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R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services

PSC Description 
R111 Buildings & facilities / administrative & service buildings 
R112 Buildings & facilities / airfield & miscellaneous facilities 
R113 Buildings & facilities / educational buildings 
R114 Buildings & facilities / hospital buildings 
R115 Buildings & facilities / industrial buildings 
R116 Buildings & facilities / residential buildings 
R117 Buildings & facilities / warehouse buildings 
R118 Buildings & facilities / R&D facilities 
R119 Buildings & facilities / other buildings 
R121 Non-building / conservation & dev 
R122 Non-building / highways, roads &bridges 
R123 Non-building / electric power generation 
R124 Non-building / utilities 
R129 Non-building / other 
R211 A/E - non construction - general 
R212 A/E - drafting engineering 
R213 A/E - inspect - non construction 
R214 A/E - management engineering 
R215 A/E - production engineering 
R216 A/E - marine engineering 
R219 Other architects & engineering generation 
R301 ADP facility management 
R302 ADP systems develop & programming 
R303 ADP services/data entry 
R304 ADP services/data transmission 
R305 ADP teleprocessing services 
R306 ADP system analysis 
R307 Automated information system services 
R399 Other ADP services 
R401 Personal care services (includes services such as barber 
           & beauty shop, shoe repairs, tailoring, etc.) 
R402 Real estate brokerage services 
R404 Prof services/land surveys, cadastral services (non-construction) 
R405 Prof services/operations research & quantitative analysis services 
R406 Prof services/policy review & development 
R407 Prof services/program evaluation 
R408 Prof services/program management & support 
R409 Prof services/program review & development 
R411 Prof services/real property appraisals (SIC 6531)  
R412 Prof services/simulations 
R413 Prof services/specifications development 
R414 Prof services/systems engineering 
R415 Prof services/tech sharing & utilization 
R416 Prof services/veterinary & animal care 
R418 Prof services/legal services 
R419 Prof services/educational services 
R420 Prof services/certifications & accreditations for products & 
         institutions other than educational institutions 
R421 Prof services/technical assistance 
R422 Prof services/market research & public opinion services 
        (including telephone & field interviews, focus testing & surveys) 
R423 Prof services/intelligence services 
R424 Prof services/expert witnesses 
R425 Prof services/engineering & technical 
R426 Prof services/communications services 
R427 Prof services/weather report & observation 
R428 Prof services/industrial hygienics 
R497 Prof services/personal services contracts 
R498 Patent & trademark services 
R499 Other professional services 
R502 Study/air quality 
R503 Study/archeological-paleontological 
R504 Study/chemical-biological 
R505 Study/cost benefit 
R506 Study/data - other than scientific 
R507 Study/economic/socio-economic and labor 
R509 Study/endangered species-plant/animal 
R510 Study/environmental assessments 
R511 Study/environmental baseline 
R512 Study/environmental impact 
R513 Study/feasibility - non-construction 
R516 Study/fisheries and animal 
R517 Study/geological 
R518 Study/geophysical 
R519 Study/geotechnical 
R520 Study/grazing-range use 
R521 Study/historical 
R522 Study/legal-litigation 
R524 Study/mathematical-statistical 
R525 Study/natural resource 
R526 Study/oceanological 
R527 Study/recreation 
R528 Study/regulatory 
R529 Study/scientific data 
R530 Study/seismological 
R532 Study/soils 
R533 Study/water quality 
R534 Study/wildlife 
R537 Study/medical and health 
R538 Study/intelligence 
R539 Study/aeronautic/space 
R540 Study/building technology 
R541 Study/defense 
R542 Study/educational 
R543 Study/energy 
R544 Study/technology 
R545 Study/housing and community develop 
R546 Study/security (physical & personal) 
R547 Study/accounting/financial management 
R548 Study/trade issues 
R549 Study/foreign & national security policies 
R550 Study/organization/admin/personnel 
R551 Study/mobilization/preparedness 
R552 Study/manpower 
R553 Study/communications 
R554 Study/acquisition policy/procedures 
R599 Other special study & analyses 
R601 Admin services/material management 
R602 Admin services/courier and messenger 
R603 Admin services/transcription 
R604 Admin services/mailing and distribution 
R605 Admin services/library services 
R606 Admin services/court reporting 
R607 Admin services/word processing/typing 
R608 Admin services/translation & interpreting services (including sign language) 
R609 Admin services/stenographic services 
R610 Personal property management services 
R611 Credit reporting 
R612 Information retrieval 
R613 Post office services 
R614 Paper shredding services 
R699 Other administrative support services 
R701 Mgt services/advertising 
R702 Mgt services/data collection 
R703 Mgt services/accounting services 
R704 Mgt services/auditing services 
R705 Mgt services/debt collection 
R706 Mgt services/logistics support 
R707 Mgt services/contract, procurement & acquisition support 
R708 Mgt services/public relations services (including writing services, event planning & management, media relations, radio & television analysis, & press services) 
R709 Ongoing audit operations support 
R710 Financial services (includes credit card services & any other financial services) 
R711 Banking services (includes accepting & cashing government checks & other payment instruments, accepting direct deposits, accepting payments to the government from the public such as excise taxes & duties, maintaining bank accounts) 
R712 Coin minting 
R713 Banknote printing 
R799 Other management support services 

     Land Surveys, Cadastral Services (non-construction),

     Operations Research Services,

     Policy Review/Development Services,

     Program Evaluation Services,

     Program Management/Support Services,

     Program Review/Development Services,

     Real Property Appraisals Services (SIC 6531),

     Simulation Specifications Development Services,

     Systems Engineering Services,

     Technology Sharing/Utilization Services,

     Veterinary/Animal Care Services,

     Legal Services,

     Educational Services,

     Certifications and Accreditations,

     Technical Assistance,

     Telephone and Field Interview Services,

     Intelligence Services,

     Expert Witness,

     Engineering and Technical Services,

     Communications Services,

     Weather Reporting/Observation Services,

     Industrial Hygenics,

     Personal Services,

     Other Professional Services,

     Courier and Messenger Services,

     Transcription Services,

     Mailing and Distribution Services,

     Library Services,

     Court Reporting Services,

     Word Processing/Typing Service,

     Translation and Interpreting Service (Including Sign Language),

     Stenographic Services,

     Personal Property Management Services,

     Credit Reporting Services,

     Information Retrieval,

     Other Administrative Support Services,

     Advertising Services,

     Data Collection Services,

     Accounting or Financial Services,

     Auditing Services,

     Debt Collection Services,

     Logistics Support Services,

     Contract, Procurement, and Acquisition Support Services,

     Public Relations Service,

     Ongoing Audit Operations Support,