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Mortuary Services Contract Southeast Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System New Orleans, LA

General Information

Document Type:SRCSGT
Posted Date:Dec 17, 2018
Category: Social Services
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Contracting Office Address

Department of Veterans Affairs;Southeast Louisiana Veterans HCS;1515 Poydras Street;Suite 1100;New Orleans LA 70112


Page 9 of 12 Mortuary Services for Unclaimed Remains Southeast Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System (SLVHCS) New Orleans, LA 70119 The Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System (SLVHCS) has a requirement for mortuary services for deceased veterans. The Contractor shall provide the facilities, equipment, licensed personnel, motor vehicles, professional funeral services, caskets, outer shipping containers, resources and transportation necessary to support the handling of unclaimed remains of deceased veterans from with the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System (SLVHCS), the SLVHCS Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs), and the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System area of responsibility extending from New Orleans, LA to Baton Rouge, LA. The Contractor will also deliver the deceased primarily to the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Cemetery as part of the service. The Louisiana National Cemetery may serve as an alternate location for internment. The service provider shall comply with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) requirements and specifications and federal, state, and local health laws, statutes and regulations in performing the tasks as identified in the Statement of Work. Instruction to Offerors Guidance: This sources sought notice is not a Request for Quote (RFQ). No solicitation is being issued at this time. This notice shall not be construed as a commitment by the Government to issue a solicitation or to ultimately award a contract, nor does it restrict the government to a specific acquisition approach. Any information provided to the Government as a result of this sources sought notice is voluntary. Responses will not be returned. No entitlement to payment or direct or indirect costs or charges by the Government will arise as a result of contractor submission of responses or the Government s use of such information. This Sources Sought Notice is for planning purposes only and is intended to identify eligible contractors in any socioeconomic category who can support this requirement. An eligible contractor is a contractor who possesses the qualifications and has the capability to successfully execute Statement of Work (SOW) tasks/deliverables. Instructions for Submission: Interested contractors shall respond by e-mail only to Deborah Newman, Contract Specialist deborah.newman2@va.gov. Responses are due no later than Wednesday, January 2, 2019, by 12:00 p.m. Central Daylight Time (CDT), New Orleans, LA. Respondents should include as part of their submission: Indicate if you can perform all services, tasks, and deliverables as annotated in the Statement of Work. A brief summary of related experience, relevant past contracts, and applicable capabilities (as it pertains to this requirement) should be included. In general, interested contractors should explain how they (or their team) is qualified/capable of doing the work. A future solicitation for this requirement will be all or nothing meaning that the Contractor would have to provide/perform all line items requested. Please do not submit a price quote as this request is for market research/informational purposes only. Sample Response: _______________ (Company Name) is a _____________________ (Socioeconomic Category) business who has the qualifications and capabilities to this requirement. Please contact us when this requirement is solicited as we intend to submit a formal offer. My contact information is listed below: _____________________ (Contact Information) REQUIREMENT QUESTIONS: If/when this requirement is solicited there will only be a limited time window to address vendor solicitation questions. It is recommended that interested vendors (who are examining this requirement and who have questions) submit these questions along with their response to this Sources Sought Notice. DELIVERABLES: 1. Body Preparation 2. Burial Clothing 3. Transportation STATEMENT OF WORK -See subsequent pages to follow Statement of Work Mortuary Services for Unclaimed Remains Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System Statement of Work Mortuary Services for Unclaimed Remains 1.0 General Information. The Department of Veterans Affairs Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System require mortuary services for deceased Veterans. The Contractor shall provide the facilities, equipment, licensed personnel, motor vehicles, professional funeral services, caskets, outer shipping containers, resources and transportation necessary to support the handling of unclaimed remains of deceased Veterans from within the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System (SLVHCS), the SLVHCS Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs), and the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System area of responsibility extending from New Orleans LA to Baton Rouge LA. The Contractor will also deliver the deceased primarily to the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Cemetery as a part of the service. The Louisiana National Cemetery may serve as an alternate location for interment. The service provider shall comply with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) requirements and specifications and federal, state, and local health laws, statutes and regulations in the performing the following tasks as identified in this Statement of Work (SOW). New Orleans VA Medical Center is located at 2400 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70119. 