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Reclamation of Equipment

General Information

Document Type:SRCSGT
Posted Date:Oct 03, 2018
Category: Salvage Services
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

N00189 NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk Philadelphia Office 700 Robbins Avenue, Building 2B Philadelphia, PA


REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center, Norfolk (Philadelphia Office) This announcement constitutes a Request for Information (RFI) for the purpose of determining market capability of sources and/or obtaining information. The announcement seeks to obtain information and assist with planning purposes to identify the availability of potential business sources interested and capable of providing services to the NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support (WSS), Philadelphia, PA. Required services to include demolition and disposal of excess material (reclamation). Background Material designated by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), related to articles on the U.S. Munitions List (22CRF121) or Commodity Control List (15CFR799) or determined by DoD components to have a military use or capability must be demilitarized and/or controlled. The US Navy has excess munitions list items that must be demilitarized prior to disposal. The demilitarization of this equipment and material includes the removal or destruction of military, classified or dangerous parts, features or information prior to disposal to protect national interests and public safety. Scope The Scope of Work is for the removal of the engines and other material from their present locations, transportation to the contractor ôs facility, and demilitarization according to accepted practices. The contractor will be responsible for collecting, identifying, manifesting, transporting and/or disposing of all recyclable material, solid waste, hazardous, and regulated wastes. Low-level radioactive wastes (LLRW) will be handled separately; however, the contractor will be responsible for storage, manifesting, transportation and disposal of the LLRW, as directed by Radiological Affairs Support Office (RASO) and NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support (WSS). Specific Information of Interest It is anticipated all material will be treated as demilitarization code D and demilitarized in accordance with DoD 4160.21-M- I, Defense Demilitarization Manual. This includes the demilitarization of all components that are military unique in their use or capability. It is anticipated the contractor will coordinate with representatives of DRMO for the proper way to demilitarize the engines and will have present two government representatives to witness the demilitarization. The following are anticipated contractor task items: All engines are to be scanned prior to demilitarization for Low Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW). A marking will be placed on the engine identifying the potential location of the LLRW. Engine components, to include but not be limited to igniters, exciters, magnesium-thorium components and thermal barrier coated items will be screened for radioactive properties. Equipment used in the screening the thermal barrier coated items must be equivalent to a Ludlum Model 3A or Model 1 4C survey meter with a Ludlum Model 44-9 Geiger-Mueller detector. Equipment used to screen for igniters, exciters or magnesium-thorium components must be equivalent to a Ludlum Model 2221 Rate meter with a Model 44-10 or 44-2 NaI scintillation detector. Components with readings twice times background shall be segregated as low-level radioactive waste. Procedures must be developed by the contractor detailing the screening operations for review and approval by the Government Tasking includes oversight, disposal and storage of LLRW. The contractor will be required to transport all material from its current location to the contractor site (place of performance) using all applicable DOT and DoD regulations and standards. In some instances, the contractor will be required to return those engines containers that the government needs. Projected quantities are approximately 300 engines and/or engine modules annually of various configurations, such as: T56-A-14, T56-A-14G, T56-A-14P, T56-A-14T, T56-A-16, T56-A-16G, T56-A-16P, T56-A-16T, T56-A-427, T56-A-427G, T56-A-427P. T56-A-427T, F405-RR-401, F402-RR-406/8B, J85-GE-21C, J52-P-408B, and PT6A-68 Firms possessing the requisite skills, resources and capabilities necessary to perform the stated requirement are invited to respond to this Request for Information via the submission of an executive summary, no more than five (5) pages in length. The submission should include the following information and reference N0018920190031 1.Company name, address, and point of contact with corresponding phone number and e-mail address 2.DUNS number, Cage Code, business size and classification 3.Information displaying the contractor ôs ability to provide the services to include any relevant past performance relevant to the required services. 4. Standard practices including items such as lead time, etc. Standard brochures and/or paraphrasing of the Source Sought Notice will not be considered sufficient to demonstrate the capabilities of an interested party. All submissions are required to be submitted via e-mail to cathy.kelly@navy.mil no later than 1:00pm (local time/Philadelphia, PA) on 15 Oct 2018. Please direct any questions concerning this Sources Sought Notice to Cathy Kelly at cathy.kelly@navy.mil. All responses should be unclassified. This announcement constitutes a Request for Information for written information only and is not to be construed in any way as a commitment by the Government. It does not constitute a Request for Proposals (RFP), a Request for Quote (RFQ) or an indication that the Government will contract for any of the items and/or services discussed in this notice. Any formal solicitation that may subsequently be issued will be announced separately through NECO/FBO. This is not a solicitation announcement for quotes/proposals and a contract will not be awarded from this announcement, nor will the Government pay for the information received in response to this announcement. Please note the information contained within this Request for Information will be updated and/or may change prior to issuance of an official Pre-Solicitation synopsis notice The anticipated NAICS code is 541330. The PSC/FSC Code is not yet finalized; however, this code may be adjusted as the procurement is developed.

Original Point of Contact

POC Cathy Kelly

Place of Performance

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