91 R&D-other defense-B research 
AD92 R&D-other defense-A research/exploration development 
AD93 R&D-other defense-advanced development 
AD94 R&D-other defense-engineering development 
AD95 R&D-other defense-opsy development 
AD96 R&D-other defense-management sup 
AD97 R&D-other defense-comercliz 
AE10 R&D-empl grow-productivty 
AE11 R&D-empl grow-productivty-B research 
AE12 R&D-empl grow-productivty-A research/exp 
AE13 R&D-empl grow-productivty-advanced development 
AE14 R&D-empl grow-productivty-engineering development 
AE15 R&D-empl grow-productivty-opsy development 
AE16 R&D-empl grow-productivty-management sup 
AE17 R&D-empl grow-productivty-comercliz 
AE20 R&D-prod/serv improvement 
AE21 R&D-prod/serv improvement-B research 
AE22 R&D-prod/serv improvement-A research/exp 
AE23 R&D-prod/serv improvement-advanced development 
AE24 R&D-prod/serv improvement-engineering development 
AE25 R&D-prod/serv improvement-opsy development 
AE26 R&D-prod/serv improvement-management sup 
AE27 R&D-prod/serv improvement-comercliz 
AE30 R&D-manufacturing tech 
AE31 R&D-manufacturing tech-B research 
AE32 R&D-manufacturing tech-A research/exploration D 
AE33 R&D-manufacturing tech-advanced development 
AE34 R&D-manufacturing tech-engineering development 
AE35 R&D-manufacturing tech-opsy development 
AE36 R&D-manufacturing tech-management sup 
AE37 R&D-manufacturing tech-comercliz 
AE90 R&D-econ grow-productivty 
AE91 R&D-econ grow-productivty-B research 
AE92 R&D-econ grow-productivty-A research/exp 
AE93 R&D-econ grow-productivty-advanced development 
AE94 R&D-econ grow-productivty-engineering development 
AE95 R&D-econ grow-productivty-opsy development 
AE96 R&D-econ grow-productivty-management sup 
AE97 R&D-econ grow-productivty-comercliz 
AF10 R&D-educational 
AF11 R&D-educational-B research 
AF12 R&D-educational-A research/exploration development 
AF13 R&D-educational-advanced development 
AF14 R&D-educational-engineering development 
AF15 R&D-educational-opsy development 
AF16 R&D-educational-management sup 
AF17 R&D-educational-comercliz 
AG10 R&D-energy - coal 
AG11 R&D-energy - coal-B research 
AG12 R&D-energy - coal-A research/exploration development 
AG13 R&D-energy - coal-advanced development 
AG14 R&D-energy - coal-engineering development 
AG15 R&D-energy - coal-opsy development 
AG16 R&D-energy - coal-management sup 
AG17 R&D-energy - coal-comercliz 
AG20 R&D-energy - gas 
AG21 R&D-energy - gas-B research 
AG22 R&D-energy - gas-A research/exploration development 
AG23 R&D-energy - gas-advanced development 
AG24 R&D-energy - gas-engineering development 
AG25 R&D-energy - gas-opsy development 
AG26 R&D-energy - gas-management sup 
AG27 R&D-energy - gas-comercliz 
AG30 R&D-energy - geothermal 
AG31 R&D-energy - geothermal-B research 
AG32 R&D-energy - geothermal-A research/exploration 
AG33 R&D-energy - geothermal-advanced development 
AG34 R&D-energy - geothermal-engineering development 
AG35 R&D-energy - geothermal-opsy development 
AG36 R&D-energy - geothermal-management sup 
AG37 R&D-energy - geothermal-comercliz 
AG40 R&D-energy - wind 
AG41 R&D-energy - wind-B research 
AG42 R&D-energy - wind-A research/exploration development 
AG43 R&D-energy - wind-advanced development 
AG44 R&D-energy - wind-engineering development 
AG45 R&D-energy - wind-opsy development 
AG46 R&D-energy - wind-management sup 
AG47 R&D-energy - wind-comercliz 
AG50 R&D-energy - nuclear 
AG51 R&D-energy - nuclear-B research 
AG52 R&D-energy - nuclear-A research/exploration development 
AG53 R&D-energy - nuclear-advanced development 
AG54 R&D-energy - nuclear-engineering development 
AG55 R&D-energy - nuclear-opsy development 
AG56 R&D-energy - nuclear-management sup 
AG57 R&D-energy - nuclear-comercliz 
AG60 R&D-energy - petroleum 
AG61 R&D-energy - petroleum-B research 
AG62 R&D-energy - petroleum-A research/exploration D 
