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Document Type:PRESOL
Posted Date:Oct 29, 2018
Category: Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

BIA CENTRAL 00016 12220 Sunrise Valley Drive Contracting Office Reston VA 20191 US


PRESOLICITATION NOTICE The Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Central Region, Division of Acquisition in Albuquerque, New Mexico is in need of a Contract Administration Services for the Bureau of Indian Education, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute Albuquerque, New Mexico. The solicitation package will be posted on FBO and sent to all interested contractor that meet the minimum qualifications for this project. The issuance of the solicitation which will have specific instructions and requirements associated with this procurement. The tentative date for issuing the solicitation is on or about November 13, 2018, closing on December 13, 2018. THESE ARE ONLY TENTATIVE DATES. It is the offerors responsibility to check FBO for the actual release of solicitation. This requirement is set aside 100% Indian Small Business Economic Enterprises. Buy Indian Act, 25 U.S.C, Eligibility constitutes an śIndian economic enterprise ť under the Buy Indian Act. An Indian economic enterprise (IEE) means any business activity owned by one or more Indians or Indian tribes that is established for the purpose of profit provided that: the combined Indian or tribal ownership must constitute not less than 51 percent of the enterprise; the Indians or Indian tribes must, together, receive at least a majority of the earnings from the contract; and the management and daily business operations of an enterprise must be controlled by one or more individuals who are members of an Indian Tribe. To ensure actual control over the enterprise, the individuals must possess requisite management or technical capabilities directly related to the primary industry in which the enterprise conducts business. The NAICS Code for this procurement is 541310 Architectural Services, with a maximum business size standard of $7.5 Million. All interested parties must be verified they are Indian Small Business Economic Enterprises prior to submitting an offer. This is a PRESOLICITATION NOTICE only. This is not a request for pricing at this time. Statement of work: A-E CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION SERVICES FOR THE BLDG 101 STUDENT SERVICES RENOVATION “ Bureau of Indian Education, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute Albuquerque, New Mexico 1.0GENERAL 1.01Introduction :The Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI) requires Construction Administration Services for the renovation of the Student Services Building 101, located on the campus at 9169 Coors Blvd. NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 1.02 Project Scope: Construction Administration Services to be provided for a construction project that includes selective demolition and renovation of 11,104 SF in Building 101. The project includes all work necessary to complete demolition and new construction including coordination with items outside the immediate building work boundaries such as IT, mechanical, plumbing, existing solar panels, and electrical interconnections. 2.0SCOPE OF WORK: Provide all labor, equipment, materials, and supervision necessary to perform all work required for Construction Administration Services, As-Built Drawings and Closeout Services for nine months. A.Task 1. Construction Administration Services: 1.Pre-Construction Conference. The CO will conduct a pre-construction conference with the Contractor at the work site. The A-E will attend the pre-construction conference and serve as a technical resource to the CO and COR. The pre-con date is dependent on award and issuance of the Notice to Proceed. 2.Requests for Information. The A-E shall evaluate the Construction Contractors Requests for Information and provide the COR or CO with recommended technical language to answer or advise. The A-E should assume medium complexity RFIs will be received every month over the duration of the project. Should the volume of RFIs exceed this estimate or should a particular RFI require extensive research or engineering effort to resolve, the A-E will contact the CO and the COR to request additional funding for that effort. The CO and COR will determine if the work is additional to the original SOW requirements and/or if the work should have reasonably been accomplished as a part of the design effort before approving additional funds. 3.Periodic Observations and On-Site Technical Assistance. The A-E will observe the construction in progress at least once every week and work closely with the Construction Inspector to ensure that the Contractor meets the requirements of the construction contract. The A-E will provide engineering staff (civil, mechanical, electrical, and structural) for inspections at appropriate phases during the work and will be available to make site-visits for the purpose of inspecting specific engineering work or to resolve any engineering problems. 4.Shop Drawings. The A-E will process the Contractors shop drawings, product data, and samples submittals. 5.Test Results. The A-E will review the results of construction testing and inspect on and will report their findings to the CO and COR. When necessary, the A-E will recommend corrective actions to the CO and COR. 6.Changes to the Project Documents. The A-E will review and comment upon requests for changes from the construction contractor and make recommendations to the COR. The A-E will prepare independent cost estimates for proposed change orders and provide to the COR. The COR will recommend approval or disapproval to the CO and the CO will issue any change orders. 7.Pay Applications. The A-E will review all contractor pay applications and make recommendation in writing to the COR. The COR will make the final recommendation(s) for payment to the CO. 8.Punch List. The A-E in concert with the Construction Inspector will create and maintain a current Punch List. 9.Substantial Completion. The A-E in concert with the Construction Inspector will recommend to the COR the date of Substantial Completion. The A-E shall draft and forward to the COR all documentation certifying Substantial Completion. The A-E will assist in establishing and participate in the Final inspection and the completion of the closeout process. The Declaration (Certificate) of Substantial Completion will establish the responsibilities of the BIE and the Contractor for: security, maintenance, heat, utilities, damage to the Work and insurance. The Declaration will establish the time within which the Contractor shall finish all punch list items accompanying the Declaration. The Declaration shall establish the end of liquidated damages, if applicable. 