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Lasers for Multiphoton Microscopy for the NINDS Laboratory of Circuits, Synapses, and Molecular Signaling (LCSMS)

General Information

Document Type:SRCSGT
Posted Date:Feb 25, 2019
Category: Instruments and Laboratory Equipment
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

6001 Executive Boulevard Room 4211, MSC 9559 Bethesda MD 20892-9559


Description : This is a Small Business Sources Sought notice. This is NOT a solicitation for proposals, proposal abstracts, or quotations. The purpose of this notice is to obtain information regarding: (1) the availability and capability of qualified small business sources; (2) whether they are small businesses; HUBZone small businesses; service-disabled, veteran-owned small businesses; 8(a) small businesses; veteran-owned small businesses; woman-owned small businesses; or small disadvantaged businesses; and (3) their size classification relative to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for the proposed acquisition. Your responses to the information requested will assist the Government in determining the appropriate acquisition method, including whether a set-aside is possible. An organization that is not considered a small business under the applicable NAICS code should not submit a response to this notice. This notice is issued to help determine the availability of qualified companies technically capable of meeting the Government requirement and to determine the method of acquisition. It is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government to issue a solicitation or ultimately award a contract. Responses will not be considered as proposals or quotes. No award will be made as a result of this notice. The Government will NOT be responsible for any costs incurred by the respondents to this notice. This notice is strictly for research and information purposes only. Background : The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), National Institutes of Health (NIH), is developing a new laboratory with state-of-the-art imaging equipment to allow for pioneering research in the relationship between human neurological disorders and brain function at the molecular, synaptic, cellular, and circuit levels. Purpose and Objectives : The Laboratory of Circuits, Synapses, and Molecular Signaling (LCSMS) requires state-of the-art-imaging equipment to accommodate its research. This laboratory will be overseen by the new Scientific Director, whose space renovation for this equipment is scheduled to be completed by September 2019. The goal of the research is to delve into the relationship between human neurological disorders and brain function at the molecular, synaptic, cellular, and circuit levels. The LCSMS will include two multiphoton microscopes, both of which will be capable of simultaneous multiphoton imaging and photoactivation (i.e., optogenetic stimulation or neurotransmitter uncaging). For these microscopes, the LCSMS requires two tunable laser systems: one (1) Broadly Tunable Laser (680-1300 nm) and one (1) Tunable Laser (690-1040 nm). Project Requirements : Broadly Tunable Laser (680-1300 nm) - Quantity of 1 a. Laser must have software-controlled automated tuning across a range of 680-1300 nm with a single output beam across the complete tuning range. b. The two lasers of this purchase description will sit on the same 5 x 10 anti-vibration table, along with two multiphoton microscopes and various equipment for physiological and behavioral experiments. Space is therefore at a premium. The light source system must be contained in a single enclosure no larger than 36" x 24" x 7.5". c. The laser will be shared by two microscopes, making high power imperative. Consequently, the laser shall have the specified average power vs tuning: 700 nm >1 W 800 nm >1.5 W 900 nm >2 W 1000 nm >1.8 W 1100 nm >1.6 W 1200 nm >1.4 W 1300 nm >1 W And the laser shall have the specified peak power vs tuning: 700 nm >100 kW 900 nm >200 kW 1000 nm >175 kW 1200 nm >125 kW 1300 nm >100 kW d. Laser system output pulse width must be <120 fs throughout the complete tuning range of 680-1300 nm. e. The laser system must have automated dispersion compensation (pulse width <120 fs) throughout the complete tuning range. f. Synchronization via BNC connection for timing of other experimental equipment is to be standard. g. Beam parameters comparable to the following are desired: • Pulse width: <120 fs at 920 nm • Tuning Speed: 50 nm / sec, full range • Diameter: 1.1 +/- 0.2 mm (900mnm) • Divergence: <1.5 mrad (900 nm) • Polarization: >500:1 (900 nm) • Spatial mode, M-squared:: <1.2 (900 nm) • Roundness: 0.8-1.2 (900 nm) • Noise: <0.5% RMS [10 Hz-10 MHz at 900 nm] h. Laser system shall have an automated software-controlled tuning speed >50 nm/sec as measured over the full tuning range. i. Laser system design shall be capable of providing a second fixed output at ~1045 nm with a power of 3.5 W, which is synchronized to the fully-tunable output with a fixed delay so as to enable dual-wavelength imaging or uncaging. Tunable Laser (690-1040 nm) - Quantity of 1 a. The system should be an automated, single-box Ti:Sapphire laser, with a tuning range of 690-1040 nm. b. Short (<100 fs) pulses shall be specified