AG63 R&D-energy - petroleum-advanced development 
AG64 R&D-energy - petroleum-engineering development 
AG65 R&D-energy - petroleum-opsy development 
AG66 R&D-energy - petroleum-management sup 
AG67 R&D-energy - petroleum-comercliz 
AG70 R&D-energy - solar/photovoltaic 
AG71 R&D-energy - solar/photovoltaic-B R 
AG72 R&D-energy - solar/photovoltaic-A R 
AG73 R&D-energy - solar/photovoltaic-advanced 
AG74 R&D-energy - solar/photovoltaic-engineering 
AG75 R&D-energy - solar/photovoltaic-ops 
AG76 R&D-energy - solar/photovoltaic-mgm 
AG77 R&D-energy -solar/photovoltaic-come 
AG80 R&D-conserv of energy 
AG81 R&D-conserv of energy-B research 
AG82 R&D-conserv of energy-A research/exploration de 
AG83 R&D-conserv of energy-advanced development 
AG84 R&D-conserv of energy-engineering development 
AG85 R&D-conserv of energy-opsy development 
AG86 R&D-conserv of energy-management sup 
AG87 R&D-conserv of energy-comercliz 
AG90 R&D-other energy 
AG91 R&D-other energy-B research 
AG92 R&D-other energy-A research/exploration development 
AG93 R&D-other energy-advanced development 
AG94 R&D-other energy-engineering development 
AG95 R&D-other energy-opsy development 
AG96 R&D-other energy-management sup 
AG97 R&D-other energy-comercliz 
AH10 R&D-pollution control/abate 
AH11 R&D-pollution control/abate-B research 
AH12 R&D-pollution control/abate-A research/exploration 
AH13 R&D-pollution control/abate-advanced development 
AH14 R&D-pollution control/abate-engineering development 
AH15 R&D-pollution control/abate-opsy development 
AH16 R&D-pollution control/abate-management sup 
AH17 R&D-pollution control/abate-comercliz 
AH20 R&D-air pollution 
AH21 R&D-air pollution-B research 
AH22 R&D-air pollution-A research/exploration development 
AH23 R&D-air pollution-advanced development 
AH24 R&D-air pollution-engineering development 
AH25 R&D-air pollution-opsy development 
AH26 R&D-air pollution-management sup 
AH27 R&D-air pollution-comercliz 
AH30 R&D-water pollution 
AH31 R&D-water pollution-B research 
AH32 R&D-water pollution-A research/exploration development 
AH33 R&D-water pollution-advanced development 
AH34 R&D-water pollution-engineering development 
AH35 R&D-water pollution-opsy development 
AH36 R&D-water pollution-management sup 
AH37 R&D-water pollution-comercliz 
AH40 R&D-noise pollution 
AH41 R&D-noise pollution-B research 
AH42 R&D-noise pollution-A research/exploration development 
AH43 R&D-noise pollution-advanced development 
AH44 R&D-noise pollution-engineering development 
AH45 R&D-noise pollution-opsy development 
AH46 R&D-noise pollution-management sup 
AH47 R&D-noise pollution-comercliz 
AH50 R&D-other pollution 
AH51 R&D-other pollution-research 
AH52 R&D-other pollution-exploration development 
AH53 R&D-other pollution-advanced development 
AH54 R&D-other pollution-engineering development 
AH55 R&D-other pollution-opsy development 
AH56 R&D-other pollution-management sup 
AH57 R&D-other pollution-comercliz 
AH90 R&D-other environment 
AH91 R&D-other environment-B research 
AH92 R&D-other environment-A research/exploration de 
AH93 R&D-other environment-advanced development 
AH94 R&D-other environment-engineering development 
AH95 R&D-other environment-opsy development 
AH96 R&D-other environment-management sup 
AH97 R&D-other environment-comercliz 
AJ10 R&D-physical science 
AJ11 R&D-physical science-B research 
AJ12 R&D-physical science-A research/exploration development 
AJ13 R&D-physical science-advanced development 
AJ14 R&D-physical science-engineering development 
AJ15 R&D-physical science-opsy development 
AJ16 R&D-physical science-management sup 
AJ17 R&D-physical science-comercliz 
AJ21 R&D-math & computer sci-B research 
AJ22 R&D-math & computer sci-A research/exploration 
AJ23 R&D-math & computer sci-advanced development 
AJ24 R&D-math & computer sci-engineering development 