1.1 Period of Performance: Base Year plus four (4) option years. Base Year shall begin on Nov. 1, 2018 to Oct. 31, 2019. 1.2 The Contractor is expected to perform the work in such a manner as to ensure services of the highest type, and thus eliminate any possibility of warranted criticism of the VA. In agreeing to perform mortuary services as required by the VA, the Contractor shall not discriminate in the handling of remains due to race, creed, sex, or national origin of the deceased. 1.3 An Unclaimed Veteran shall be determined to be a Veteran who has expired in a VA health care facility or a non-VA health care facility under authorized admission at VA expense with no next of kin to claim their remains and insufficient funds to cover burial expenses in accordance with VHA Directive 1601B.04. This may include deceased indigent veterans without sufficient personal funds to cover burial expenses with no next of kin, deceased veterans who have been abandoned by known next of kin, or known next of kin of the decedent who have refused to claim the veteran, and the deceased veteran has expired in a VA health care facility or non-VA facility under authorized admission at VA expense. 2.0 Description of the Work to be performed 2.1 The Contractor shall be responsible for providing professional services of the highest quality to assure viewing of the remains under optimal conditions. 2.2 The Contractor shall practice hygienic measures that will assure complete and satisfactory disinfection and sanitation of the funeral establishment. 2.3 The Contractor shall adhere to all Louisiana Laws and Revised Statutes directing the proper disposition of remains, embalming, funeral services, preparation of death certificates, permits, and any state rulings governing the proper treatment of deceased individuals. 2.4 The Contractor shall have a sufficient number of licensed embalmers to process (embalm) or reprocess any remains on a timely basis. Interns or apprentices may be used to assist the licensed embalmer in accordance with applicable state regulations. 2.5 Transport Vehicles, supplies, equipment and technical procedures shall conform to standards and professional techniques acceptable to the State of Louisiana, Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Cemetery Administration. 2.6 The Contractor or Sub-Contractor shall be within a 40 mile radius from the VA Medical Center. 2.7 Contractor s Facility shall meet Federal, State, Local and National Environment Policy Act (NEPA) Fire and Life Safety Codes. The Contractor s facility shall comply with current VA standards for handicapped accessibility. Any change of the Contractor s facility location during the contract term shall be approved in advance by the Contracting Officer (CO). 2.8 All supplies, technical procedures, and documentation shall conform to the standards and professional techniques acceptable to the Funeral Service Industry and the Federal Trade Commission. 3.0 VAMC Responsibilities 3.1 In accordance with the VAMC S arrangement preferences, VAMC will advise the Contractor of the Veteran s preference for burial. If no preferences were identified by the Veteran, the facility will request direct burial services from the Contractor. 3.2 The VAMC Facility Director or designated representative (DR) is responsible for inspecting the unclaimed remains prior to release in accordance with Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Directive 1601B.04. (See Attachment) 3.3 The CO will delegate a Contracting Officer Representative (COR) to be responsible for the inspection of the mortuary services and the merchandise furnished for unclaimed remains. 3.4 Notification to pick-up unclaimed remains. The VAMC COR or designated representative will notify the Contractor of unclaimed remains. The Contractor shall pick up and transport the deceased Veteran s remains within 24 hours once notified by VA that remains are ready to be released. 4.0 Scope of Work General Tasks by the Contractor 4.1 Preparation of Remains (Body) Services for Interment. 4.1.1 The COR or DR will advise the Contractor of the Veteran s religious or cultural preference, if known, for remains burial. If no prior preference was given by the Veteran, the preference shall be direct burial. 4.1.2 Remains shall be prepared, dressed and cosmetically enhanced as prescribed in the specifications. 4.1.3 Each remain, viewable or non-viewable, shall be embalmed using a method that provides the optimum result. 4.2 Pre-embalming services 4.2.1 Remains shall be bathed unless when it is impossible due to the condition of the remains. The female/male body hair shall be washed and groomed. For example: Fingernails shall be cleaned and trimmed; the mouth shall be securely closed to form a natural expression and ensure eyelids are prepared to prevent wrinkling and a sunken appearance of the eyes. The use of cosmetics shall be applied to only produce natural color and texture. 