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509-18-602 Correct FCA Deficiencies Parking and Roadways

General Information

Document Type:SNOTE
Posted Date:Dec 10, 2018
Category: Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of Veterans Affairs;W.J.B. Dorn VA Medical Center;6439 Garners Ferry Road;Columbia SC 29209-1639


Page 2 of 12 SPECIAL NOTICE REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS (SF-330) NAICS Code: 541310 -Architectural Services (Small Business size standard of $7.5 million dollars average annual gross revenues for the past three fiscal years) INTRODUCTION: The Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC); NCO 7 Contracting, Augusta, GA is requesting qualification statements from Architectural and Engineering Firms for a complete design package for Design of, Correct FCA Deficiencies Parking and Roadways for the Uptown Campus at Charlie Norwood VAMC, located at 1 Freedom Way, Augusta, GA 30904; Project Number 509-18-602, to include accommodations of emergency and utility vehicles. CONTRACT INFORMATION: NCO 7 intends to accomplish a firm fixed price contract because of this call for qualifications. The selected A/E firm shall provide services in accordance with FAR 2.101 definition of "Architect-Engineer services" as defined in 40 U.S.C. 1102 and FAR Part 36.6 to provide professional A/E services for a complete design package for construction of Correct FCA Deficiencies Parking and Roadways, Project Number 509-18-602 to include accommodations of emergency and utility vehicles, behind building 110 at the VA Medical Center, Uptown Division Augusta, GA. This acquisition is a Total Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Set-Aside in accordance with VAAR 852.219-10 with NAICS Code 541310. Any subsequent award will require the firm to be registered in System for Award Management (SAM www.sam.gov) and the VETBIZ Vendor Information Pages (VIP www.vip.vetbiz.gov). VETBIZ will be used to determine SDVOSB Status therefore firms need to be registered with the applicable NAICS Code as 541310 at the time SF330 s are submitted. The total contract duration will be 180 calendar days from notice of award. The estimated magnitude of construction costs for this project ranges between $1,000,000.00 and $5,000,000.00. Prospective firms are reminded that in accordance with FAR 52.219-14 and VAAR 852.219-10, Limitations on Subcontracting, at least 50 percent of the cost of personnel for contract performance shall be spent for employees of the concern. SF330 packages shall address how each firm anticipates meeting these criteria. This requirement is in accordance with the Selection of Architects and Engineers as implemented in Subpart 36.6 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation and Subpart 836.6 of the VA Acquisition Regulation. All submissions will be evaluated in accordance with the evaluation criteria. A "short list" of the three most highly rated after initial source selection will be chosen for negotiations of a contract award. The Government will not pay, nor reimburse, any costs associated with responding to this request. The Government is under no obligation to award a contract as a result of this announcement. Respondents are put on notice that firm(s) selected by the Selection Authority will be required to submit a Fixed Price Rate Proposal to include labor, overhead, profit, and other costs for this project for negotiation by the Contracting Officer prior to contract award. The negotiated agreement will be incorporated into the resulting contract. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: This is a request for SF 330s Architect/Engineer Qualifications packages only. Any requests for a solicitation will not receive a response. No material will be issued and no solicitation package or bidder/plan holder list will be issued. PROJECT INFORMATION: design a project to improve roadways and sidewalks of the Charlie Norwood VAMC Uptown Division. Design shall include resurface and re-stripe the main surface parking lots located on the North side of the Uptown Medical Center to provide a stable and well-marked surface, the existing East side gravel lot for outpatient overflow parking will be paved and striped for patient safety to allot for a minimum of 40 vehicles, repair damaged curbs, and widen the South access roadway behind the Medical Center that is used by utility and service vehicles. A/E(s) signing drawings must be licensed. Project design shall be in compliance with applicable standards and codes described in VA Program Guides and design materials included or referenced in the solicitation. the design and alteration work under this contract, the A&E shall consider FBC, DERM and Federal Regulation requirements as well as VA TIL specs requirements. EVALUATION SELECTION CRITERIA: Each respondent s SF 