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(H)  Quality Control & Testing Services

H110 Quality control services/weapons 
H111 Quality control services/nuclear ordnance 
H112 Quality control services/fire control equipment 
H113 Quality control services/ammunition & explosives 
H114 Quality control services/guided missiles 
H115 Quality control services/aircraft 
H116 Quality control services/aircraft components 
H117 Quality control services/aircraft ground equipment 
H118 Quality control services/space vehicles 
H119 Quality control services/ships-craft-docks 
H120 Quality control services/ship & marine equipment 
H122 Quality control services/railway equipment 
H123 Quality control services/vehicle-trailer-cyc 
H124 Quality control services/tractors 
H125 Quality control services/vehicular equipment 
H126 Quality control services/tires & tubes 
H128 Quality control services/engines & turbines 
H129 Quality control services/engine accessories 
H130 Quality control services/mechanical power trans equipment 
H131 Quality control services/bearings 
H132 Quality control services/woodworking machine 
H134 Quality control services/metalwork machine 
H135 Quality control services/service & trade equipment 
H136 Quality control services/sp industry machine 
H137 Quality control services/agriculture machine 
H138 Quality control services/control equipment 
H139 Quality control services/material handling equipment 
H140 Quality control services/rope-cable-chain 
H141 Quality control services/refrigeration-ac equipment 
H142 Quality control services/fire-rescue-safe equipment 
H143 Quality control services/pumps & compressors 
H144 Quality control services/furnace-nuc reactor 
H145 Quality control services/plumbing-heating equipment 
H146 Quality control services/water purifying equipment 
H147 Quality control services/pipe-tubing-hose 
H148 Quality control services/valves 
H149 Quality control services/maintenance repair shop E 
H151 Quality control services/hand tools 
H152 Quality control services/measuring tools 
H153 Quality control services/hardware & abrasive 
H154 Quality control services/prefab structures 
H155 Quality control services/lumber & millwork 
H156 Quality control services/control material 
H158 Quality control services/communication equipment 
H159 Quality control services/elect-elct equipment 
H160 Quality control services/fiber optics mater 
H161 Quality control services/power distribute equipment 
H162 Quality control services/lighting fixtures 
H163 Quality control services/alarm & signal sys 
H165 Quality control services/medical-dental-vet 
H166 Quality control services/instrument & lab equipment 
H167 Quality control services/photographic equipment 
H168 Quality control services/chemical products 
H169 Quality control services/training aid-device 
H170 Quality control services/adp equipment & supplies 
H171 Quality control services/furniture 
H172 Quality control services/household furnishings 
H173 Quality control services/food prep-serve equipment 
H174 Quality control services/office machines 
H175 Quality control services/office supplies 
H176 Quality control services/books-maps-pubs 
H177 Quality control services/music instruments-radio-tv 
H178 Quality control services/recreational equipment 
H179 Quality control services/cleaning equipment 
H180 Quality control services/brush-paint-sealer 
H181 Quality control services/container-packaging 
H183 Quality control services/textile-leather-fur 
H184 Quality control services/cloth - individual equipment 
H185 Quality control services/toiletries 
H187 Quality control services/agricultural supply 
H188 Quality control services/live animals 
H189 Quality control services/subsistence 
H191 Quality control services/fuel-lubricant-oil 
H193 Quality control services/nonmetallic fabrication material 
H194 Quality control services/nonmetal crude material 
H195 Quality control services/metal bars & sheets 
H196 Quality control services/ores & minerals 
H199 Quality control services/miscellaneous equipment 
H210 equipment test services/weapons 
H211 equipment test services/nuclear ordnance 
H212 equipment test services/fire control equipment 
H213 equipment test services/ammunition & explosives 
H214 equipment test services/guided missiles 
H215 equipment test services/aircraft 
H216 equipment test services/aircraft components 
H217 equipment test services/aircraft ground equipment 
H218 equipment test services/space vehicles 
H219 equipment test services/ships-small craft-docks 
H220 equipment test services/ship & marine equipment 
H222 equipment test services/railway equipment 
H223 equipment test services/vehicles-trailers-cyc 
H224 equipment test services/tractors 
H225 equipment test services/vehicular equipment 
H226 equipment test services/tires & tubes 
H228 equipment test services/engines & turbines 
H229 equipment test services/engine accessories 
H230 equipment test services/mechanical power trans equipment 
