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Precision Guidance Kit Anti-Jam (PGK-AJ) - Q&A

Precision Guidance Kit Anti-Jam (PGK-AJ) - Q&A

General Information

Document Type:MOD
Posted Date:Oct 31, 2018
Category: Ammunition and Explosives
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of the Army, Army Contracting Command, ACC - NJ (W15QKN), BUILDING 10 PHIPPS RD, PICATINNY ARSENAL, New Jersey, 07806-5000, United States


Additional responses to questions. This notice is amended to incorporate a new identification number for Fiscal Year 2019. Sources Sought notice W15QKN-18-X-03KY will hereby be referenced as Draft RFP W15QKN-19-R-0010. All future documents, communications, inquiries, etc. will reference the Draft RFP number W15QKN-19-R-0010. Precision Guidance Kit Anti-Jam (PGK-AJ) This document is considered Market Research and supports the procurement for the development and production under the Precision Guidance Kit Anti-Jam (PGK-AJ) program including a Draft Statement of Work (SOW), Draft Performance Requirement Document (PRD), and Draft System Engineering Plan (SEP) for a potential future solicitation and is subject to change without notice. The U.S. Army Contracting Command - New Jersey (ACC-NJ), Picatinny Arsenal, NJ 07806-5000, on behalf of the Office of the Product Manager for Precision Fires and Mortars (PF&M), is seeking input and feedback from potential sources for the development and production of a Precision Guidance Kit Anti-Jam (PGK-AJ). This Market Research and request for feedback includes a draft SOW, draft PRD, and draft SEP to solicit comments from the Contractor community and any interested party. Any input must be sent to the Government via e‐mail to Megan Cahill, megan.e.cahill.civ@mail.mil. It is the intent of the Government to accept comments from interested Contractors that improve the structure of any potential future Request for Proposal (RFP) in addition to answering any questions concerning requirements that might be entertained in a normal question and answer response posted on this site. It is at the Governments sole discretion whether any of the comments received will be incorporated in any potential resultant RFP. There are no dates or appendices included in this Market Research. Similarly, there are no forms or price schedules accompanying this posting. If and when a final RFP is issued, it will contain any data necessary for the potential offeror to send a proposal to the Government. The purpose of this Market Research is to further identify potentially qualified sources capable of developing and producing PGK-AJ and address specific areas within the PGK-AJ PRD in sufficient detail to determine what products are available to meet performance objectives when used in GPS challenged environments. This Market Research is for planning purposes only and shall not be construed as a request for proposal or as an obligation on behalf of the Government. All information submitted will be held in a confidential status except for any questions and answers posted in public forum. Please note any questions and answers will be redacted by the Government as needed and will not contain identifying information from the Contractor who submitted the question. All comments and questions must be provided by electronic mail only, at no cost to the Government, to Contract Specialist: Megan Cahill, megan.e.cahill.civ@mail.mil. If a final RFP is generated at a later date, a solicitation notice will be published. No award will be made as a result of this Market Research. Executive Summary: Contracting Strategy: In accordance with FAR 6.302-3(a)(2)(i), it is anticipated that any potential resulting acquisition will be restricted to competition within the United States and Canada. Interested sources may obtain the draft SOW, draft PRD, and draft System Engineering Plan (SEP) for PGK-AJ, upon request and coordination with the POC listed below. Interested Contractors will be required to sign Non-Disclosure and Non-Use Agreements before they are given these documents. In addition, the Contracting Officer will ensure that all Government Furnished Information to be provided to the Contractor(s) is in accordance with DFARS 252.227-7025 and all Contractors will sign Non-Disclosure forms and complete a DD Form 2345, Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement, before receiving any Government Furnished Information. DoD Directive 5230-25: Disseminate in accordance with provisions of DoD Directive 5230-25. This also applies to all Subcontractors at entry level. In the event that an interested party is a foreign company, they must comply with and obtain any necessary licenses required by the Arms Export Control Act and implementing regulations, prior to obtaining the Market Research documents. EXPORT CONTROL WARNING: This document contains technical data whose export is restricted by the Arms Export Control Act (Title 22, U.S.C., Sec 2751, et. seq.) or the Export Administration Act of 1979, as amended, Title 50, U.S.C., App. 2401 et. seq. Violations of these export laws are subject to severe criminal penalties. Disseminate in accordance with provisions of DoD Directive 5230-25. DESTRUCTION NOTICE: For classified documents, follow the procedures in DoD 5220-M, Industrial Security manual, Section 11-19 or DoD 5200- 1-R, Information Security Program Regulation, Chapter IX. For unclassified, limited documents, destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document. DISCLOSURE NOTICE: This information is furnished upon the condition that it will not be released to another nation without the specific authority from the Department of the Army of the United States, that it will be used for military purposes only, that individual or corporate rights originating in the information, whether patented or not, will be respected, that the recipient will report promptly to the United States, any known or suspected compromise, and that the information will be provided substantially the same degree of security afforded it by the Department of Defense of the United states. Also, regardless of any other markings on the document, it will not be downgraded or declassified without written approval of the originating United States agency. NOTE: The highest Distribution Level is "Distribution D" for this Market Research and associated documents. DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT D: Distribution limited to U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. DoD Contractors only. Reason: Critical Technology and Operational Use, DoD 5230.24; dated 23 Aug 2012.. Other requests shall be referred to PdM PFM (SFAE-AMO-CAS-PFM), Bldg 162S, Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey 07806-5000. Requests for Distribution Level D PRDs and documents shall be accompanied by a fully executed DD Form 2345 - Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement, a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement, and an AMSTA- R 1350 Technical Data Request Questionnaire. INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING DD FORM 2345: Instructions for completing the DD2345 can be found at http://www.dlis.dla.mil/jcp/ under Documents. The phone number to coordinate the electronic submission of the DD 2345 is 800-352-3572. Please download the DD Form 2345 and fill in the following and mail the original completed copy of this form, and a copy of your companys incorporation certificate, or state/provincial business license, or sales tax identification form or any other documentation which verifies the legitimacy of the company to the following address: U.S./CANADA JOINT CERTIFICATION OFFICE DEFENSE LOGISTICS INFORMATION SERVICE FEDERAL CENTER, 74 WASHINGTON AVE. NORTH BATTLE CREEK, MI USA 49037-3084

Original Point of Contact

POC Megan Cahill, , ,

Place of Performance

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