AJ25 R&D-math & computer sci-opsy development 
AJ26 R&D-math & computer sci-management sup 
AJ31 R&D-environmental sci-B research 
AJ32 R&D-environmental sci-A research/exploration de 
AJ33 R&D-environmental sci-advanced development 
AJ34 R&D-environmental sci-engineering development 
AJ35 R&D-environmental sci-opsy development 
AJ36 R&D-environmental sci-management sup 
AJ41 R&D-engineering-B research 
AJ42 R&D-engineering-A research/exploration development 
AJ43 R&D-engineering-advanced development 
AJ44 R&D-engineering-engineering development 
AJ45 R&D-engineering-opsy development 
AJ46 R&D-engineering-management sup 
AJ51 R&D-life sciences-B research 
AJ52 R&D-life sciences-A research/exploration development 
AJ53 R&D-life sciences-advanced development 
AJ54 R&D-life sciences-engineering development 
AJ55 R&D-life sciences-opsy development 
AJ56 R&D-life sciences-management sup 
AJ61 R&D-psychological sci-B research 
AJ62 R&D-psychological sci-A research/exploration de 
AJ63 R&D-psychological sci-advanced development 
AJ64 R&D-psychological sci-engineering development 
AJ65 R&D-psychological sci-opsy development 
AJ66 R&D-psychological sci-management sup 
AJ71 R&D-social sciences-B research 
AJ72 R&D-social sciences-A research/exploration development 
AJ73 R&D-social sciences-advanced development 
AJ74 R&D-social sciences-engineering development 
AJ75 R&D-social sciences-opsy development 
AJ76 R&D-social sciences-management sup 
AJ91 R&D-other sciences-B research 
AJ92 R&D-other sciences-A research/exploration development 
AJ93 R&D-other sciences-advanced development 
AJ94 R&D-other sciences-engineering development 
AJ95 R&D-other sciences-opsy development 
AJ96 R&D-other sciences-management sup 
AK10 R&D-housing 
AK11 R&D-housing-B research 
AK12 R&D-housing-A research/exploration development 
AK13 R&D-housing-advanced development 
AK14 R&D-housing-engineering development 
AK15 R&D-housing-opsy development 
AK16 R&D-housing-management sup 
AK17 R&D-housing-comercliz 
AL10 R&D-employment 
AL11 R&D-employment-B research 
AL12 R&D-employment-A research/exploration development 
AL13 R&D-employment-advanced development 
AL14 R&D-employment-engineering development 
AL15 R&D-employment-opsy development 
AL16 R&D-employment-management sup 
AL17 R&D-employment-comercliz 
AL20 R&D-income maint 
AL21 R&D-income maint-B research 
AL22 R&D-income maint-A research/exploration development 
AL23 R&D-income maint-advanced development 
AL24 R&D-income maint-engineering development 
AL25 R&D-income maint-opsy development 
AL26 R&D-income maint-management sup 
AL27 R&D-income maint-comercliz 
AL90 R&D-other income security 
AL91 R&D-other income security-B research 
AL92 R&D-other income security-A research/exp 
AL93 R&D-other income security-advanced development 
AL94 R&D-other income security-engineering development 
AL95 R&D-other income security-opsy development 
AL96 R&D-other income security-management sup 
AL97 R&D-other income securtiy-comercliz 
AM10 R&D-international affairs 
AM11 R&D-international affairs-B research 
AM12 R&D-international affairs-A research/exp 
AM13 R&D-international affairs-advanced development 
AM14 R&D-international affairs-engineering development 
AM15 R&D-international affairs-opsy development 
AM16 R&D-international affairs-management sup 
AM17 R&D-international affairs-comercliz 
AN10 R&D-biomedical 
AN11 R&D-biomedical-B research 
AN12 R&D-biomedical-A research/exploration development 
AN13 R&D-biomedical-advanced development 
AN14 R&D-biomedical-engineering development 
AN15 R&D-biomedical-opsy development 
AN16 R&D-biomedical-management sup 
AN17 R&D-biomedical-comercliz 
AN20 R&D-drug dependency 
AN21 R&D-drug dependency-B research 
AN22 R&D-drug dependency-A research/exploration development 
AN23 R&D-drug dependency-advanced development 
AN24 R&D-drug dependency-engineering development 
