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Q - Medical Services


PSC Description 
Q101 Dependent medicare services 
Q201 General health care 
Q301 Laboratory testing 
Q401 Nursing services 
Q402 Nursing home care contracts 
Q403 Evaluation & screening 
Q501 Medical service/anesthesiology 
Q502 Medical service/cardio-vascular 
Q503 Medical service/dentistry 
Q504 Medical service/dermatology 
Q505 Medical service/gastroenterology 
Q506 Medical service/geriatric 
Q507 Medical service/gynecology 
Q508 Medical service/hematology 
Q509 Medical service/internal medicine 
Q510 Medical service/neurology 
Q511 Medical service/ophthalmology 
Q512 Medical service/optometry 
Q513 Medical service/orthopedics 
Q514 Medical service/otolaryngology 
Q515 Medical service/pathology 
Q516 Medical service/pediatrics 
Q517 Medical service/pharmacology 
Q518 Physical medicine & rehabilitation 
Q519 Medical service/psychiatry 
Q520 Medical service/podiatry 
Q521 Medical service/pulmonary 
Q522 Medical service/radiology 
Q523 Medical service/surgery 
Q524 Medical service/thoracic 
Q525 Medical service/urology 
Q526 Medical/psychiatric consultation services 
Q527 Medical/nuclear medicine 
Q999 Other medical services 

     Dependent Medicare Services,

     General Health Care Services,

     Laboratory Testing Services,

     Nursing Services,

     Nursing Home Care Contracts,

     Evaluation and Screening,

     Ansthesiology Services,

     Cardio-Vascular Services,

     Dentistry Services,

     Dermatology Services,

     Gastroentorology Services,

     Geriatric Services,

     Gynecology Services,

     Hematology Services,

     Internal Medicine Services,

     Neurology Services,

     Ophthalmology Services,

     Optometry Services,

     Orthopedic Services,

     Otolaryngology Services,

     Pathology Services,

     Pediatric Services,

     Pharmacology Services,

     Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services,

     Psychiatry Services,

     Podiatry Services,

     Pulmonary Services,

     Radiology Services,

     Surgery Services,

     Thoracic Services,

     Urology Services,

     Medical/Psychiatric Consultation Services,
    Nuclear Medicine,