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F - Natural Resources and Conservation Services


PSC Description 
F001 Aerial fertilization /spraying services 
F002 Aerial seeding services 
F003 Forest/range fire suppression / presuppression services 
F004 Forest/range fire rehabilitation services (non-construction) 
F005 Forest tree planting services 
F006 Land treatment practices services (plowing/clearing, etc.) 
F007 Range seeding services (ground equipment) 
F008 Recreation site maintenance (non-construction) 
F009 Seed collection / production 
F010 Seedling production / transplanting 
F011 Surface mining reclamation (non-construction) 
F012 Survey line clearing 
F013 Tree breeding 
F014 Tree thinning 
F015 Well drilling - exploratory 
F016 Wildhorse / burro control services 
F018 Other range / forest improvement (non-construction) 
F019 Other wildlife management 
F020 Fisheries resource management 
F021 Site preparation 
F022 Fish hatchery 
F099 Other natural resources & conservation services 
F101 Air quality support 
F102 Industrial investigation surveys & technical support related to air pollution 
F103 Water quality support 
F104 Industrial investigation surveys & technical support related to water pollution 
F105 Pesticides support 
F106 Toxic substance support 
F107 Hazardous substance analysis 
F108 Hazardous substance removal, clean-up & disposal services & operational support 
F109 Leaking underground storage tank support services 
F110 Development of environmental impact statements & assessments 
F111 Industrial investigations, surveys & technical support for multiple pollutants 
F112 Oil spill response including cleanup, removal, disposal & operational support 
F999 Other environmental services, studies & analytical support 

     Aerial Fertilization/Spraying Services,

     Aerial Seeding Services,

     Forest/Range Fire Suppression/Presuppression Services,

     Forest/Range Fire Rehabilitation Services (non-construction),

     Forest Tree Planting Services,

     Land Treatment Practices Services (plowing/clearing etc.),

     Range Seeding Services (ground equipment),

     Recreation Site Maintenance Services (non-construction),

     Seed Collection/Production Services,

     Seedling Production/Transplanting Services,

     Surface Mining Reclamation Services (non-construction),

     Survey Line Clearing Services,

     Tree Breeding Services,

     Tree Thinning Services,

     Well Drilling/Exploratory Services,

     Wildhorse/Burro Control Service,

     Other Range/Forest Improvements Services (non-construction)

     Other Wildlife Management Services

     Fisheries Resources Management Services

     Site Preparation

     Other Natural Resources and Conservation Services

     Air Quality Support Services

     Industrial Investigation Surveys and Technical Support Related

              to Air Pollution

     Water Quality Support Services

     Industrial Investigation Surveys and Technical Support Related

               to Water Pollution

     Pesticides Support Services

     Toxic Substances Support Services

     Hazardous Substance Analysis

     Hazardous Substance Removal, Cleanup, and Disposal Services

              and Operational Support

     Leaking Underground Storage Tank Support Services

     Development of Environmental Impact Statements and Assessments

     Industrial Investigations, Surveys and Technical Support for Multiple Pollutants

     Oil Spill Response including Cleanup, Removal, Disposal and Operational Support