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Starting your Search

You must first select a range of Dates and then type your search criteria in the Search field. After you have completed this, click the search button to perform the search.
  • Selecting a range of dates
    Simply click on the arrow to the right of the "from" date and scroll down and click on the first issue you would like to start your search. Repeat a scroll down the "to" date for last issue you would like to search. Any search criteria you submit will be confined to this range of dates. You may search between any two dates within the entire archive.

  • Entering keywords
    You need to tell the search engine what it is that you are searching within the database. The search engine will look for any set of characters you type that you want to appear within the bid notice. A search can be a single keyword, category or a combination of those. You can also compose your search consisting of phrases and Boolean operators.

  • Submitting your search
    When you have selected the date range and search criteria, you can then process your search by clicking the Search button.
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