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Gender Justice Program Advisor - Deadline Extended - Solicitation - DEADLINE EXTENDED

General Information

Document Type:MOD
Posted Date:Nov 01, 2018
Category: Miscellaneous
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, Grants, Acquisitions, Procurement and Policy Division (INL/RM/GAPP), SA-4 Navy Hill, South Building, 2430 E Street, N.W., Washington, District of Columbia, 20037, United States


Solicitation - DEADLINE EXTENDED You have received this "Personal Services Contractor" (PSC) solicitation through the Department of State (DOS) Internet site. If you have any questions regarding this PSC, you may contact the DOS Official named in this solicitation. The Department is not responsible for any data and/or text not received when retrieving this document electronically. Amendments to solicitation documents generally contain information critical to the submission of an application. Gender Justice Program Advisor Kabul, Afghanistan Issuance Date: 10/18/2018 Closing Date: 11/08/2018 - DEADLINE EXTENDED SOLICITATION NUMBER: PSC-19-006-INL SUBJECT A solicitation for a Personal Services Contractor (PSC), Department of State (DOS), Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) The United States Government (USG), represented by the DOS, seeks applications from US citizens interested in providing PSC services as described in this solicitation. PRE-AWARD ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITIES OF PSC (JUN 2011) This solicitation may result in the award of one or more personal services contracts as defined in FAR 2.101. Prior to contract award, all offerors or quotes must advise the cognizant Contracting Officer if they have a personal conflict of interest, such as a financial conflict, that would prevent them from either meeting the requirements of the clause entitled, "Post-Award Ethical Responsibilities of Personal Services Contractors," or otherwise objectively performing their contractual duties upon contract award. HOW TO APPLY Offerors proposal shall be in accordance with the requirements stated in this solicitation at the place and time specified. A proposal will be determined non-responsive and ineligible for consideration unless all required documents and information are included in the submission. Offerors shall ensure their resume demonstrates their possession of the minimum qualifications outlined in this Solicitation, as well as their ability to fulfill all required duties. The Government is not responsible for any costs incurred by the offeror during the solicitation process. NOTE REGARDING GOVERNMENT OBLIGATIONS FOR THIS SOLICITATION This solicitation in no way obligates the Department of State to award a PSC contract, nor does it commit the Department of State to pay any cost incurred in the preparation and submission of the application. Proposals must include the following and not exceed twenty (20) pages: 1)Form SF 171 (Completed and signed) 2)Resume 3)Three letters of recommendation OR three references to include contact information Note: Your resume should contain explicit information to make a valid determination that you fully meet the experience requirements as stated in this solicitation. This information should be clearly identified in your resume. Failure to provide explicit information to determine your qualifications for the position will result in loss of full consideration. *** ONE PDF ATTACHMENT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED VETERANS PREFERENCE Veterans preference is not applicable to this position therefore do not submit DD-214. ALL QUALIFIED APPLICANTS WILL BE CONSIDERED REGARDLESS OF AGE, RACE, COLOR, SEX, CREED, NATIONAL ORIGIN, LAWFUL POLITICAL AFFILIATION, NONDISQUALIFYING DISABILITY, MARITAL STATUS, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, AFFILIATION WITH AN EMPLOYEE ORGANIZATION, OR OTHER NON-MERIT FACTOR. Submit proposal via e-mail to the attention of: INL/Dominique Chittum E-mail: ChittumDA@state.gov Direct questions regarding this solicitation to: INL/Dominique Chittum E-mail: ChittumDA@state.gov INL will not accept proposals beyond the closing time/date; unless it can be determined DOS mishandled the proposal. 1.SOLICITATION NUMBER: PSC-19-006-INIL 2.ISSUANCE DATE: 10/18/2018 3.CLOSING DATE: 11/08/2018 - DEADLINE EXTENDED 4.TIME SPECIFIED FOR RECEIPT OF APPLICATIONS: 3:00 PM, EST 5.POSITION TITLE: INL Gender Justice Program Advisor 6.MARKET VALUE: $85,181 - $125,091 (FS-02 Equivalent) 7.PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: One year from date of award, with four optional years 8.PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Kabul, Afghanistan 9.JOB DESCRIPTION: See below BACKGROUND The Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Programs (INL/AP) is part of the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) in the U.S. Department of State. The Bureau is responsible for the development, supervision, coordination, and implementation of international narcotics control assistance