AN25 R&D-drug dependency-opsy development 
AN26 R&D-drug dependency-management sup 
AN27 R&D-drug dependency-comercliz 
AN30 R&D-alcohol dependency 
AN31 R&D-alcohol dependency-B research 
AN32 R&D-alcohol dependency-A research/exploration D 
AN33 R&D-alcohol dependency-advanced development 
AN34 R&D-alcohol dependency-engineering development 
AN35 R&D-alcohol dependency-opsy development 
AN36 R&D-alcohol dependency-management sup 
AN37 R&D-alcohol dependency-comercliz 
AN40 R&D-health services 
AN41 R&D-health services-B research 
AN42 R&D-health services-A research/exploration development 
AN43 R&D-health services-advanced development 
AN44 R&D-health services-engineering development 
AN45 R&D-health services-opsy development 
AN46 R&D-health services-management sup 
AN47 R&D-health services-comercliz 
AN50 R&D-mental health 
AN51 R&D-mental health-B research 
AN52 R&D-mental health-A research/exploration development 
AN53 R&D-mental health-advanced development 
AN54 R&D-mental health-engineering development 
AN55 R&D-mental health-opsy development 
AN56 R&D-mental health-management sup 
AN57 R&D-mental health-comercliz 
AN60 R&D-medical rehab engineering 
AN61 R&D-medical rehab engineering-B research 
AN62 R&D-medical rehab engineering-A research/exp 
AN63 R&D-medical rehab engineering-advanced development 
AN64 R&D-medical rehab engineering-engineering development 
AN65 R&D-medical rehab engineering-opsy development 
AN66 R&D-medical rehab engineering-management sup 
AN67 R&D-medical rehab engineering-comercliz 
AN70 R&D-spec medical services 
AN71 R&D-spec medical services-B research 
AN72 R&D-spec medical services-A research/exploration development 
AN73 R&D-spec medical services-advanced development 
AN74 R&D-spec medical services-engineering development 
AN75 R&D-spec medical services-opsy development 
AN76 R&D-spec medical services-management sup 
AN77 R&D-spec medical services-comercliz 
AN81 R&D-aids research-B research 
AN82 R&D-aids research-A research/exploration development 
AN83 R&D-aids research-advanced development 
AN84 R&D-aids research-engineering development 
AN85 R&D-aids research-opsy development 
AN86 R&D aids research-management sup 
AN90 R&D-other medical 
AN91 R&D-other medical-B research 
AN92 R&D-other medical-A research/exploration development 
AN93 R&D-other medical-advanced development 
AN94 R&D-other medical-engineering development 
AN95 R&D-other medical-opsy development 
AN96 R&D-other medical-management sup 
AN97 R&D-other medical-comercliz 
AP10 R&D-natural resource-aquacul 
AP11 R&D-natural resource-aquacul-research 
AP12 R&D-natural resource-aquacul-exploration development 
AP13 R&D-natural resource-aquacul-advanced development 
AP14 R&D-natural resource-aquacul-engineering development 
AP15 R&D-natural resource-aquacul-opsy development 
AP16 R&D-natural resource-aquacul-management sup 
AP17 R&D-natural resource-aquacul-comercliz 
AP20 R&D-natural resource-land 
AP21 R&D-natural resource-land-B research 
AP22 R&D-natural resource-land-A research/exploration de 
AP23 R&D-natural resource-land-advanced development 
AP24 R&D-natural resource-land-engineering development 
AP25 R&D-natural resource-land-opsy development 
AP26 R&D-natural resource-land-management sup 
AP27 R&D-natural resource-land-comercliz 
AP30 R&D-natural resource-mineral 
AP31 R&D-natural resource-mineral-B research 
AP32 R&D-natural resource-mineral-A research/exploration 
AP33 R&D-natural resource-mineral-advanced development 
AP34 R&D-natural resource-mineral-engineering development 
AP35 R&D-natural resource-mineral-opsy development 
AP36 R&D-natural resource-mineral-management sup 
AP37 R&D-natural resource-mineral-comercliz 
AP40 R&D-natural resource-recreation 
AP41 R&D-natural resource-recreation-B research 
AP42 R&D-natural resource-recreation-A research/exp 