H231 equipment test services/bearings 
H232 equipment test services/woodworking machine 
H234 equipment test services/metalwork machine 
H235 equipment test services/service & trade equipment 
H236 equipment test services/sp industry machinery 
H237 equipment test services/agriculture machine 
H238 equipment test services/control equipment 
H239 equipment test services/materials handling equipment 
H240 equipment test services/rope-cable-chain 
H241 equipment test services/refrigeration - ac equipment 
H242 equipment test services/fire-rescue-safety equipment 
H243 equipment test services/pumps & compressors 
H244 equipment test services/furnace-nuclear reactors 
H245 equipment test services/plumbing-heating equipment 
H246 equipment test services/water purification equipment 
H247 equipment test services/pipe-tubing-hose 
H248 equipment test services/valves 
H249 equipment test services/maintenance repair shop equipment 
H251 equipment test services/hand tools 
H252 equipment test services/measuring tools 
H253 equipment test services/hardware & abrasives 
H254 equipment test services/prefab structures 
H255 equipment test services/lumber & millwork 
H256 equipment test services/control material 
H258 equipment test services/communication equipment 
H259 equipment test services/elect-elct equipment 
H260 equipment test services/fiber optics material 
H261 equipment test services/power distribution equipment 
H262 equipment test services/lighting fixtures 
H263 equipment test services/alarm & signal system 
H265 equipment test services/medical-dental-vet equipment 
H266 equipment test services/instruments & lab equipment 
H267 equipment test services/photographic equipment 
H268 equipment test services/chemical products 
H269 equipment test services/training aids-devices 
H270 equipment test services/adp equipment & supplies 
H271 equipment test services/furniture 
H272 equipment test services/household furnishings 
H273 equipment test services/food prep-serving equipment 
H274 equipment test services/office machines 
H275 equipment test services/office supplies 
H276 equipment test services/books-maps-pubs 
H277 equipment test services/musical instruments-radio-tv 
H278 equipment test services/recreational equipment 
H279 equipment test services/cleaning equipment 
H280 equipment test services/brushes-paints-sealer 
H281 equipment test services/controlainers-packaging 
H283 equipment test services/textiles-leather-furs 
H284 equipment test services/clothing - individ equipment 
H285 equipment test services/toiletries 
H287 equipment test services/agricultural supplies 
H288 equipment test services/live animals 
H289 equipment test services/subsistence 
H291 equipment test services/fuels-lubricants-oils 
H293 equipment test services/nonmetallic fab material 
H294 equipment test services/nonmetallic crude material 
H295 equipment test services/metal bars & sheets 
H296 equipment test services/ores & minerals 
H299 equipment test services/miscellaneous equipment 
H310 Inspect services/weapons 
H311 Inspect services/nuclear ordnance 
H312 Inspect services/fire control equipment 
H313 Inspect services/ammunition & explosives 
H314 Inspect services/guided missiles 
H315 Inspect services/aircraft 
H316 Inspect services/aircraft components 
H317 Inspect services/aircraft ground equipment 
H318 Inspect services/space vehicles 
H319 Inspect services/ships-small craft-docks 
H320 Inspect services/ship & marine equipment 
H322 Inspect services/railway equipment 
H323 Inspect services/vehicles-trailers-cyc 
H324 Inspect services/tractors 
H325 Inspect services/vehicular equipment 
H326 Inspect services/tires & tubes 
H328 Inspect services/engines & turbines 
H329 Inspect services/engine accessories 
H330 Inspect services/mechanical power trans equipment 
H331 Inspect services/bearings 
H332 Inspect services/woodworking machine 
H334 Inspect services/metalwork machine 
H335 Inspect services/service & trade equipment 
H336 Inspect services/sp industry machinery 
H337 Inspect services/agriculture machine 
H338 Inspect services/control equipment 
H339 Inspect services/materials handling equipment 
H340 Inspect services/rope-cable-chain 
H341 Inspect services/refrigeration - ac equipment 
H342 Inspect services/fire-rescue-safety equipment 
H343 Inspect services/pumps & compressors 
H344 Inspect services/furnace-nuclear reactors 
H345 Inspect services/plumbing-heating equipment 
H346 Inspect services/water purification equipment 
H347 Inspect services/pipe-tubing-hose 
H348 Inspect services/valves 
H349 Inspect services/maintenance repair shop equipment 
H351 Inspect services/hand tools 
H352 Inspect services/measuring tools 
H353 Inspect services/hardware & abrasives 
H354 Inspect services/prefab structures 
H355 Inspect services/lumber & millwork 
H356 Inspect services/control material 
H358 Inspect services/communication equipment 