activities and international criminal justice assistance programs for the Department of State. INL/AP provides policy guidance, and develops and monitors programs to address the full range of criminal justice issues as they relate to stabilization and reconstruction activities in Afghanistan. INL has been engaged in an effort with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) to build the capacity of the Afghan justice sector. Program activities include institutional capacity building, professionalizing justice sector personnel through legal education and training initiatives, improving gender justice services, expanding legal aid services, fostering coordination within the criminal justice system, increasing public awareness and access to justice, and extending the formal justice system throughout the country while working with the traditional systems to provide alternative dispute resolution. The Gender Justice Sector Program Advisor (hereafter "Advisor") works closely with the Bureaus program manager and specialists responsible for developing and implementing the INL gender justice-related programs. The Advisor will be under the leadership and direction of the INL Sections (INL/Kabul) Director and Deputy Director, reporting through the INL/Kabul Justice Program Team Lead and Deputy Team Lead. The Advisor will work in the INL/Kabul section of the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan to manage the day-to-day operations of INLs criminal justice programs and frequently coordinate with INL/AP in Washington. The Advisor will also serve as a liaison with various U.S. Government agencies, Afghan justice institutions, and international entities working on rule of law, focusing specifically on criminal justice. The Advisor will provide technical expertise on justice reform in multiple settings, including internal U.S. Embassy and multi-national meetings and to assist the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) in reaching its stated goals and objectives in advancing rule of law reforms. The Advisor will offer assistance in such as areas as gender justice, gender protection, and justice sector development, including strengthening management in criminal justice institutions; mentoring and training of legal practitioners; legal education reform; gender justice and protection initiatives; supporting civil society efforts to advance rule of law reforms; and combating major crimes, particularly anticorruption, counternarcotics, and national security. The Advisor would also serve as a resource to the INL/Kabul Director, the INL/Kabul Justice Program Team Lead, the Afghan leadership in government justice organizations, the Afghan leadership of civil society organizations, and the INL/AP rule of law team lead on gender, law and development issues. The Advisor is expected to draw on expertise from the United States, as well as innovative justice projects from other countries. The advisor will be expected to formulate innovative, targeted, and sustainable approaches for building the rule of law in Afghanistan. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The Advisor will work with the INL/Kabul Justice Team Lead on all substantive and bureaucratic tasks in INLs justice programs, including: •Develop and maintain comprehensive knowledge of issues related to Afghanistans justice sector with a particular focus on gender justice initiatives, criminal justice, human rights standards, humanitarian law, national security, and legal education. •Advise the INL/Kabul Team Lead, INL/AP, and INL/Embassy leadership on legislative developments impacting the Afghan justice sector and gender justice issues in Afghanistan. Assess the impact of political developments on U.S. policy objectives and make recommendations to the INL Director. Conduct research, writing and technical support on legal and/or gender issues that may arise in connection with policy or program issues. •Maintain knowledge of international best practices as relates to prevention and enforcement of gender-based violence. Ensure that gender programming and initiatives are carried out with the highest regard to gender sensitivity, confidentiality and privacy considerations of beneficiaries. •Coordinate with INL/Kabul and INL/AP to conduct strategic planning in the justice and gender justice sector, including developing new initiatives and reviewing programs for compliance with U.S. and Afghan policy objectives in relation to the goals of GIRoA. •Serve as an advisory resource for INL/Kabul, INL/AP, U.S. Embassy Kabuls Coordinating Director and Embassy Kabul Front Office on specific aspects of planning, implementation, and oversight of gender justice and justice sector reform programs in Afghanistan. •Ensure that INL programs are being implemented in a sustainable manner and advise the INL/Kabul Justice Team Lead on mechanisms to ensure transition of programs to Afghans, as appropriate. •Coordinate with other components of the host countrys criminal justice system to ensure system-wide integration and