4.2.2 Any lacerations, abrasions, incisions, excisions and burn wounds shall be sutured and/or sealed to prevent leakage. Swollen or distorted features shall be reduced to the normal contours enjoyed during life. Postmortem stains shall be chemically bleached by applying packs and/or needle injection. On viewable areas, further treatment shall consist of the use of masking cosmetics to render stains non-detectable. 4.2.3 Body orifices shall be treated with a disinfectant, non-astringent chemical (generic categories such as Phenyl phenols and Iodophors) and packed with cotton. Bedsores, ulcerated, burned, and necrotic tissue shall be treated either by hypodermic injection, or pack application of deodorizing or preserving chemical. 4.2.4 Maggots and other insect larvae shall be destroyed and their breeding sites in or on the remains will be thoroughly treated with an insecticide chemical. 4.2.5 The Contractor shall ensure that the body is effectively disinfected, uniformly preserved and offensive odors eliminated before the remains are casketed. 4.3 Preparation of Remains (Body is intact) 4.3.1 Each remain, viewable and non-viewable, requires variation in the embalming treatment to accomplish the optimum results. A recommended procedure to achieve these goals is the injection of the solution at a moderate rate. The addition of a humectant to the solutions is also helpful in reducing over-dehydration effects. 4.4 Processing Non-viewable Remains. 4.4.1 For all remains, multi-site injection and drainage technique shall be attempted. 4.4.2 In the case of autopsied and Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency donation cases, all incisions shall be tightly sutured and treated to prevent leakage. 4.4.3 Restorative work such as derma surgery, if required, shall be used to present a normal lifelike appearance. 4.4.4 Body areas shall be treated by means of a trocar, using undiluted cavity chemicals having a 30 index (%) or greater. In addition, packs, special gels and or dry sanitizers shall be used to assure preservation, prevent leakage, and eliminate all offensive odors (if required.) 4.4.5 Cranial, thoracic, and abdominal cavities, when present, shall be relieved of gasses and distention. The cavities shall then be treated by injecting a minimum of 32 ounces of a concentrated cavity chemical, having a 30-index (%) or greater. 4.4.6 When material injection and/or cavity treatment is impossible, all matriculated and disarticulated anatomical portions shall be thoroughly disinfected and preserved via accessory chemical embalming techniques. 4.4.7 Non-injectable intact remains and/or disarticulated anatomical portions shall be immersed or hypo-injected with trocar and/or syringe and needle, using full strength cavity chemicals 30-index (%) or greater. Surface application of liquid, gel, or dry sanitizers and preservatives is also required to supplement primary needle and/or hypo injection techniques. 4.4.8 In accordance with state law, if the condition of the body does not permit embalming by the introduction of chemical substances, fluids, or gas into the body by vascular or hypodermic injection or by direct application into the organs or cavities, it shall be embalmed by an outward application of such substances. 4.5 Processing Viewable Remains. 4.5.1 A thorough pre-embalming case analysis shall be made in order to determine the best embalming techniques to be used to obtain optimum results. 4.5.2 The technique of arterial injection and venous drainage is of utmost importance as well as the need for adding humectant (moisture retention chemicals) to the arterial solution injected. 4.5.3 The mineral chemical injection solution shall contain a 2% to 3% concentration, by volume, of aldehyde or aldehyde derivative preservative agent(s), with equal parts of a humectant chemical also being added to the injection solution. 4.5.4 The thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic cavities shall be thoroughly aspirated and injected with full-strength cavity chemicals having a 30 index (%) or greater, using a minimum of 16 ounces for each cavity. 4.5.5 Needle injections, packs, or other special treatments shall be accomplished, as required, to assure the preservation and disinfection of all body tissues, including those associated with body cavities (organs). 4.5.6 A lanolin-based (or comparable) massage cream shall be applied on the face and hands. 4.5.7 For autopsied remains. Incisions shall be tightly sutured and treated to prevent leakage. 4.5.8 Autopsied Remains. If a partial or complete autopsy is performed, a 6-point injection with multisite drainage shall be accomplished, using arterial chemical solutions as specified for processing viewable remains. 4.6 Other Preparations of the Body remains 4.6.1 The following services shall be provided includes dressing, make-up, casketing, hair care, post-autopsy care, refrigeration and reconstruction/restorative arts. 4.6.2 Treatment of Scalp. If the scalp was shaved because of medical treatment or surgery, processing or reprocessing shall be accomplished as specified for viewable remains, after which the cranium shall be wrapped with gauze or equivalent in a neat and professional manner. 