330 submittal package will be evaluated in accordance with FAR 36.6 procedures. The selection criteria, in descending order of importance will be as follows: Professional Qualifications Reputation & Standing of Firm Specialized Experience/Technical Competence Teamwork Capacity Past Performance Capability and commitment Location SELECTION CRITERIA DESCRIPTIONS: The selection criteria descriptions (1 through 8) are provided below. PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS NECESSARY FOR SATISFACTORY PERFORMANCE OF REQUIRED SERVICES Provide brief resumes of proposed team members who will specifically serve as the Project Managers and Designers of Record. In addition, provide resumes of other relevant team members or frequent subcontractor who will perform technical tasks under this contract including their record of working together. The Designers of Record shall perform and direct the design within their respective discipline and shall sign and seal the drawings. All Designers of Record must be professionally registered in their discipline. Each resume shall include a minimum of three (3) specific completed projects that best illustrate the individual team members experience relevant to this contract scope. All proposed team members and supervisors shall have the minimum education, training, and experience as is normally expected of a company actively providing the required services and shall have demonstrated experience to perform a project such as this within a VA Medical Center Hospital. Additionally, the firm shall address the criteria for meeting the Limitations on Subcontracting. REPUTATION AND STANDING OF THE FIRM AND ITS PRINCIPAL OFFICIALS Documentation supplied should allow the evaluation team to assess this factor with respect to professional performance, general management, and cooperativeness. SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE AND TECHNICAL COMPETENCE Specialized experience and technical competence in health care facilities (to include joint ventures), including, where appropriate, experience in energy conservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction, and the use of recovered materials. This factor evaluates the amount of experience the AE firm has in designing similar types of design projects in scope, size, and construction features, dollar value and complexity as this project. The factor includes an emphasis, where appropriate, on the firms experience in energy conservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction, and the use of recovered materials. Provide a detailed narrative of up to 5 (maximum) relevant projects completed within the last 5 years, but a minimum of at least 3 relevant projects, which best illustrate overall team experience relevant to this contract scope. List projects that demonstrate the teams experience with projects of similar size and scope to those to be performed under this contract; Emphasize any specialized experienced the firm has in FCA Deficiencies and Parking and Roadways preferably at the VA or in a hospital environment. TEAMWORK Documentation supplied should include specific experience and qualifications of personnel proposed for assignment to the project(s) and their record of working together as a team. CAPACITY This factor evaluates ability of the AE firm, given their current projected workload and the availability of their key personnel, to accomplish the design project in the required time. The general workload and staffing capacity of the design office will be evaluated. List current projects with a design fee of greater than $90,000 being designed in the firms office; Indicate the firms present workload and the availability of the project team (including sub-consultants) for the specified contract performance period; and any impact that may have on taking on absorbing a new project the scope of this Correct FCA Life Deficiency of Parking and Roadways design project. Describe experience in successfully delivering projects per performance schedule, providing timely construction support, and successfully completing multiple projects with similar delivery dates; and if that workload would adversely impact a new project the scope of this design and, then demonstrate how the firm intends to increase its workload capacity to complete this project. PAST PERFORMANCE NCO7 will evaluate past performance on recent and relevant contracts with Government agencies (emphasis on VA work) and private industry in terms of cost control, quality of work, compliance with performance schedules and a record of significant claims against the firm due to improper or incomplete engineering services (references required). Recent is defined as performance occurring within 5 years of the date of this Notice, except that ongoing projects must have begun no less than one (1) year prior to the