functionality of INL-supported reform efforts. •Ensure that INL Washington receives timely information and reporting to ensure that Department, interagency and budget briefings and INL leadership are fully informed of developments on the ground. •Develop and maintain relationships with members of the international community, non-governmental organizations, and the United Nations. Closely liaise with other international donors to partner on specialized initiatives and ensure that justice programs are well coordinated and not duplicative. •Establish and maintain relationships with Afghan justice sector and other government officials, including prosecutors, investigators, judges, defense attorneys, civil society, parliamentarians, and other rule of law actors. Ensure adequate follow up with beneficiaries of INL programming in Afghanistan. •Foster interagency cooperation, including coordinating work between the U.S. military and NATO forces conducting rule of law support operations and INL. •Assist in the oversight, monitoring, coordination, and assessment of INL programs to ensure deliverables and foreign assistance priorities set by the Embassy are being fulfilled as directed by the INL/Kabul Justice Team Lead. •Organize and attend meetings, seminars, and exercises to develop plans and programs for implementation of gender justice and justice sector assistance in Afghanistan and improve overall capacities to effectively reform the judicial system. •Participate in outreach activities with domestic and international rule of law communities to increase awareness of INL programs and policies and solicit greater cooperation and participation. Assists GIRoA in conducting outreach to the Afghan population. •Develop and deliver training to GIRoA personnel as necessary and ensures that all projects are independently sustainable through internal capacities. •Mentor GIRoA officials on improving government function and organizational reform targeted at building capacity to independently meet Afghanistans gender justice sector needs. •Deploy programmatic initiatives targeted at reducing corruption across all community sectors, including justice, advocating principles of good governance and reform. •Attend international and domestic conferences on gender justice reform. •Assist with designing, developing, and writing grant contracts, bilateral letters of agreement, and budget plans. •Draft reports and cables detailing pertinent gender justice issues. •Serve as control officer for visiting U.S. officials, including preparing written schedules of events for the visiting officials and coordinating all activities and required support with proper personnel. •Serve as note taker for embassy officials and visiting U.S. officials during meetings and drafting reporting cables describing the substance of those meetings. TRAININGS & DISTANCE LEARNING COURSES 1.Completes the Grants Officer Representative (PY220/PY222 or PY260 and PY224) distance-learning (DL) course through the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) within 10 days of arriving at Post. 2.Completes the Introduction to Working in an Embassy (PN113) distance-learning (DL) course through the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) within the first six (6) months of arriving at Post. 3.Completes the mandatory Foreign Affairs Counter-Threat (FACT) Course (OT610) and RS-415 Afghanistan Familiarization prior to deployment to Post. RELATIONSHIPS The incumbent reports to and receives broad policy guidance and general direction from the INL/Kabul Justice Program Team Lead and Deputy Program Team Lead. The incumbent proceeds independently in planning and implementing many aspects of organizational and project and logistical operations. The incumbent coordinates and communicates with the INL/Kabul Justice and Corrections Advisors, and the INL/AP Rule of Law and Corrections Teams. The incumbents actions, decisions, and recommendations are reviewed on the basis of results achieved and conformance with appropriate laws and regulations. Because the incumbent receives only general policy guidance, he/she must constantly depend on his/her own professional judgment to further the missions of INL. The Grants Officers Representative (GOR) is delegated the authority to act for the Grants Officer in matters concerning technical clarification, oversight, inspection and, after concurrence by the Grants Officer, acceptance of Grantee performance under the grant, including preparation of receiving reports, approvals, and the authorization of progress payments when appropriate. The GOR will coordinate all work with the Grantee and review Grantees performance at significant stages of its development. DELIVERABLES/REPORTS Deliverables are required under this PSC and shall include: monthly status reports, monthly evaluation of Grantee performance, quarterly Grant Officer Representative reports related to the respective grant, special reports when required, and a "Completion of Assignment Report," which shall be a comprehensive review of the projects