4.6.3 Mutilated Hands. If the hands are mutilated and restoration is not possible, the hands shall be treated in a manner, which shall render the tissue firm, dry, and thoroughly preserved. The hands shall be covered by either wrapping with gauze or equivalent in a neat and professional manner, or by placing gloves on the hands. 4.6.4 Dressing Remains. The deceased will be buried in personally-owned clothing, if available. If personal clothing is not available, or in poor condition, the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System will provide appropriate underclothing, men s suits and women s dresses as needed. The purchase of any aforementioned clothing items will not exceed the allocated amount per fiscal year, per burial, in accordance with this contract. 4.7 Casket. Remains shall be placed in the casket in a manner that will create an appearance of rest and composure and ensure maintenance of position during transit. 4.7.1 Casket Type and Material. The casket, at a minimum, should be constructed from thick, strong particle board and be sufficient strength to support the weight of an adult human body. Cardboard or pressed paper or similar materials are not acceptable. The casket must be appropriately assembled and the exterior must have handles to aid in movement. 4.7.2 Unacceptable Casket Material: Cardboard or pressed paper or similar materials are not acceptable. 4.8 The casket shall be of sufficient size to prevent the appearance of crowding and cramping of the remains. The cost of an oversized casket, if needed, has been projected into the previously determined expenses for this contract. 4.9 United States (US) Flag. The US flag will be furnished by the VA to be draped over the casket at the time of funeral service. 4.10 Death Certificate will be provided to the VA by the Contractor. The expense for one (1) original copy of a Death Certificate will be included in the contracted burial cost. 4.11 Timeline. The Contractor shall pick up and transport the deceased Veteran s remains within 24 hours once notified by VA that remains are ready to be released. Transportation day and times in regards to the interment of the decedent may be adjusted based on cemetery hours of operation, holidays, and coordinated graveside service time. The Contractor shall complete the burial process within 10 business days of release of remains by the VAMC. 5.0 Transport and Storage of the Deceased Veteran. 5.1 Transport Vehicles. The Contractor shall have the necessary vehicles to transport the remains from the VAMC or Coroner s office to the funeral home and then from funeral home to the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Cemetery for interment. 5.1.1 Loading the Casketed Remains. The remains shall be carefully and professionally placed in the type of vehicle normally used in for funeral services. 5.2 Transportation of Remains. The Contractor shall coordinate and transport the remains in a funeral coach, ambulance, and hearse or service car to the Contractor s facility; and when ready for burial, the Contractor shall transport remains and casket to the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Cemetery for burial. Transportation actions shall include calling the place where remains are located or any place designated by the contracting officer or designee. 5.2.1 The Louisiana National Cemetery in Zachary Louisiana may be considered an alternate location for interment by the Contractor if burial within the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Cemetery is not feasible due to scheduling, unavailability, or unforeseen circumstances. Additional funding will Not be authorized due to any increase in transportation expenses if interment in the Louisiana National Cemetery is necessary and transportation expenses are more than the authorized amount allocated per fiscal year, per burial, in accordance with this contract. 5.2.2 Additional expenses may be allowed, with prior authorization from the COR, when government transportation of remains is required for funeral arrangements or interment across state boundaries. 5.2.3 The Contractor may be requested to assist with the transportation of remains to another Funeral Home outside the state of Louisiana, or assist in the receipt of remains that are being transported into the state of Louisiana. Additional expenses such as Air Carrier Shipment fees, Cargo surcharges, or Funeral Home Receiving Fees will be authorized by the COR prior to any arrangement for transportation outside the state of Louisiana. 5.3 Storage of Deceased Veteran. The Contractor shall have adequate storage space to hold and store (refrigeration) the remains until burial arrangements are confirmed. 5.3.1 If a Coroner s Fee is required for pick up of remains from a Parish Coroner due to a Coroner s storage fee, or other applicable fee, the COR will authorize for payment with either the Coroner s office or Contractor as the situation dictates. 5.4 Place of Burial. 5.4.1 Mortuary services ordered by the VA will specify the interment to be Southeast Louisiana Veterans Cemetery. The burial plot, the marker and services for opening and closing the grave, and placing the marker, will be furnished by the VA. In the event the interment is to be made at other than the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Cemetery, this fact will be discussed at the time mortuary services are ordered, and mutually satisfactory arrangements will be made in regard to the services requested. The Contractor will notify the COR of anticipated burial arrangements. 