AP43 R&D-natural resource-recreation-advanced development 
AP44 R&D-natural resource-recreation-engineering development 
AP45 R&D-natural resource-recreation-opsy development 
AP46 R&D-natural resource-recreation-management sup 
AP47 R&D-natural resource-recreation-comercliz 
AP50 R&D-natural research-marine & ocean 
AP51 R&D-natural research-marine & ocean-B research 
AP52 R&D-natural research-marine & ocean-A research/ex 
AP53 R&D-natural research-marine & ocean-advanced development 
AP54 R&D-natural research-marine & ocean-engineering development 
AP55 R&D-natural research-marine & ocean-opsy development 
AP56 R&D-natural research-marine & ocean-management sup 
AP57 R&D-natural resource-marine-comercliz 
AP61 R&D-natural research-marine fisheries-B research 
AP62 R&D-natural research-marine fisheries-A research/ 
AP63 R&D-natural research-marine fisheries-advanced de 
AP64 R&D-natural research-marine fisheries-engineering de 
AP65 R&D-natural research-marine fisheries-opsy D 
AP66 R&D-natural research-marine fisheries-management S 
AP71 R&D-natural research-atmospheric-B research 
AP72 R&D-natural research-atmospheric-A research/exploration 
AP73 R&D-natural research-atmospheric-advanced development 
AP74 R&D-natural research-atmospheric-engineering development 
AP75 R&D-natural research-atmospheric-opsy development 
AP76 R&D-natural research-atmospheric-management sup 
AP90 R&D-other natural resource 
AP91 R&D-other natural resource-B research 
AP92 R&D-other natural resource-A research/exploration D 
AP93 R&D-other natural resource-advanced development 
AP94 R&D-other natural resource-engineering development 
AP95 R&D-other natural resource-opsy development 
AP96 R&D-other natural resource-management sup 
AP97 R&D-other natural resource-comercliz 
AQ10 R&D-social services-geriatric 
AQ11 R&D-social services-geriatric-B research 
AQ12 R&D-social services-geriatric-A research/exp 
AQ13 R&D-social services-geriatric-advanced development 
AQ14 R&D-social services-geriatric-engineering development 
AQ15 R&D-social services-geriatric-opsy development 
AQ16 R&D-social services-geriatric-management sup 
AQ17 R&D-social services-geriatric-comercliz 
AQ90 R&D-other social services 
AQ91 R&D-other social services-B research 
AQ92 R&D-other social services-A research/exploration de 
AQ93 R&D-other social services-advanced development 
AQ94 R&D-other social services-engineering development 
AQ95 R&D-other social services-opsy development 
AQ96 R&D-other social services-management sup 
AQ97 R&D-other social services-comercliz 
AR10 R&D-aero & space tech 
AR11 R&D-aero & space tech-B research 
AR12 R&D-aero & space tech-A research/exploration de 
AR13 R&D-aero & space tech-advanced development 
AR14 R&D-aero & space tech-engineering development 
AR15 R&D-aero & space tech-opsy development 
AR16 R&D-aero & space tech-management sup 
AR17 R&D-aero & space tech-comercliz 
AR20 R&D-space science & appl 
AR21 R&D-space science & appl-B research 
AR22 R&D-space science & appl-A research/exploration 
AR23 R&D-space science & appl-advanced development 
AR24 R&D-space science & appl-engineering development 
AR25 R&D-space science & appl-opsy development 
AR26 R&D-space science & appl-management sup 
AR27 R&D-space science-comercliz 
AR30 R&D-space transportation systems 
AR31 R&D-space transportation systems-B research 
AR32 R&D-space transportation systems-A research/exploration 
AR33 R&D-space transportation systems-advanced development 
AR34 R&D-space transportation systems-engineering development 
AR35 R&D-space transportation systems-opsy development 
AR36 R&D-space transportation systems-management sup 
AR37 R&D-space transportation systems -comercliz 
AR40 R&D-space track data acquisition 
AR41 R&D-space track data acquisition-B research 
AR42 R&D-space track data acquisition-A research/exploration 