in which the contractor was involved. Each report shall include a critique of and recommendations for the various projects. The Completion of Assignment Reports are due no later than fifteen (15) days prior to the expiration of this contract. The Personal Service Contractor shall submit two (2) copies of each report as required to the following: 1.INL/Kabul Director(s); and 2.INL/Kabul Justice Program Team Lead. Per FAR Part 4, the above referenced documents shall be incorporated and copies stored in the PSCs hard file under Section V., Tab E - Receiving Reports. The Contractor shall prepare and submit two (2) copies of each technical report required by the schedule of this contract (e.g. progress reports, final reports, etc.) to the Embassy INL Section and to the Program Officer, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, Department of State, Washington, D.C. The title page of all reports forwarded pursuant to this paragraph shall include a descriptive title, the authors name(s), contract number, project number, and title, contractors name, name of the State Department project office, and the publication or issuance date of the report. When preparing reports, the Contractor shall refrain from using elaborate artwork, multicolor printing, and expensive paper/binding, unless it is specifically authorized in the Contract Schedule. Wherever possible, pages should be printed on both sides using single spaced type. Complexity The Advisor develops detailed plans, goals, and objectives for the long-range implementation and administration of the program, and/or develops criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the program. Coordinating plans with various other groups including international donors, the U.S. military and GIRoA can be complicated. Projects require dynamic leadership and expertise and complex innovation, strict adherence to high-level policy without lower level interpretive assistance, and the ability to single-handedly or in concert with a variety of other stakeholders resolve critical problems and achieve difficult goals that may impact other programs. They are broad in scope and complicated by many complex features, technical, administrative, or political in nature. Physical Demands In Afghanistan, the work is principally sedentary, however travel in and around Afghanistan provinces is possible. While on a site visit there are physical demands associated with travel to and from remote areas abroad in restrained time frames over underdeveloped infrastructure and conveyances - the position requires an above average resistance to fatigue and physical hardships. Extended onsite visits to remote project sites will occasionally be required, necessitating the ability to walk medium to longer distances (hundreds of yards or more) on generally irregular dirt or stone surfaces, in both hilly and flat terrain. Those who use wheelchairs, have respiratory difficulties, or require assistance walking will find this difficult. Additionally, those undergoing medical treatment or taking certain medicines that limit their physical or mental abilities may find it difficult to adhere to the limitations recommended by their physician(s). Travel on helicopters and/or cargo-oriented fixed wing aircraft will also be required. Those with ear or other problems, who do not easily adapt to pressurized environments or higher but non-pressurized environments, will find the travel requirements of these positions difficult. Climate conditions are also often a factor. Work is often done in extremes of cold and heat, in dusty, windy, and polluted environments, and frequently outdoors. Those with circulation problems or difficulties adapting to climate extremes or extremely dusty or polluted environments will find this aspect of the position difficult. GUIDELINES Guidelines consist of USG and Department of State Acquisition Regulations, and accepted legal principles and theories. In addition, incumbent must be able to determine application of basic administrative policy statements concerning the issue or problem being studied, and may include reference to pertinent legislative history, related court decisions, state and local laws, or policy initiatives of agency management. The incumbent must also consider and adhere to various other existing federal regulations, and the interaction between DOS policies, legislation, the Foreign Assistance Act, and other authorization and appropriations in the INL account, applicable National Security and Presidential Decision Directives, OMB Circulars, and DOS financial operating procedures and policies. The incumbent is recognized as a substantive authority on overall management and/or interpretation of guidance on program and project planning and evaluation in a specialized area. GOVERNMENT-FURNISHED EQUIPMENT The PSC shall be able to use a furnished office space, a computer, office telephone, and other supplies needed for job requirements. This property will be owned and maintained by the Department of State. TRAVEL AND POSITION LOCATION Travel in and around the Afghanistan provinces is possible. All movements within Afghanistan will be covered by INL/PSD transports and INL/US military vehicles and aircraft. All travel outside of Afghanistan will be covered by commercial airline. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS •U.S. citizenship with the ability to obtain and maintain Department of State Secret level security, medical, and, if applicable, ethics clearances. •J.D. from accredited law school or Masters Degree in International Development, Gender Studies, or related field. •Demonstrated six (6) years of international development or legal experience, including experience in gender or justice sector programming in countries with significant Muslim populations. •Demonstrated one (1) year of experience working on gender justice issues, particularly programming to address gender-based violence. Demonstrated experience in successfully handling gender-sensitive confidentiality issues, preferred. •Demonstrated one (1) year of experience in project/program management including planning, strategizing, implementing, and reporting on projects •Experience working at the U.S. Department of State, USAID, or a development organization. •Basic understanding of U.S. foreign policy in Afghanistan. •Demonstrated proficiency in basic office computer programs. EVALUATION FACTORS FACTOR 1:Work Experience(25 points) Demonstrated ability to provide expert gender justice subject matter and policy recommendations to senior level policy makers within the Embassy and INL using a gender-sensitive lens. FACTOR 2:Program Experience (20 points) Demonstrated experience and ability to assess current programs and assist in developing plans for improving U.S. capacities to implement gender and justice programs. Familiarity with international organizations involved in justice program components in missions around the world, and demonstrated ability in coordinating programs in a multi-agency, multi-donor environment. FACTOR 3:International Experience (20 points) Demonstrated ability to liaise with members of relevant USG agencies, Host National representatives, and the international community in developing and coordinating justice programs. Experience in post‐conflict nations and/or Muslim majority countries, especially Afghanistan. FACTOR 4Management & Communication Experience (20 points) Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, in a timely and concise manner; interact effectively with others at all levels to prepare, analyze, explain and defend determinations and requirements with respect to conformance to applicable laws, policies and other regulatory guidelines; and advise program officials. Demonstrated superior negotiation, interpersonal, and managerial skills. Demonstrated experience in successfully handling gender-sensitive confidentiality issues. FACTOR 5:Past Performance (15 points) Past performance evaluation of applicants ability to perform under the contract. In conducting the evaluation, the U.S. government reserves the right to utilize all evaluation information available at the time of evaluation, whether provided by the applicant or obtained from other sources. The most qualified candidates may be interviewed, required to provide a writing sample, and demonstrate an ability to operate commonly used office applications. INL will not pay for any expenses associated with the interviews. In addition, applications (written materials and interviews) will be evaluated based on content as well as on the applicants writing, presentation, and communication skills. In the event that a candidate has fully demonstrated his/her qualifications and there are no other competitive applicants, INL reserves the right to forego the interview process. Professional references and academic credentials will be evaluated for applicants being considered for selection. COMPENSATION (BASE PAY) For award, INL will negotiate for this contract based on the market value as outlined above and overall experience relevant to the solicitation requirements. BENEFITS & ALLOWANCES AS A MATTER OF POLICY, INL NORMALLY AUTHORIZES THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS AND ALLOWANCES BENEFITS - IF APPLICABLE •Employees FICA/Medicare Contribution •Contribution toward Health and Life Insurance •Pay Comparability Adjustment •Annual Increase •Eligibility for Workers Compensation •Annual, Sick and Home Leave •401K Plan •MEDVAC (provided by DOS Med) ALLOWANCES IN ACCORDANCE WITH DEPARTMENT OF STATE STANDARDIZED REGULATIONS (DSSR) - IF APPLICABLE •Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA) or Per Diem upon arrival at Post •Housing Allowance •Post Allowance •Supplemental Post Allowance •Maintenance Allowance (SMA) •Education Allowance •Educational Travel (full-time United States based secondary) •Post Hardship Differential •Danger Pay •Shipment of HHE, UAB, POV and Consumables

Original Point of Contact

POC Dominique A. Chittum,

Place of Performance

Kabul, Afghanistan
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