6.0 Permits/Licenses to operate. The Contractor shall possess the current transit permit at the time of award of Contract. Permits covering burial or removal of the body, if required, are to be secured and paid for by the Contractor. 6.1 In accordance with the Louisiana State Board of Funeral Directors, the Contractor shall provide proof of license for the establishment and funeral home director(s), prior to commencing any work under this contract. 6.2 The Contractor s employees shall have the appropriate and current license(s) prior to commencing work under this contract. Copies of registrations and licenses shall be furnished upon COR s request. The Contractor shall be responsible for maintaining Workers Compensation and Professional Liability Insurance, as well as remaining current on Federal, State and Medicare payments. 7.0 Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans (QASP) 7.1 The QASP will be used by the Government to monitor and evaluate the Contractor s performance using mostly customer feedback and surveillance. The Government will use random, scheduled and unscheduled inspections of the various reports transcribed to determine the validity of any customers complaints. Performance will be recorded by the COR or designated representative and when an observation indicates defective performance, the COR will request the Contractor or designated representative to initial the observation. 7.2 The COR will conduct on-site inspections of the facilities to ensure services are performed according to the terms and conditions of the contract. 7.3 Inspection. Inspection of the casket and remains will be completed prior to burial of the deceased Veteran. Inspected remains shall adhere to VA Form 10-2068 Inspection of Merchandise Furnished for Contract Burial. 8.0 Contractor s Quality Control Program (QCP) 8.1 The Contractor shall implement and maintain a complete quality control (QC) program so that all requirements are provided for as specified in all sections of this contract. The Contractor s QCP shall include but not be limited to the following: 8.1.1 A statement describing how the Contractor will meet the basic requirements of this contract (including staffing levels, time of response) shall be provided to the COR fifteen (15) business days after effective date of contract award and whenever there are major turnover of personnel. A major turn-over is two or more employees. 8.1.2 A method for identifying deficiencies in the quality of services performed before the performance deficiency becomes unacceptable. The QCP shall contain processes for corrective actions without dependence upon Government direction and shall maintain records of all Contractor QC (Quality Control) inspections and corrective actions. 8.1.3 A method of recording or logging the activities of the Contractor, which would demonstrate the Contractors ability to maintain the minimum requirements of this contract. 8.2 The COR or designated representative will monitor the Contractors performance using the Contractor s QCP and the Government s QASP. 8.3 The Contractor shall provide at least semi-annual quality control or assurance report to the COR. The report shall include the results of the reviews, identification of any problems discovered and a correction plan. 9.0 Miscellaneous Items 9.1 Coordination with the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs and the COR shall occur frequently to ensure the deceased Veteran is buried properly and timely. The Contractor shall keep the COR or DR informed as to the timeline of events. 9.2 Response to Government Inquiries. Government inquiries and referrals will be reviewed and the Contractor shall respond to government inquiries, questions, or concerns in an accurate and timely manner not to exceed 2 business days. Additionally, requested Government documents or required VA Forms will be reviewed and signed by the Contractor, as applicable, in an accurate and timely manner. 9.3 COR responsibilities. The COR or DR will coordinate with the Contractor to ensure proper documents and items are provided such as the DD 214 or similar documents to verify Veterans Eligibility to be buried at the National or State Veterans Cemetery. 10.0 Hours of Operation. The VA will conduct business with the Contractor during its normal operational hours, excluding Federal Holidays. 11.0 Invoicing and Payments. 11.1 Payments in arrears. The invoice shall include the Contract number, current Purchase Order number, Order Date, Performance Period, and Description of Services provided during the month. 12.0 Security Requirements 12.1 The Computer and Access requirements do not apply and a Security Accreditation Package is not required. 12.2 The Contractor shall sign and follow confidentiality statements as required. 13.0 VA sensitive information 13.1 The Contractor is expected to perform functions that will require access to VA sensitive information. In the course of providing services, it will be necessary for the Contractor to, view and receive protected health information (PHI), and personnel identifiable information (PII). 