issuance of this Notice. Relevancy is defined as performance of work on projects that are similar in scope to the type of project anticipated under the resultant contract. Respondents with no previous past performance shall so state when addressing the selection criteria. Documentation supplied should detail firms ability to work with government entities and design standards or similar relevant experience with other entities. Provide a copy of all performance evaluations (A/E) issued for government contracts (as applicable). For non- Federal contracts, provide facility owner documentation of the firms performance issued on that contract. If known documentation exists, so state. Provide accessible owner points of contact: name, title, address, telephone number, e-mail, and fax number and provide copies of awards and letters of appreciation/recommendation as desired. Past Performance Questionnaires (Attachment 1 to this Notice): Respondents shall complete Section A (General Information) of the Past Performance Questionnaire and provide it to NCO7 representative as part of the SF 330 submittal package. Respondents shall submit the Past Performance Questionnaire Sections B through D and the Cover Letter to each Contracting Officer (or customer contact equivalent) and Project Manager (or customer contact equivalent) identified in its SF 330 Section F, Example Projects Which Best Illustrate Proposed Team s Qualifications for this Contract. Sections B through D of the questionnaire shall be completed ONLY by the contract customer. The contract customer shall complete sections B through D of the Past Performance Questionnaire and shall submit it directly to NCO 7 by the SF 330 submittal package due date identified in the Notice. Past Performance Questionnaire Sections B through D will not be accepted from Respondents. Questionnaire sections B through D must come directly from the Respondent s contract customer. The Respondent bears the burden of providing relevant and timely references with accurate and current telephone numbers and addresses. The Respondent is responsible for ensuring that the questionnaires issued by them are completed by the contract customer and submitted directly by the contract customer to NCO 7 at the address listed in this Notice, no later than the SF 330 submittal package due date designated in this Notice. E-mailed Past Performance Questionnaire Sections B through D is preferred from the contract customer. If the contract customer chooses to email the past performance questionnaire sections B through D, they SHOULD NOT send the hardcopy via mail. Respondents are notified that NCO 7 may use any additional sources of information (such as, but not limited to the Architect-Engineer Contract Administration Support System (ACASS) or the Army Corp of Engineers central database of past performance) available to it regarding the Respondent s relevant experience and past performance and consider the information thus obtained as part of this evaluation. CAPABILITY AND COMMITMENT The capability and commitment to provision accurate professional services during the construction period. This factor includes determining customer satisfaction, project cost, and meeting project schedule by: Reviewing the firms record on timeliness in replies to RFIs, review of submittals & shop drawings, periodic construction inspections, and timely completion of as built drawings. Determining the accuracy of professional services through a review of the history of services support, value engineering and any deficiencies which may have resulted in additional costs to NCO 7. LOCATION The A/E Firm must be generally located in the geographic area of the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center. Please provide the address and distance of your closest office. The A/E Firm must have general knowledge of the locality of the project. QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS: Questions and comments regarding this notice must be submitted by email only to the Contract Specialist Chantel Guest at chantel.guest@va.gov Oral questions will not be answered. The deadline for questions is December 21, 2018 at Noon Eastern Standard Time. SF 330 SUBMITTAL PACKAGE PAGE INSTRUCTIONS: SF 330 submittal packages, including Past Performance Questionnaires, shall be submitted no later than Noon on January 10, 2019. Respondents are responsible for ensuring SF 330 submittal packages, any revisions, and modifications are submitted by this time. Qualified A/E firms are required to submit ONE (1) electronic copy via email to chantel.guest@va.gov, unless file size exceeds 7MB then firms are required to submit ONE (1) electronic copy via CD of their entire completed SF 330 packages to address outlined in Section K below. SF 330 forms are available on-line at: http://www.gsa.gov/portal/forms/type/SF