10.Issuance of the Declaration allows movable furniture, fixtures and equipment to be installed. Issuance also allows BIE to take custody of the facility and begin the maintenance and upkeep of the Work. All submittals; as-built drawings; and other end-of-work documents must be submitted to the CO before the Declaration of Substantial Completion is issued. The COR or the Official in Charge at SIPI shall accept keys on behalf of the BIE. The COR will sign the Declaration of Substantial Completion. 11.Occupancy of the Building. The A-E shall not authorize the user to occupy the building until the Division of Safety and Risk Management (Authority Having Jurisdiction) has inspected the building and issued a Certificate of Occupancy or a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy. The final inspection will be requested by the A-E through the COR. The final inspection will be conducted in conformance with the "New Construction and Major Renovation Final Safety and Health Inspection and Certificate of Occupancy Guidelines", issued by DSRM. 12.Real Property Cost Data. After construction completion the A-E will provide real property cost data to the COR. 13. Utilities Data. The A-E will provide final site and utilities data to the COR. The A-E will provide the building number, a list of all as-built spaces (i.e. rooms) included in each building, the room name and room number the net square feet of each space and the total gross square feet for each building. The as-built room finish schedule will also be provided. To the extent included in the project, the following site information will be provided: elevated or ground water storage tank capacity in gallons; sewer lagoon (system) in acres, total number of acres developed, square feet of parking, lineal feet of streets and width and material of streets, size, material and lineal feet of sewer lines; size, material and lineal feet of water lines; and size of athletic fields. This data will be provided to the COR using the most recent version of AutoCAD software. B.Task 2. As-Built Drawings and Closeout Services: 1.As-Built Drawings: the A-E shall prepare the final reproducible as-built drawings after construction completion using the marked-up or draft as-built drawings prepared by the Contractor during construction. 2.Closeout Services in accordance with Section 01 7800, CLOSEOUT SUBMITTA S, in the Construction Specifications. 3.0Deliverables: A.The following contract deliverable items shall be submitted to the BIE-SIPI. B.Unless otherwise instructed, the submittal shall be made to the COR with a copy of a transmittal letter (less deliverables) provided to the CO: Task 1. Construction Administration Services: 1.Provide 2 copies of trip reports documenting the A-Es periodic observations, action items, or RFI ™s arising during on-site visits. Provide these reports to the COR within 5 calendar days of the site visit. 2.Provide 2 copies of the Contractors Schedule of Values with recommendations. 3.Provide 2 copies of the Contractors construction schedule, updated on a monthly basis. 4.Provide 2 sets of shop drawings and product data after construction is complete. 5.Provide change order estimates and technical recommendations for actions on change orders as requested by the CO. 6.If applicable, provide 4 copies of fire alarm, fire sprinkler, and bleacher shop drawings, data sheets and fire sprinkler hydraulic calculations to the COR following receipt from the Contractor and review by the A-E. In addition, the Division of Safety & Risk Management, Indian Affairs, will review construction submittals for applicable Life Safety requirements such as: Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Emergency lighting, Elevators and Bleacher Systems. 7.Provide cost data for all real property constructed. 8.Provide building and site improvement data necessary for data entry into the IA-FMS (Maximo) system. Task 2. As-Built Drawing Services and Closeout Services: Provide final, reproducible as-built drawings. The A-E shall provide to the COR, the CAD electronic version of the drawings and specification files showing the as-built conditions. A PDF file shall also be provided. 2.Provide 2 copies of the Final Inspection Report; punch list; completion documents; and close out documents. 3.Provide final Operation and Maintenance manuals, operating instructions and closeout documents in accordance with Section 01 7800, CLOSEOUT SUBMITIALS, in the Construction Specifications. END OF STATEMENT OF WORK Interested firms must be able to provide Contract Administration Services are invited to respond to the pre-solicitation notice by providing information as follows: (1) Company name, address, telephone and fax number; (2) Capability statement and relevant experience in performing similar scope of work within the last five years, contract numbers, contract values, brief description of work, name of Government (Federal) Agency point of contacts, addresses, and current telephone and fax numbers; (3) valid Dun and Bradstreet number; (4) copy of SAM registration; (5) provide professional registration certification as an A&E Frim; and (6) verification that your company is an Indian Owned Company in accordance with Buy Indian Act, 25 U.S.C. BIA will not pay for any information submitted for the cost incurred associated with providing the information. This announcement is a pre-solicitation notice, the full solicitation will be available after November 12, 2018. Written information is due at the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Division of Acquisition, by via email to maryjane.johnson@bia.gov, by 4:30 pm (Standard Mountain Time) close of business, November 12, 2018. Faxed copies of the written information will not be accepted. All information provide shall be emailed directed to Mary Jane Johnson, Contracting Officer, at maryjane.johnson@bia.gov. No phone calls please.

Original Point of Contact

POC Johnson, Mary Jane

Place of Performance

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