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36C26318Q9992 Boiler Plant Safety Device Testing Black Hills Health Care System (VABHHCS), SD - Attachment

General Information

Document Type:FILE
Posted Date:Sep 27, 2018
Category: Quality Control, Testing and Inspection Services
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of Veterans Affairs;Network 23 Contracting Office (NCO 23);Black Hills Services Team;113 Comanche Rd.;Fort Meade SD 57741


VA Network Contracting Office 23, Black Hills, is issuing this Sources Sought Synopsis to determine the suitability for a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), or other Small Business set-aside for Boiler Plant Safety Device Testing services for the Black Hills (VABHHCS), SD area (see Statement of Work below). This is not a request for quotes or proposals and any such submitted in response to this notice will not be evaluated. Vendors who are interested in this requirement should respond to this notice by providing: a. A short capability statement outlining their ability to provide the service b. A list of other contracts for similar service that they have been prime or a sub-contractor on c. Certification of their SDVOSB/VOSB status through VetBiz.gov (if applicable) d. Company DUNS number e. Company Contact information Annual workload estimate for this requirement is: Description of service Qty Boiler Plant Safety Device Testing at Fort Meade and Hot Springs, SD VAMC s Apx. 1 Hr Respond directly via email at: Stephen.holly@va.gov FORT MEADE AND HOT SPRINGS MEDICAL CENTERS BOILER PLANTS STATEMENT OF WORK Safety Device Testing 1. Introduction: A. VHA Directive 1810 mandates a third party tests all boiler safety devices annually B. The guidelines on what constitutes a qualified technician are in section C. The procedures for all safety device testing are outlined in VHA Boiler Plant Safety Device Testing Manual 4th Edition and listed in sub section J. D. Reporting requirements are listed in section 4. E. Scheduling requirements is list F. Testing will take approximately 30 manhours at each site. 2. Technician Qualifications: Technicians shall have completed at least a one-year trade school and have five years successful experience in this field. The experience shall be largely with institutional and industrial boiler plants similar in design to the VAMC plant. The VAMC facility manager/engineer may define and accept equivalent qualifications. Technicians shall demonstrate familiarity with and ready access to the current versions of the following references: NFPA 85, Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazards Code. VHA Boiler Plant Safety Device Testing Manual 4th Edition. Technicians shall be equipped with portable electronic flue gas analyzers and other test instruments necessary for the required tests and calibrations, all calibrated within one month of the site visits. At facilities with programmable digital controls, the technicians must be capable of programming the controls and have the appropriate hardware and software for this. 3. Testing Requirements: Testing will be performed at building 137 at Fort Meade, South Dakota 57741 and building 18 at Hot Springs, South Dakota, 57747 Tests will follow VHA Boiler Plant Safety Device Testing Manual 4th Edition procedures verbatim. Technicians shall provide all tools and labor necessary to perform inspection, testing, calibrating, and adjustments of burners and boiler and boiler plant controls as specified below. This shall be done every twelve months in accordance with a schedule provided by VAMC. Instrumentation, monitoring and data management systems as listed below shall be calibrated every six months. Provide at least two weeks notice to the Boiler Plant Supervisor prior to performing the work. Work must be conducted when the Boiler Plant Supervisor or his/her designate is available on site to monitor the work. During normal business hours unless approved by the Boiler Plant Supervisor. VAMC will have the boilers that are to be serviced prepared for the technicians upon their scheduled arrival. This includes having the boilers clean of soot and loose scale; fully warmed and at normal steam pressure; steam exhaust silencer system operable; all boiler, burner and fuel train pressure gages and thermometers calibrated; fuel meters in accurate operation boiler steam flow, stack temperature and flue gas oxygen instruments operating. VAMC will comply with any other requirements of the test personnel that are considered reasonable by VAMC and have been presented in writing at least two weeks prior to the scheduled testing. The inspections shall comply with: The recommendations and requirements of VHA Boiler Plant Safety Device Testing Manual 4th Edition The written recommendations of the equipment manufacturers. The requirements and recommendations of NFPA 85 Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazards Code including applicable appendices. 4) VHA Directive 1810 A summary of the work is as follows: 1. All safety devices referenced in the VHA Boiler Plant Safety Device Testing Manual 4th Edition will be tested and results will be documented. All of interlocks and safety devices to be inspected and tested on each boiler/burner/equipment, are contained in the VHA Boiler Plant Safety Device Testing Manual 4th Edition, along with testing procedures. List of instrumentation, controls and safety devices to be inspected and tested: WATER LEVEL CONTROL LOW WATER CUTOFFS LOW WATER ALARM HIGWATER ALARM OVERFLOW DRAIN SYSTEM PRESSURE CONTAINMENT. STEAM SAFETY VALVES RELIEF VALVES HIGH STEAM PRESSURE LIMIT SWITCHES HYDROSTATIC TESTING FUEL TRAIN SAFETY DEVICES LOW PRESSURE FUEL CUTOFF SWITCH HIGH PRESSURE FUEL CUTOFF SWITCH VENTING BETWEEN AUTOMATIC GAS SHUTOFF VALVES LEAK TEST OF AUTOMATIC FUEL SHUT OFF VALVES OIL ATOMIZING MEDIA SWITCHES AUTOMATIC FUEL SHUTOFF VALVE PROOF OF CLOSURE SWITCH BURNER AND AIR TRAIN SAFETY DEVICES THE FLAME SCANNER LOW FIRE PROVING SWITCH COMBUSTION AIR FLOW SWITCH PURGE AIR FLOW PROVING SWITCH BURNER POSITION SWITCH FORCED DRAFT MOTOR INTERLOCK FURNACE PRESSURE INTERLOCK OUTLET DAMPER POSITION INTERLOCK FORCED DRAFT DAMPER WIDE OPEN PRE-PURGE PROVING SWITCH PRE-PURGE AND POST-PURGE TIMERS IGNITER TIMER AND MAIN FLAME IGNITION TIMER AUTOMATIC FUEL SHUTOFF VALVE CLOSURE TIME AFTER MAIN FLAME FAILURE AUTOMATIC FUEL SHUTOFF VALVE CLOSURE TIME AFTER IGNITION FLAME FAILURE MINIMUM PILOT FLAME TEST CONTROL AIR PRESSURE INTERLOCK FLUE GAS RE-CIRCULATION DAMPER SET FOR PRE-PURGE LOW FLUE GAS OXYGEN LEVEL INTERLOCK 4. Report Requirements: Provide complete written report of the inspection fully describing all tests performed, all findings, and recommendations Furnish report within two weeks after the completion of testing to each facility by email to the Boiler Plant Supervisor. All safety-related deficiencies shall be immediately reported to the Boiler Plant Supervisor and/or Chief Engineer during the inspection visit.

Original Point of Contact

POC Stephen Holly

Place of Performance

Department of Veteran Affairs;VAMC Black Hills Health Care System;113 Comanche Road;Fort Meade, SD
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