Submission of information incorporated by reference is not allowed. Prospective firms shall address all selection criteria factors within their submitted SF 330 package. Submissions are limited to 85 pages. Absolutely no photographs shall be submitted. Title pages and tables of contents, if applicable, are excluded from the page count limitation. Pages submitted in excess of the limitations specified in this Notice will not be evaluated by NCO 7. A page is defined as one side of a sheet, 81/2" x 11", with at least one inch margins on all sides, using not smaller than 12 point type. Foldout sizes count as an equivalent number of 81/2" x 11" pages. The metric standard format most closely approximating the described standard 8-1/2" x 11" size may also be used. This does not apply to the SF330 form. Telephone or Fax inquiries will not be accepted. SF 330 PACKAGE CONTENTS: The SF 330 submittal packages shall consist of a completed SF 330 parts I and II, specific information addressing each of the EIGHT selection criteria described in this Notice; the additional information required by this Notice and past performance questionnaire section A. Respondents are required to meet all requirements in addition to those identified as selection criteria SF 330 submittal packages not consistent with the requirements and selection criteria of this Notice may be determined unacceptable and removed from consideration. Any SF 330 submittal package, modification, or revision, that is received at the designated NCO 7 office after the exact time specified for receipt is late and will not be considered unless it is received before award is made, the contracting officer determines that accepting the late submittal would not unduly delay the acquisition; and There is acceptable evidence to establish that it was received at NCO 7 installation designated for receipt of submittal packages and was under NCO 7 s control prior to the time set for receipt of submittal packages; or It was the only submittal package received. SF 330 PACKAGE PREPARATION: Qualified A/E firms are required to submit ONE (1) electronic copy via email to chantel.guest@va.gov, unless file size exceeds 7MB then firms are required to submit ONE (1) electronic copy via CD of their entire completed SF 330 packages to address outlined in Section K below. SF 330 forms are available on-line at: http://www.gsa.gov/portal/forms/type/SF. Electronic copy shall be in searchable PDF format of the SF 330 parts I and II, questionnaire Section A and additional information requested by this Notice. A cover sheet should be included, clearly marked with the Respondents name, complete address with 9 digit zip code, phone number, e-mail address, DUNs number, date of response, title and Notice identification. Information not provided elsewhere in the SF 330 submittal package shall not be incorporated by reference. A table of contents shall be provided for ready reference to sections and figures. SF 330 submittal packages shall be consistent with the following structure and formatted accordingly: SF 330 PART I CONTRACT SPECIFIC QUALIFICATIONS Sections A through D Section E Section F Section G Section H Section I Questionnaire section A only Other additional information and attachments SF 330 PART II GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS (Note: Respondents shall clearly label additional information and attachments). SF 330 CD SUBMITTAL PACKAGE MARKING AND DELIVERY: If your SF 330 submittal package requires delivery on a CD, it shall be delivered to the designated submittal package receiving office by one of the following methods: U.S. Postal Service Commercial Delivery Service Delivery by company employee or other individual agent Regardless of the method of delivery chosen, the respondent is responsible for delivery of the submittal package to the designated receiving office no later than the date and time specified in the Notice. Submittal packages submitted by commercial delivery service or hand carried packages must be delivered to: Chantel Guest, Contracting Officer VISN 7 Network Contracting Office (NCO7) VA Medical Center 6439 Garners Ferry Rd, Bldg. 22 Room 3A100 Columbia, SC 29209 E-mail: chantel.guest@va.gov FAR and VAAR: The FAR and VAAR citations referenced in this Special Notice can be accessed via the following internet links: https://www.acquisition.gov/far/index.html ATTACHMENTS TO THE SPECIAL NOTICE: Attachment 1 Past Performance Questionnaire and Cover Letter END OF SPECIAL NOTICE NOTE: THIS NOTICE WAS NOT POSTED TO FEDBIZOPPS ON THE DATE INDICATED IN THE NOTICE ITSELF (10-DEC-2018); HOWEVER, IT DID APPEAR IN THE FEDBIZOPPS FTP FEED ON THIS DATE. PLEASE CONTACT 877-472-3779 or fbo.support@gsa.gov REGARDING THIS ISSUE.

Original Point of Contact

POC 803-776-4000 x4359

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