13.1.1 The Contractor will not require access to any VA computer systems or VA patient databases. However, the Contractor will be given any necessary information relating to services and merchandise required by the funeral home establishment in accordance with Louisiana Law Revised Statutes and associated mandatory disclosure therein, this information may include: the deceased patient s name, social security number, date of death, health information, or PII necessary for mortuary services to be completed. 13.2 Contracts, in which VA sensitive information are accessed by a Contractor require the following requirements per 38 U.S.C 5723 and 5725: 13.2.1 A prohibition on unauthorized disclosure: Information made available to the contractor or subcontractor by VA for the performance or administration of this contract or information developed by the contractor in performance or administration of the contract shall be used only for those purposes and shall not be used in any other way without the prior written agreement of the VA See VA Handbook 65006, Appendix C, paragraph 3.a. 13.2.2 A requirement for data breach notification: Upon discovery of any known or suspected security/privacy incidents, or any unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information, including that contained in system(s) to which the contractor/subcontractor has access, the contractor/subcontractor shall immediately and simultaneously notify the COR, the designated ISO (Installation Security Officer), and Privacy Officer for the contract. The term security incident means an event that has, or could have, resulted in unauthorized access to, loss or damage to VA assets, or sensitive information, or an action that breaches VA security procedures. See VA Handbook 6500.6, Appendix C paragraph Ga. (Attachment C) 13.2.3 A requirement to pay liquidated damages in the event of a data: In the event of a data breach or privacy incident involving any SPI the contractor processes or maintains under this contract, the contractor shall be liable to VA for liquidated damages for a specified amount per affected individual to cover the cost of providing credit protection services to those individuals. See VA Handbook 6500.6, Appendix C, paragraph 7a and 7d. (Attachment C) 13.2.4 A requirement for annual security/privacy awareness training: Before being granted access to VA information, all contractor employees and subcontractor employees requiring such access shall complete on an annual basis either the VA security/privacy awareness training (contains VA s security/privacy requirements) within 1 week of the initiation of the contract, or (ii) security awareness training provided or arranged by the contractor that conforms to VA s security)privacy requirements as delineated in the hard copy of the VA security awareness training provided to the contractor. If the contractor provides their own training that conforms to VA s requirements, they will provide the COR or CO, a yearly report (due annually on the date of the contract initiation) stating that all applicable employees involved in VA s contract have received their annual security/privacy training that meets VA S requirements and the total number of employees trained. See VA Handbook 6500.6, Appendix C, paragraph 9. (Attachment C) 13.2.5 A requirement to sign VA s Rules of Behavior: Before being granted access to VA information, all contractor employees and subcontractor employees requiring such access shall sign on an annual basis an acknowledgment that they have read, understand, and agree to abide by VA s Contractor Rules of Behavior which is attached to this contract. See VA Handbook 6500.6, paragraph 5, Appendix D (Attachment D), Note: If the vendor anticipates that the services under the contract will be performed by 10 or more individuals, the Contractor Rules of Behavior may be signed by the vendor s designated representative. Thecontract must reflect by signing the Rules of Behavior on behalf of the vendor that the designated representative agrees to ensure that all such individuals review and understand the Contractor Rules of Behavior when accessing VA s information. 14.0 Commonly Used Acronyms 14.1 CO Contracting Officer 14.2 COR Contracting Officer Representative 14.3 VAMC Veterans Affairs Medical Center 14.4 SOW Statement of Work 14.5 DR Designated Representative (usually representing the COR or Decedent Affairs Office) 14.7 DFAS Austin Defense Finance and Accounting System in Austin, Texas 14.8 FSC Financial Service Center (VA) 14.9 SLVHCS Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System 15.0 References 15.1 VHA Directive 1601B.04, Decedent Affairs, effective December 1, 2017 15.2 Title 38 United States Code (U.S.C.) 101 15.3 Title 38 U.S.C. 2301 et seq. 15.4 Title 38 CFR 17.170 15.5 Department of Army Pamphlet 638-2 Casualty and Mortuary Affairs 15.6 Louisiana Law Revised Statute 9:1551 15.7 Louisiana Law Revised Statute 13:5713 15.8 Louisiana Law Revised Statute 37:848 15.9 Louisiana Law Revised Statute 40:49 NOTE: THIS NOTICE WAS NOT POSTED TO FEDBIZOPPS ON THE DATE INDICATED IN THE NOTICE ITSELF (17-DEC-2018); HOWEVER, IT DID APPEAR IN THE FEDBIZOPPS FTP FEED ON THIS DATE. PLEASE CONTACT 877-472-3779 or fbo.support@gsa.gov REGARDING THIS ISSUE.

Original Point of Contact

POC deborah.newman2@va.gov

Place of Performance

Southeast Louisiana Veterans HCS;2400 Canal Street;New Orleans, LA
70119, US
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