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Furhinhing of Prescription Eyeglasses for NCO 4

General Information

Document Type:SRCSGT
Posted Date:Mar 20, 2019
Category: Nonmetallic Fabricated Materials
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of Veterans Affairs;Network Contracting Office 4


GENERAL INFORMATION FOLLOWED BY A TENTATIVE STATEMENT OF WORK NOTICE: This is not a solicitation but rather a Request for Information (RFI) (Sources Sought) to determine capability of potential sources and is for information and planning purposes only. Veterans Health Affairs, Network Contracting Office 4, is issuing this request for information/sources sought notice in order to identify capable firms for the furnishing of prescription eyeglass services for NCO 4; includes nine (9) VA Medical Centers and forty-three (43) associated Outpatient Clinics located throughout the state of Pennsylvania, and in Southern New Jersey, Wilmington, and Delaware. Responses must be submitted by 4:00 PM (EST) March 27, 2019. Submit responses to the information requested above via email to william.schlobohm2@va.gov. All SDVOSB and VOSB firms that respond shall include proof of CVE certification via www.vip.vetbiz.gov. All small business firms that respond shall include proof of small business status via their Representations and Certifications in accordance with (FAR 4.1102 Policy). While SDVOSB/VOSB contractors are preferred, all capable contractors are welcome to respond to this sources sought notice for market research purposes, and shall include as part of their response a brief capability statement that covers the information in the following tentative statement of work, their active https://www.sam.gov/SAM/ registration, and completed Representations and Certifications. The results of this market research will assist in the development of (1) the requirement, and (2) the acquisition strategy (e.g., socioeconomic set-aside, full and open competition, etc.). VA assumes no responsibility for any costs incurred associated with the preparation of responses. Suggested NAICS: 446130 (Optical Goods Stores) Suggested PSC: 9340 (Glass Fabricated Materials) Open to suggestions from the market as to a more proper NAICS and/or PSC, as well as any potential GSA/FSS Schedule SIN categories. SAMPLE / TENTATIVE STATEMENT OF WORK AND PRICE/COST SCHEDULE (BELOW) DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has an ongoing program to furnish eyeglasses to those veterans that require them and are eligible for assistance. It is VA s intention to solicit proposals and award a solo contracts on a competitive basis. This contract shall be for a four (4) year base period with four (4) one-year option periods to be exercised at the discretion of the Government for the fabrication of prescription eyeglasses. The eyeglass and related services are to be provided to the following facilities: (460) Wilmington, DE (460GA) Georgetown, DE (Sussex County) (460GC) Dover, DE (Kent County) (460GD) Cape May, NJ (460HE) Northfield, NJ (Atlantic County) (460HG) Vineland, NJ (Cumberland County) (503) Altoona, PA (James E. Van Zandt) (503GA) Johnstown, PA (503GB) DuBois, PA (503GC) State College, PA (503GD) Mapleton Depot, PA (Huntingdon County) (503GE) Indiana, PA (529) Duffy Road, PA (Abie Abraham) (529A4) New Castle Road, PA (Butler) (529GA) Hermitage, PA (Michael A. Marzano) (529GB) New Castle, PA (Lawrence County) (529GC) Kittanning, PA (Armstrong County) (529GD) Monroe Township, PA (Clarion County) (529GF) Cranberry Township, PA (542) Coatesville, PA (542GA) Springfield, PA (542GE) Spring City, PA (562) Erie, PA HCS (562GA) Meadville, PA (Crawford County) (562GB) Ashtabula, OH (562GC) Bradford, PA (McKean County) (562GD) Franklin, PA (Venango County) (562GE) Warren, PA (595) Lebanon, PA (595GA) Camp Hill, PA (595GC) Lancaster, PA (595GD) Wyomissing, PA (Berks County) (595GE) York, PA (595GF) Pottsville, PA (Schuylkill County) (595QA) Annville, PA (Fort Indiantown Gap) (642) Philadelphia, PA (Corporal Michael J. Crescenz) (642GA) Burlington County, NJ (642GC) Horsham, PA (Victor J. Saracini) (642GD) Gloucester County, NJ (642GF) Camden, NJ (642QA) Chestnut Street, PA (642QB) Fourth Street, PA (646) Pittsburgh-University Drive, PA (646A4) Heinz, PA (H. John Heinz III) (646GA) St. Clairsville, OH (Belmont County) (646GB) Greensburg, PA (Westmoreland County) (646GD) Washington, PA (646GE) Uniontown, PA (Fayette County) (693) Wilkes-Barre, PA (693B4) Allentown, PA (693GA) Sayre, PA (693GB) Williamsport, PA (693GC) Tobyhanna, PA (693GF) Berwick, PA (Columbia County) (693GG) Bangor, PA (Northampton County) (693QA) Honesdale, PA (Wayne County) BACKGROUND (Contracting Officers should insert past fiscal year, avg. dollar amount spent for eyeglasses) In fiscal year 18, the VA Medical Centers, including the associated outpatient clinics located in VISN 4 (listed above), on a combined basis, spent a total of $4,459,922 to furnish 66,803 pairs of eyeglasses for the veterans. Award will be given to solocontractors. All line items must be included or no further consideration will be given to the offer and it will not be considered for award. Each Medical Center will review the awards made under this solicitation and decide which contract(s) best meet the needs of the facility taking into account the contractor s ability to provide service and which product will best meet the need of the veterans. A current breakdown by facility is included herein (Attachment A). GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Standards of Performance Sample frame kits are to be new and will not be included in the inventory. The Contractor shall provide a wide selection of frames for the veterans to choose from (frame line to be approved by the VA). The contractor shall fabricate the eyeglasses in strict conformance to the eyeglass prescription, and verify final spectacles with the prescription. Verification of prescription and delivery to the beneficiary shall be documented and provided to the VA during each billing cycle. The contractor shall not add or substitute components or alter the beneficiary s prescription in any way without prior approval and written authorization from the VA clinic Team or designee. All items provided by the contractor shall be new and be of current styles. The Items will be maintained in Optometry