H359 Inspect services/elect-electronics equipment 
H360 Inspect services/fiber optics 
H361 Inspect services/power distribution equipment 
H362 Inspect services/lighting fixtures 
H363 Inspect services/alarm & signal system 
H365 Inspect services/medical-dental-vet equipment 
H366 Inspect services/instruments & lab equipment 
H367 Inspect services/photographic equipment 
H368 Inspect services/chemical products 
H369 Inspect services/training aids-devices 
H370 Inspect services/adp equipment & supplies 
H371 Inspect services/furniture 
H372 Inspect services/household furnishings 
H373 Inspect services/food prep-serving equipment 
H374 Inspect services/office machines 
H375 Inspect services/office supplies 
H376 Inspect services/books-maps-pubs 
H377 Inspect services/musical instruments-radio-tv 
H378 Inspect services/recreational equipment 
H379 Inspect services/cleaning equipment 
H380 Inspect services/brushes-paints-sealer 
H381 Inspect services/controlainers-packaging 
H383 Inspect services/textiles-leather-furs 
H384 Inspect services/clothing - individ equipment 
H385 Inspect services/toiletries 
H387 Inspect services/agricultural supplies 
H388 Inspect services/live animals 
H389 Inspect services/subsistence 
H391 Inspect services/fuels-lubricants-oils 
H393 Inspect services/nonmetallic fab material 
H394 Inspect services/nonmetallic crude material 
H395 Inspect services/metal bars & sheets 
H396 Inspect services/ores & minerals 
H399 Inspect services/miscellaneous equipment 
H910 Other qc services/weapons 
H911 Other qc services/nuclear ordnance 
H912 Other qc services/fire control equipment 
H913 Other qc services/ammunition & explosives 
H914 Other qc services/guided missiles 
H915 Other qc services/aircraft 
H916 Other qc services/aircraft components 
H917 Other qc services/aircraft ground equipment 
H918 Other qc services/space vehicles 
H919 Other qc services/ships-sml craft-docks 
H920 Other qc services/ship & marine equipment 
H922 Other qc services/railway equipment 
H923 Other qc services/vehicles-trailers-cyc 
H924 Other qc services/tractors 
H925 Other qc services/vehicular equipment 
H926 Other qc services/tires & tubes 
H928 Other qc services/engines & turbines 
H929 Other qc services/engine accessories 
H930 Other qc services/mechanical power trans equipment 
H931 Other qc services/bearings 
H932 Other qc services/woodworking machine 
H934 Other qc services/metalwork machine 
H935 Other qc services/service & trade equipment 
H936 Other qc services/sp industry machinery 
H937 Other qc services/agriculture machine 
H938 Other qc services/control equipment 
H939 Other qc services/materials handling equipment 
H940 Other qc services/rope-cable-chain 
H941 Other qc services/refrigeration - ac equipment 
H942 Other qc services/fire-rescue-safety equipment 
H943 Other qc services/pumps & compressors 
H944 Other qc services/furnace-nuclear reactors 
H945 Other qc services/plumbing-heating equipment 
H946 Other qc services/water purification equipment 
H947 Other qc services/pipe-tubing-hose 
H948 Other qc services/valves 
H949 Other qc services/maintenance repair shop equipment 
H951 Other qc services/hand tools 
H952 Other qc services/measuring tools 
H953 Other qc services/hardware & abrasives 
H954 Other qc services/prefab structures 
H955 Other qc services/lumber & millwork 
H956 Other qc services/controlruct material 
H958 Other qc services/communication equipment 
H959 Other qc services/elect-elct equipment 
H960 Other qc services/fiber optics 
H961 Other qc services/power distribution equipment 
H962 Other qc services/lighting fixtures 
H963 Other qc services/alarm & signal system 
H965 Other qc services/medical-dental-vet equipment 
H966 Other qc services/instruments & lab equipment 
H967 Other qc services/photographic equipment 
H968 Other qc services/chemical products 
H969 Other qc services/training aids-devices 
H970 Other qc services/adp equipment & supplies 
H971 Other qc services/furniture 
H972 Other qc services/household furnishings 
H973 Other qc services/food prep-serving equipment 
H974 Other qc services/office machines 
H975 Other qc services/office supplies 
H976 Other qc services/books-maps-pubs 
H977 Other qc services/musical instruments-radio-tv 
H978 Other qc services/recreational equipment 
H979 Other qc services/cleaning equipment 
H980 Other qc services/brushes-paints-sealer 
H981 Other qc services/containers-packaging 
H983 Other qc services/textiles-leather-furs 
H984 Other qc services/clothing - individual equipment 
H985 Other qc services/toiletries 
H987 Other qc services/agricultural supplies 
H988 Other qc services/live animals 
H989 Other qc services/subsistence 
H991 Other qc services/fuels-lubricants-oils 
H993 Other qc services/nonmetallic fab material 
H994 Other qc services/nonmetallic crude material 
H995 Other qc services/metal bars & sheets 
H996 Other qc services/ores & minerals 
H999 Misc test & inspect services