AR43 R&D-space track data acquisition-advanced development 
AR44 R&D-space track data acquisition-engineering development 
AR45 R&D-space track data acquisition-opsy development 
AR46 R&D-space track data acquisition-management sup 
AR47 R&D-space track data acquisition-comercliz 
AR50 R&D-space & terrestrial 
AR51 R&D-space & terrestrial-research 
AR52 R&D-space & terrestrial-exploration development 
AR53 R&D-space & terrestrial-advanced development 
AR54 R&D-space & terrestrial-engineering development 
AR55 R&D-space & terrestrial-opsy development 
AR56 R&D-space & terrestrial-management sup 
AR57 R&D-space & terrestrial-comercliz 
AR61 R&D-space station-B research 
AR62 R&D-space station-A research/exp development 
AR63 R&D-space station-advanced development 
AR64 R&D-space station-engineering development 
AR65 R&D-space station-opsy development 
AR66 R&D-space station-management sup 
AR67 R&D-space station-comercliz 
AR71 R&D-commercial programs-B research 
AR72 R&D-commercial programs A research/exp D 
AR73 R&D-commercial programs-advanced development 
AR74 R&D-commercial programs-engineering development 
AR75 R&D-commercial programs-opsy development 
AR76 R&D-commercial programs-management sup 
AR77 R&D-commercial programs-comercliz 
AR90 R&D-other space 
AR91 R&D-other space-B research 
AR92 R&D-other space-A research/exploration development 
AR93 R&D-other space-advanced development 
AR94 R&D-other space-engineering development 
AR95 R&D-other space-opsy development 
AR96 R&D-other space-management sup 
AR97 R&D-other space-comercliz 
AS10 R&D-transportation-air 
AS11 R&D-transportation-air-B research 
AS12 R&D-transportation-air-A research/exploration development 
AS13 R&D-transportation-air-advanced development 
AS14 R&D-transportation-air-engineering development 
AS15 R&D-transportation-air-opsy development 
AS16 R&D-transportation-air-management sup 
AS17 R&D-transportation-air-comercliz 
AS20 R&D-transportation- motor veh 
AS21 R&D-transportation- motor veh-B research 
AS22 R&D-transportation- motor veh-A research/exploration development 
AS23 R&D-transportation- motor veh-advanced development 
AS24 R&D-transportation- motor veh-engineering development 
AS25 R&D-transportation- motor veh-opsy development 
AS26 R&D-transportation- motor veh-management sup 
AS27 R&D-transportation- motor veh-comercliz 
AS30 R&D-transportation-rail 
AS31 R&D-transportation-rail-B research 
AS32 R&D-transportation-rail-A research/exploration development 
AS33 R&D-transportation-rail-advanced development 
AS34 R&D-transportation-rail-engineering development 
AS35 R&D-transportation-rail-opsy development 
AS36 R&D-transportation-rail-management sup 
AS37 R&D-transportation-rail-comercliz 
AS40 R&D-transportation-marine 
AS41 R&D-transportation-marine-B research 
AS42 R&D-transportation-marine-A research/exploration development 
AS43 R&D-transportation-marine-advanced development 
AS44 R&D-transportation-marine-engineering development 
AS45 R&D-transportation-marine-opsy development 
AS46 R&D-transportation-marine-management sup 
AS47 R&D-transportation-marine-comercliz 
AS90 R&D-other modal transportation 
AS91 R&D-other modal transportation-B research 
AS92 R&D-other modal transportation-A research/exploration de 
AS93 R&D-other modal transportation-advanced development 
AS94 R&D-other modal transportation-engineering development 
AS95 R&D-other modal transportation-opsy development 
AS96 R&D-other modal transportation-management sup 
AS97 R&D-other modal transportation-comercliz 
AT10 R&D-transportation-roads-bridges 
AT11 R&D-transportation-roads-bridges-B research 
AT12 R&D-transportation-roads-bridges-A research/exploration 
AT13 R&D-transportation-roads-bridges-advanced development 
AT14 R&D-transportation-roads-bridges-engineering development 
AT15 R&D-transportation-roads-bridges-opsy development 
