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General Information

Document Type:FILE
Posted Date:Oct 03, 2018
Category: Quality Control, Testing and Inspection Services
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of Veterans Affairs;Network Contracting Office (NCO) 2;2875 Union Road;Suite 3500;Cheektowaga NY 14227


This is a Sources Sought Notice. (a) The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this Sources Sought or to otherwise pay for the information solicited. (b) Although "proposal," "offeror," contractor, and "offeror" may be used in this sources sought notice, any response will be treated as information only. It shall not be used as a proposal. (c) Any information received from a contractor in response to this Sources Sought may be used in creating a solicitation. Any information received which is marked with a statement, such as "proprietary" or "confidential," intended to restrict distribution will not be distributed outside of the Government, except as required by law. (d) This Sources Sought is issued by VISN 2 Contracting Office in Bath, NY for the purpose of collecting information about Elevator Inspection Services for the Bath VA Medical Center. The VA is seeking to provide for this requirement within 60 days of the award of the contract. The NAICS code identified for this requirement is 541350 Building Inspection Support Services. The requirement is detailed in the Statement of Work section of this document. (e) Cursory market research has identified several small businesses that may be able to provide for this requirement. All responsible sources may submit a capability statement, proposal, or quotation which shall be considered by the Canandaigua VA Medical Center. Please note  at least 50 percent of the cost of personnel for contract performance shall be spent for employees of the concern for a proposal to be considered for a small business set-aside. Contractors that are able to meet the requirements in the attachment are encouraged to email a capability statement and full information to Janine Childs at Janine.Childs@va.gov. Please send all inquiries to: Janine.Childs@va.gov by 2:00 pm EST Wednesday, October 10, 2018. Phone calls will not be accepted. - Part of the purpose of this sources sought is to determine the viability of set aside to a specific socio-economic category. Contractors shall identify the NAICS code for the services being offered as well as their size status under said NAICS. This information will be used to determine the viability of a set aside for this requirement. - Contractors shall also identify any Federal Supply Schedules that may carry the desired services. - Contractors shall identify pertinent point of contact for company, contractor DUNS number for size standard and socioeconomic verification in SAM and VIP. - Contractors shall include any relevant comments about the Attachment(s) if applicable. STATEMENT OF WORK Elevator Inspection Services for the Bath VAMC The Bath VA Medical Center (VAMC) located at 76 Veterans Ave, Bath, NY has a requirement for Elevator Inspection Services. The contractor shall provide all resources necessary to accomplish the deliverables described in this statement of work (SOW), except as may otherwise be specified. Scope of Work: A Contractor shall provide all supervision, labor, equipment (including weights and their handling required for the safety test) and supplies necessary to make semi-annual maintenance inspections, annual safety test of elevators and dumbwaiters, and a 5-year load test in accordance with all the terms, conditions, provisions, specifications and schedules for the Bath VAMC. Period of performance shall begin on January 1, 2019, unless otherwise specified, and shall expire on December 31, 2019, with the provision of four option years. During the term of this contract, elevator equipment may be added or deleted from this contract as equipment is replaced, added or removed from service at the facilities. Any such change shall be reflected in a written modification to this contract, signed by the contractor and the lead contracting officer. The contractor shall give the Contracting Officer s Representative (COR) or their designee not less than 4 weeks notice of intent to perform the work. The performance of work will be scheduled at an agreed upon time by the contactor, elevator maintenance contractor and the COR or their designee. All work associated within this Statement of Work shall be completed during normal business hours, unless otherwise noted. Normal business hours are typically 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, exclusive of Federal Holidays. Federal Holidays observed by the VAMC are: New Year s Day Labor Day Martin Luther King Day Columbus Day President s Day Veterans Day Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day Independence Day Christmas Day Elevators BUILDING TYPE MANUFACTURER SERIAL 17 FREIGHT PAYNE 303448 17 PASSENGER SCHINDLER F7144 24 FREIGHT ESCO C-8177 24 PASSENGER ESCO 80-4479 29A PASSENGER SCHINDLER G4492 30 PASSENGER CANTON/MCE 955 33 PASSENGER THYSSENKRUPP EAJ994 34 PASSENGER SCHINDLER CO131 35 PASSENGER ESCO C-9654 41 PASSENGER CANTON/MCE 86-425 76 PASSENGER #1 HW/MCE 3303104 76 PASSENGER #2 HW/MCE 3298607 76 PASSENGER #3 HW/MCE 3298610 76 PASSENGER #4 HW/MCE 3298610 76 PASSNEGER #6 CANTON/MCE 3301352 78 PASSENGER #1 CANTON/MCE 3329812 78 PASSENGER #2 CANTON/MCE 3329815 78 PASSENGER #3 CANTON/MCE 3329818 92 PASSENGER ROTARY F13916 104 PASSENGER #1 SCHINDLER G2990-01 104 PASSENGER #2 SCHINDLER G2990-02 Standards All safety inspections shall be made in accordance with the latest revised edition of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators (ANSI/ASME A17.1) hereafter referred to as the A17.1 Code. The A17.1 Code shall be used as the minimum requirements for the inspections covered by this contract. The ASME Guide for Inspection of Elevators, Escalators and Moving Walks (ANSI/ASME 17.2) shall be used as the guide for inspection and test procedures, hereafter referred to as the A17.2 Code. Inspections and Tests Safety Inspections: The contractor shall inspect tests as required by A17.1 and A17.2, which shall be conducted by the elevator maintenance contractor for the Bath VAMC. The tests shall include, semiannual and annual tests as required by A17.1. The certification of Elevator Inspection shall be used to document the certification of the elevators. Maintenance Inspections: Semi-annual maintenance inspections shall be performed by the contractor on each listed piece of equipment. The Elevator Inspection Report shall be used to document the results of each inspection. In addition to using the standards in the A17.1 and A17.2 Codes, the inspection contractor shall assure that the maintenance contractor s preventative maintenance check charts are up to date and correctly annotated, and shall inspect the Elevator Equipment for evidence of proper maintenance, adjustment and repair. Deficiencies shall be recorded in the remarks area of the inspection form. Schedule of Inspections and Tests Semi-Annual inspections shall be performed during the months of April and August. Annual weight test shall be performed during the month of August. Included shall be the full load test of all traction elevators according to para 1002.3 and a full pressure test of hydraulic elevators according to para 1005.3 of ANSI A17.1, 1984 Edition. Contractor to provide competency certificate

Original Point of Contact

POC Janine Childs

Place of Performance

Department of Veterans Affairs;Bath VAMC;76 Veterans Ave;Bath, NY
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Link: FBO.gov Permalink
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