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Firing Range Services - Los Angeles CA

Firing Range Services - Los Angeles CA

General Information

Document Type:SRCSGT
Posted Date:Oct 04, 2018
Category: Lease or Rental of Facilities
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration, Headquarters TSA, 601 S. 12th Street, TSA-25, 10th Floor, Arlington, Virginia, 20598, United States


INTRODUCTION The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is conducting market research to determine interest, capability, and socio-economic category of potential sources for Firing Range Services to support the Los Angeles Field Office within the Office of Law Enforcement at TSA. This is NOT a solicitation for proposals, proposal abstracts, or quotations. The purpose of this notice is to obtain information regarding: (1) the availability and capability of qualified sources; (2) whether they are small businesses; HUBZone; service-disabled veteran-owned, woman-owned, 8(a), etc.; and (3) their size classification relative to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for the proposed acquisition. Your responses to the information requested will assist the Government in determining the appropriate acquisition method, including whether a set-aside is possible. Note: If you are submitting a capabilities statement and your firm does not own/operate the proposed range facilities, your capabilities statement must address how your firm will meet performance requirements/Limitations on Subcontracting. See Federal Acquisition Clauses 52.219-3, 52.219-14, 52.219-27, or 52.219-29 for information concerning performance requirements/limitations. BACKGROUND The use of commercial or Governmental firing ranges are required to allow agency personnel to train and qualify on various weapons used in the performance of their duties. SCOPE The requirements for an acceptable range are included in the DRAFT REQUIREMENTS section below. The intent of the acquisition is for the rental/usage of existing ranges meeting all specifications outlined in the DRAFT REQUIREMENTS. RESPONSE INFORMATION In order for the TSA to improve its understanding of market capabilities and identify qualified vendors that are capable of providing the required services, a Contractors Capabilities Statement is requested. This statement must identify your companys capabilities to meet the requirements identified in the attached DRAFT Statement of Work (SOW), Full Company Name, DUNS Number, Company Point of Contact, mailing address and phone number, Current Business Size (i.e., small business, 8(a), woman owned, veteran owned, etc.), and what experience you have providing similar and/or same services. The capabilities statement shall not exceed four (4) pages in length and shall be in either PDF or MS Word Format. Please send responses with a subject heading of "Firing Range Services - Los Angeles CA" Send your capability statements to Kevin Newton at kevin.newton@tsa.dhs.gov by 10:00 AM Eastern Time on October 25, 2018. Please send any questions to the same e-mail address. Telephone responses will not be accepted. Future information about this acquisition, including issuance of a solicitation and/or applicable amendments, will be issued through FedBizOpps (www.fbo.gov). Interested parties are responsible for ensuring they have the most up-to-date information regarding this acquisition. This Sources Sought Notice is issued solely for informational and planning purposes only and is not a solicitation. A Government requirement for this service is being developed, and a contract may or may not result. This notice does not constitute a commitment by the Government. All information submitted in response to this announcement is voluntary, and the Government will not pay for information requested nor will it compensate any respondent for any cost incurred in developing information provided to the Government. Please note: All contractors doing business with the Federal Government must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) database. The website for registration is www.sam.gov. DRAFT REQUIREMENTS The range shall be within a 25 mile radius of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The proposed range must meet the following standards to qualify for consideration: DHS personnel will use the range 36 days per quarter. DHS requires exclusive use of the range in 8 hour blocks, and limited blocks in the evening for night/low light shooting. The range will be closed to the public (non-law enforcement) during the corresponding hours that DHS uses the range. Should weather (e.g. rainout) or unforeseen circumstances prevent the use of the range; DHS will have priority in rescheduling those missed days within the same month, if possible, or the following month, if not possible. DHS will provide all ammunition, targets, and firearms instructors. The estimated number of rounds fired per year is 500,000. DHS will provide all AMMUNITION, TARGETS and FIREARMS INSTRUCTORS. The range time must be available exclusively to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) during the hours indicated. The range must be able to be utilized for approximately 71 days at 4 hour blocks. An outdoor range is preferred. Each shooter will fire approximately 400 rounds per qualification. The range may be indoor or outdoor. Indoor ranges must possess air conditioning, heating, and an approved ventilation system that conforms to existing OSHA regulations. The range must possess a minimum of 10 firing points and must be able to accommodate a qualification course distance minimum of 1.5 yards and maximum of 25 yards. The range must possess and maintain all target retention devices. The range must possess moveable barricades for the 15 and 25 yard-line courses of fire. The barricades shall be constructed of a material that does not deflect or ricochet rounds that inadvertently strike it, e.g. wood. The range shall possess adequate exterior lighting in both public and work areas. The range must possess a public address system that will allow the Range Officer to communicate with range instructors and students, who are participating in training. The range will have a designated firearms cleaning area. The range operator will be responsible for all lead recovery at the range, and removal of all waste materials from the range and the weapons cleaning area. Spent brass casings will be cleaned up at the end of the day by DHS personnel and put in range supplied containers. Brass will be the property of DHS unless specifically given to the range for recycling. The range shall be equipped with mens and womens restroom facilities with running water for DHS use. The range shall possess drinking fountains located near the range for DHS use. The range shall provide adequate parking to accommodate at least 25 vehicles. The range must possess an on-site classroom facility to accommodate 25 students. The range must be able to accommodate the following: 9mm, 40,.357, 556 (frangible) caliber ammunition and FX Simunition marking cartridges. The range rules must allow movement between firing points and will not restrict movement-oriented firearms training by students (e.g. standing to kneeling transitions). The range rules will allow students to draw and fire from the holster. The range rules will not disallow a student from moving in front of the firing points with an instructor present, such as tactical move and shoot drills where instructor/student ratio would be too restrictive. Range rules will not disallow students from performing multiple and rapid-fire drills. A (DHS owned) CONEX box is required to be stored at the range site, in a secured area where the public does not have access. Special targets, aircraft seats, range and other equipment deemed necessary will be stored in this unit. There will be no additional cost to DHS for the storage of this CONEX box.

Original Point of Contact

POC Kevin Newton,

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