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UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIP - Market Survey for Flight Program Participant Pilot Training Services

General Information

Document Type:PRESOL
Posted Date:Dec 20, 2018
Category: Education and Training Services
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION, AAQ-732 AC - Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (Oklahoma City, OK)


THIS POSTING IS BEST VIEWED AT, HTTPS://FAACO.FAA.GOV. If you are viewing this announcement through Fed Biz Ops (www.fbo.gov), or any other 3rd party provider, attachments may not be available or viewable to you. THIS POSTING IS TO SOLICIT CAPBILITY STATEMENTS FROM UNIVERSITIES WHO CAN FULFILL THE REQUIREMENT DESCRIBED BELOW. A MARKET SURVEY TO SOLICIT CAPABILITY STATEMENTS FROM INDUSTRY WAS ISSUED PREVIOUSLY AND CLOSED ON 12/13/2018. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ATO Flight Program Operations organization is responsible for providing currency/proficiency and training services to Office of Aviation Safety (AVS) participants in the FAA Flight Program, including Flight Standards Service (AFS) Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASI) and Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) flight test personnel. Flight Program Operations, Aviation Safety Training personnel, including contract flight instructors, assigned to the Aviation Safety Training Group are based at Fort Worth Alliance Airport (AFW), in Fort Worth, Texas. The scope of this contracting effort is limited to contract instructor pilots (IP) and leased Airplane Single and Multi-Engine land and Rotorcraft-Helicopter (Turbine and piston), contract IPs to operate FAA-owned C90GTi aircraft, and administrative support. This market survey should identify qualified and capable Universities that can provide management personnel, IPs, administrative support personnel, and training platforms, i.e., various aircraft (training devices) in support of the currency/proficiency and training services. The draft performance work statement (PWS), is provided as an attachment to this market survey to inform and assist interested vendors with regard to the technical work required. However, interested respondents are cautioned that the Government at its discretion may update and/or revise this PWS for any potential contract. At this time, the acquisition strategy and nature of competition has not been determined for any potential contract with industry or agreement with a University. The Government welcomes statements of interest and capabilities from only Universities, which are capable of providing the required items and services. However, contract performance has historically been performed by a small business. Depending on responses to this survey and analysis of market research collected, the Government may, at its discretion, decide to partner with a University, pursue a full and open competition or set-aside all or part of the procurement. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS OR OFFERS. A SIR/Request for Offer may be made under a separate announcement in the future. The FAA is not seeking or accepting unsolicited proposals. The FAA will not pay for any information received or costs incurred in preparing responses to this market survey. Therefore any cost associated with a market survey submission is solely at the interested University expense. The principle North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for this effort is 611512, Flight Training, with a size standard of $27.5 million. The purpose of this announcement is to conduct a market survey to solicit statements of interest and capabilities from interested Universities, in accordance with FAA Acquisition Management System (AMS) Policy This market survey will enable the FAA to review responses that are current and will assist with acquisition planning based on current data. The responses to this market survey will be used for informational purposes only. HOW TO RESPOND TO THIS MARKET SURVEY: Interested Universities should submit the items listed below to the point of contact listed at the bottom of this announcement. 1. Capability Statement. This document is limited to not more than ten (10) pages and must include a brief description of the instructional support services provided by your firm which are same/similar to those services outlined in this market survey and same/similar to the draft performance work statement attached at the bottom of this survey. Your capability statement should also include your University Name, address, point of contact information. Below is a listing of elements the Government expects to see in a capability statement for this effort: a. Describe your capabilities and/or plan to provide the tasks and services in the PWS including: i. Program Manager/Site Supervisor: This must show the capability of the Program Manager/Site Supervisor and must be located at Ft Worth site location. ii. Instructor Pilots (IP): This must demonstrate how many IPs your company estimates to cover the events outlined in the PWS, annually. Describe your capability of providing qualified and current IP candidates and maintaining qualifications and currency. iii. Administrative Support: Must include number and composition of anticipated Administrative Staff. iv. Rental Aircraft: Must include how many aircraft of each make/model are estimated to be necessary. Must include whether the aircraft will be leased or if they are owned by the company. Must include plan for replacing aircraft if one goes down for any reason. Must include maintenance capability on site. b. Describe how you will provide qualified personnel. c. Indicate capability of providing the aircraft rental with instructor as a firm fixed price (i.e., hourly rate for aircraft plus IP). This should include if you can also provide the aircraft without the instructor, for FAA pilot use (i.e., hourly rate for aircraft only). Please include any limitations associated with this requirement. d. Describe what portions of the contract you would subcontract. If you plan to not subcontract indicate how your company would meet all of the requirements. e. Describe your experience managing a pilot school (e.g., managing a flight training workforce along with management of aircraft maintenance, scheduling, and required inspections). f. Describe your quality control plan. g. Describe your contract implementation plan. i. Describe your recruitment plan for prospective qualified instructors. ii. Describe anticipated retention rate of the incumbent contract employees. iii. Describe whether you hold (or your plan to obtain) a 14 CFR Part 141 Air Agency Certificate h. Provide examples of past performance and experience during the previous five years in instructional training services similar in size and complexity. 2. Questions or Concerns about the PWS: This document is not limited in pages. This document is to provide the FAA with a better understanding of University capabilities and concerns that Universities have with the draft PWS. We would like you to address each question below but also encourage any comments in order to ensure a smoother procurement process. Some questions/matters to consider are: a. Are there any aspects of the PWS that are unclear and require clarification? b. Would there be any concerns in making the requirement (see the Currency/Proficiency and Training Flight Events table) quarterly vs monthly for pricing purposes? The University would still be paid monthly. c. Do you anticipate any issues with initiating the 14 CFR Part 141 certification process within the transition period, thirty days after award? d. Does the respondent have any issues with the TIS hours for each aircraft make/model to include any TIS overage covered at an hourly rate? e. Is there a minimum monthly lease TIS for different aircraft makes/models? Is it possible to have an hourly rate instead of a monthly minimum rate? 3. A Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) for the firm fixed priced coverage of IPs, Program Manager/Site Supervisor, & Administrative Personnel. Additionally a ROM for TIS hourly rate for each Aircraft make/model per month and the overage rate. Please include any other cost you would anticipate if not listed here. 4. System for Award Management (SAM) “ Interested Universities must be registered in the System for Award Management, www.sam.gov. Responses to this market survey must be received by 5:00 P.M. CST, December 13, 2018. Please include śMARKET SURVEY RESPONSE: University Flight Program Participant Pilot Training Services (INSERT UNIVERSITY NAME) ť in the subject line of your email. Information provided will not be released but please mark PROPRIETARY on all documents submitted as necessary. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE IN WRITING VIA EMAIL TO THE CONTRACTING OFFICER. CONTACT INFORMATION IS PROVIDED BELOW. Submissions should be sent via email to the following point of contact: Stacey.Stanley@faa.gov (405) 954-4417 If youre viewing this announcement from a source other than Federal Aviation Administration Contract Opportunities (FAACO), visit https://faaco.faa.gov/index.cfm/announcement/view/32224 to view the original announcement. NOTE: THIS NOTICE WAS NOT POSTED TO FEDBIZOPPS ON THE DATE INDICATED IN THE NOTICE ITSELF (20-DEC-2018); HOWEVER, IT DID APPEAR IN THE FEDBIZOPPS FTP FEED ON THIS DATE. PLEASE CONTACT 877-472-3779 or fbo.support@gsa.gov REGARDING THIS ISSUE.

Original Point of Contact

POC Stacey Stanley, stacey.stanley@faa.gov, Phone: 405-954-4417

Place of Performance

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