AT16 R&D-transportation-roads-bridges-management sup 
AT17 R&D-transportation-roads-bridges-comercliz 
AT20 R&D-transportation-human factors 
AT21 R&D-transportation-human factors-B research 
AT22 R&D-transportation-human factors-A research/exploration 
AT23 R&D-transportation-human factors-advanced development 
AT24 R&D-transportation-human factors-engineering development 
AT25 R&D-transportation-human factors-opsy development 
AT26 R&D-transportation-human factors-management sup 
AT27 R&D-transportation-human factors-comercliz 
AT30 R&D-transportation-navigation aids 
AT31 R&D-transportation-navigation aids-B research 
AT32 R&D-transportation-navigation aids-A research/exp 
AT33 R&D-transportation-navigation aids-advanced development 
AT34 R&D-transportation-navigation aids-engineering development 
AT35 R&D-transportation-navigation aids-opsy development 
AT36 R&D-transportation-navigation aids-management sup 
AT37 R&D-transportation-navigation aids-comercliz 
AT40 R&D-transportation-pass safety 
AT41 R&D-transportation-pass safety-B research 
AT42 R&D-transportation-pass safety-A research/exploration de 
AT43 R&D-transportation-pass safety-advanced development 
AT44 R&D-transportation-pass safety-engineering development 
AT45 R&D-transportation-pass safety-opsy development 
AT46 R&D-transportation-pass safety-management sup 
AT47 R&D-transportation-pass safety-comercliz 
AT50 R&D-transportation-pipeline safety 
AT51 R&D-transportation-pipeline safety-B research 
AT52 R&D-transportation-pipeline safety-A research/exp 
AT53 R&D-transportation-pipeline safety-advanced development 
AT54 R&D-transportation-pipeline safety-engineering development 
AT55 R&D-transportation-pipeline safety-opsy development 
AT56 R&D-transportation-pipeline safety-management sup 
AT57 R&D-transportation-pipeline safety-comercliz 
AT60 R&D-transportation-traffic mgt 
AT61 R&D-transportation-traffic mgt-B research 
AT62 R&D-transportation-traffic mgt-A research/exploration de 
AT63 R&D-transportation-traffic mgt-advanced development 
AT64 R&D-transportation-traffic mgt-engineering development 
AT65 R&D-transportation-traffic mgt-opsy development 
AT66 R&D-transportation-traffic mgt-management sup 
AT67 R&D-transportation-traffic mgt-comercliz 
AT70 R&D-transportation-tunnels 
AT71 R&D-transportation-tunnels-B research 
AT72 R&D-transportation-tunnels-A research/exploration development 
AT73 R&D-transportation-tunnels-advanced development 
AT74 R&D-transportation-tunnels-engineering development 
AT75 R&D-transportation-tunnels-opsy development 
AT76 R&D-transportation-tunnels-management sup 
AT77 R&D-transportation-tunnels-comercliz 
AT81 R&D-transportation of hazard material-B research 
AT82 R&D-transportation of hazard material-A research/exploration 
AT83 R&D-transportation of hazard material-advanced development 
AT84 R&D-transportation of hazard material-engineering development 
AT85 R&D-transportation of hazard material-opsy development 
AT86 R&D-transportation of hazard material-management sup 
AT90 R&D-other general transportation 
AT91 R&D-other general transportation-B research 
AT92 R&D-other general transportation-A research/exploration 
AT93 R&D-other general transportation-advanced development 
AT94 R&D-other general transportation-engineering development 
AT95 R&D-other general transportation-opsy development 
AT96 R&D-other general transportation-management sup 
AT97 R&D-other general transportation-comercliz 
AU10 R&D-transportation of hazard material 
AU11 R&D-transportation of hazard material-research 
AU12 R&D-transportation of hazard material-exploration development 
AU13 R&D-transportation of hazard material-advanced development 
AU14 R&D-transportation of hazard material-engineering development 
AU15 R&D-transportation of hazard material-opsy development 
AU16 R&D-transportation of hazard material-management sup 