over the whole tuning range. c. Average and peak power levels shall be at least the following: Wavelength Average Power Peak Power 700 nm 1.25 W 150 kW 800 nm 2.50 W 300 kW 920 nm 1.25 W 150 kW 1000 nm 300 mW 37.5 kW d. Beam positioning stability shall be 50 micro-radians or less per 100 nm of tuning, so that consistent operation over the course of a day and day-to-day are realized. e. The system shall demonstrate the capability of being tuned over the complete range while providing 100 fs pulses (i.e. staying mode-locked). f. An active mode-locking is required to prevent drop-outs or beam motion if mode-locking needs to be reinitiated. g. Laser system shall have the options to be upgraded to add an automated active dispersion compensation system from the same vendor in the event future upgrades to the microscope necessitate this feature. Anticipated delivery and installation : 45 days after receipt of order Other important considerations : The purpose of this requirement is to obtain Lasers for Multiphoton Microscopy specifically one (1) Broadly Tunable Laser (680-1300 nm) and one (1) Tunable Laser (690-1040 nm). The contractor shall provide on-site training must take place within two (2) weeks of equipment installation. The equipment shall be delivered and installed between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00 pm, Bethesda, MD local prevailing time. The contractor shall provide an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) certified service technician to perform setup, installation, and an on-site 1-day training session for 10 staff members. The Contractor shall warrant that the Equipment will be free from material defects for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of acceptance. All service performed on this equipment shall be provided by certified and factory trained technicians. Technicians shall have the ability to diagnose the systems on site via remote access. Contractor shall provide any required replacement components due to malfunctions on-site. Capability statement /information sought. The respondent must also provide their DUNS number, organization name, address, point of contact, and size and type of business (e.g., 8(a), HubZone, etc., pursuant to the applicable NAICS code, Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) number (such as NITAAC, GSA, NASA SEWP), and any other information that may be helpful in developing or finalizing the acquisition requirements. One (1) copy of the response is required and must be in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format using 11-point or 12-point font, 8-1/2" x 11" paper size, with 1" top, bottom, left and right margins, and with single or double spacing. The information submitted must be must be in and outline format that addresses each of the elements of the project requirement and in the capability statement /information sought paragraphs stated herein. A cover page and an executive summary may be included but is not required. The response is limited to ten (10) page limit. The 10-page limit does not include the cover page, executive summary, or references, if requested. The response must include the respondents technical and administrative points of contact, including names, titles, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses. All responses to this notice must be submitted electronically to the Contract Specialist. Facsimile responses are NOT accepted. The response must be submitted to Rieka Plugge, Contract Specialist, at e-mail address rieka.plugge@nih.gov. The response must be received on or before March 11, 2019 at 12:00 P.M., Eastern Time. " Disclaimer and Important Notes : This notice does not obligate the Government to award a contract or otherwise pay for the information provided in response. The Government reserves the right to use information provided by respondents for any purpose deemed necessary and legally appropriate. Any organization responding to this notice should ensure that its response is complete and sufficiently detailed to allow the Government to determine the organizations qualifications to perform the work. Respondents are advised that the Government is under no obligation to acknowledge receipt of the information received or provide feedback to respondents with respect to any information submitted. After a review of the responses received, a presolicitation synopsis and solicitation may be published in Federal Business Opportunities. However, responses to this notice will not be considered adequate responses to a solicitation. Confidentiality : No proprietary, classified, confidential, or sensitive information should be included in your response. The Government reserves the right to use any nonproprietary technical information in any resultant solicitation(s)." NOTE: THIS NOTICE WAS NOT POSTED TO FEDBIZOPPS ON THE DATE INDICATED IN THE NOTICE ITSELF (25-FEB-2019); HOWEVER, IT DID APPEAR IN THE FEDBIZOPPS FTP FEED ON THIS DATE. PLEASE CONTACT 877-472-3779 or fbo.support@gsa.gov REGARDING THIS ISSUE.

Original Point of Contact

POC Rieka Plugge, Contract Specialist, Phone (301) 827-7515

Place of Performance

National Institutes of Health 9000 Rockville Pike Bethesda, MD
20892, US
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