AU17 R&D-transportation of hazard material-comercliz 
AU90 R&D-other commodity transportation 
AU91 R&D-other commodity transportation-research 
AU92 R&D-other commodity transportation-exploration development 
AU93 R&D-other commodity transportation-advanced development 
AU94 R&D-other commodity transportation-engineering development 
AU95 R&D-other commodity transportation-opsy development 
AU96 R&D-other commodity transportation-management sup 
AU97 R&D-other commodity transportation-comercliz 
AV10 R&D-subsurface mining equipment 
AV11 R&D-subsurface mining equipment-B research 
AV12 R&D-subsurface mining equipment-A research/exploration 
AV13 R&D-subsurface mining equipment-advanced development 
AV14 R&D-subsurface mining equipment-engineering development 
AV15 R&D-subsurface mining equipment-opsy development 
AV16 R&D-subsurface mining equipment-management sup 
AV17 R&D-subsurface mining equipment-comercliz 
AV20 R&D-surface mining equipment 
AV21 R&D-surface mining equipment-B research 
AV22 R&D-surface mining equipment-A research/exploration de 
AV23 R&D-surface mining equipment-advanced development 
AV24 R&D-surface mining equipment-engineering development 
AV25 R&D-surface mining equipment-opsy development 
AV26 R&D-surface mining equipment-management sup 
AV27 R&D-surface mining equipment-comercliz 
AV30 R&D-subsurf mining methods 
AV31 R&D-subsurf mining methods-B research 
AV32 R&D-subsurf mining methods-A research/exploration 
AV33 R&D-subsurf mining methods-advanced development 
AV34 R&D-subsurf mining methods-engineering development 
AV35 R&D-subsurf mining methods-opsy development 
AV36 R&D-subsurf mining methods-management sup 
AV37 R&D-subsurf mining methods-comercliz 
AV40 R&D-surface mining methods 
AV41 R&D-surface mining methods-B research 
AV42 R&D-surface mining methods-A research/exploration 
AV43 R&D-surface mining methods-advanced development 
AV44 R&D-surface mining methods-engineering development 
AV45 R&D-surface mining methods-opsy development 
AV46 R&D-surface mining methods-management sup 
AV47 R&D-surface mining methods-comercliz 
AV50 R&D-mining reclam methods 
AV51 R&D-mining reclam methods-B research 
AV52 R&D-mining reclam methods-A research/exploration 
AV53 R&D-mining reclam methods-advanced development 
AV54 R&D-mining reclam methods-engineering development 
AV55 R&D-mining reclam methods-opsy development 
AV56 R&D-mining reclam methods-management sup 
AV57 R&D-mining reclam methods-comercliz 
AV60 R&D-mining safety 
AV61 R&D-mining safety-B research 
AV62 R&D-mining safety-A research/exploration development 
AV63 R&D-mining safety-advanced development 
AV64 R&D-mining safety-engineering development 
AV65 R&D-mining safety-opsy development 
AV66 R&D-mining safety-management sup 
AV67 R&D-mining safety-comercliz 
AV70 R&D-mining-metallurgical 
AV71 R&D-mining-metallurgical-B research 
AV72 R&D-mining-metallurgical-A research/exploration 
AV73 R&D-mining-metallurgical-advanced development 
AV74 R&D-mining-metallurgical-engineering development 
AV75 R&D-mining-metallurgical-opsy development 
AV76 R&D-mining-metallurgical-management sup 
AV77 R&D-mining-metallurgical-comercliz 
AV90 R&D-other mining activities 
AV91 R&D-other mining activities-B research 
AV92 R&D-other mining activities-A research/exploration D 
AV93 R&D-other mining activities-advanced development 
AV94 R&D-other mining activities-engineering development 
AV95 R&D-other mining activities-opsy development 
AV96 R&D-other mining activities-managment sup 
AV97 R&D-other mining activities-comercliz 
AZ10 R&D-other R & D 
AZ11 R&D-other R & D-B research 
AZ12 R&D-other R & D-A research/exploration development 
AZ13 R&D-other R & D-advanced development 
AZ14 R&D-other R & D-engineering development 
AZ15 R&D-other R & D-opsy development 
AZ16 R&D-other R & D-managment sup 
AZ17 R&D-other R & D-comercliz