or Ophthalmology and discontinued style frames are not acceptable. VA prior to contract performance must approve frame selection. Any proposed substitutes for, or changes to, the approved frame shall selection must be approved in writing by the Contracting Officer. All frames must have a one-year warranty. Sample Kit: Upon contract award, the Contractor shall provide VA selected frame sets and display cases to each medical center and applicable outpatient clinic, at a minimum of one-hundred (100) frames (40 men, 40 women, 20 unisex), each frame shall be a unique style including plastic, metal, and safety frames in a variety of colors. Samples shall be available in both size combination and color of each frame to allow for different eye sizes, bridge sizes, temples, and colors. Oversize frames (above 58) shall be included in the sample kit. New frame samples shall be provided to the locations below after contract award. Upon expiration of the contract vendor will collect sample frames used at the different sites at no additional cost to the VA.. BACKORDERS: The Government may submit orders on a daily basis. Batching (holding all orders to meet a minimum requirement by any or all parties) is not authorized by either party. If there is a backorder on any frame style, the contractor must contact the VA no later than 24-48 hours by telephone or facsimile (verbal or fax) after receipt of order. The contractor will immediately offer the VA a substitute if the timeframe of delivery of the backorder items warrants going with a substitute. If the contractor anticipates that a particular frame style will continue to be unavailable for an extended period of time, and if acceptable to the VA, the substitute may be made part of the contract with a bilateral modification. A sample of the substitute should be sent to the VA as a no-charge addition to the sample frame kit if that frame was not already part of the sample collection. SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS LENSES All lenses shall be fabricated in strict conformance to the eyeglass prescription. All items provided by the contractor shall be new. All lenses shall be fabricated and provided in accordance with the standards set forth in the American National Standards Institute for Ophthalmic Lenses, ANSI Z80.1, 2010 or latest edition. All ophthalmic lenses shall be in accordance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulation, 21 CFR 801.410 for impact resistance, unless otherwise specified in the order by the ordering clinician. Glass ophthalmic lenses shall be chemically strengthened for impact resistance. All glass and plastic ophthalmic lenses shall be corrected curved lenses. Ophthalmic lenses with cylinder power of less than 1.5D or greater than 1.5D shall be fabricated in minus cylinder form, unless positive cylinder form is specified in the order. All lenses shall include UV coating, scratch resistance coating on all plastic lenses, balanced lenses, tint (when prescribed), roll & polish edge (when prescribed) as well as frames and cases (cushioned, open-end, pocket or clip-on) at no additional charge to the Government. It will be the patient s preference as to which type of frames and cases they prefer. Single Vision Lenses: Lenses shall be available in glass, plastic, polycarbonate. and high index plastic; when lens blanks are available. Construction of single vision lenses shall include spheres, Plano cylinders, and sphero-cylinders in all powers. Photochromatic lenses shall be available. Oversized blanks shall be available when needed. All lenses shall be placed in frames unless otherwise requested. Bifocal Lenses: Lenses shall be available in glass, plastic or polycarbonate and high index plastic; when lens blanks are available. Construction of bifocal lenses shall include spheres, Plano cylinders, and sphero-cylinders in all powers with a range of +0.50 to + 4.50D which shall be available. Lenses shall be available in glass with flattop, and executive, polycarbonate with flattop segments. Photochromatic lenses shall be available. Oversized blanks shall be available when needed. All lenses shall be placed in frames unless otherwise requested. Trifocal Lenses: Lenses shall be available in glass, plastic, or polycarbonate and high index plastic; when lens blanks are available. Construction of trifocal lenses shall include spheres, Plano cylinders, and sphero-cylinders in all powers. Add powers with a range of +1.50 to +4.50D, 50% intermediate power shall be available. Lenses shall be available in glass with flattop and executive segments. Photochromatic lenses shall be available. Oversized blanks shall be available when needed. All lenses shall be placed in frames unless otherwise requested. Special Lenses: The Contractor shall provide special lens design in opaque, frosted or black, balanced lens, prismatic lens, cataract lens, polycarbonate, hi-index, over power, A/R coating, safety lenses, executive style, solid or gradient tinted (all colors) lenses, Photochromic lenses (Transitions or equivalent), aspheric lens, and slab-off prism. These requirements will be specified by the Government on the prescription or order. Updates shall be furnished upon publication. Progressive Lenses: Lenses shall be available in glass, plastic, polycarbonate, and high index materials. Photochromatic lenses must also be available. Progressive lens style / layout shall be the same for all materials. Progressive style shall be considered soft in design. Construction of lenses shall include spheres, plano-cylinders, and sphero-cylinders in all powers. Add powers of +1.00 to +3.50 shall be available. Non-adaptable would be replaced by lined bifocals or trifocal at no charge to the VA. Oversized blanks shall be available when needed. All lenses shall be placed in frames unless otherwise requested. FRAMES All frames shall be provided in accordance with the American National Standard Requirements for Ophthalmic Frames ANSI Z80.5-2010 or latest version. All items provided by the contractor shall be new. The Contractor shall provide completely assembled eyeglass frames placed in standard alignment and include mounting of lenses. All items provided by the contractor shall include fitting and adjustment services and a minimum of one year warranty. If the manufacturer discontinues a frame during the contract period, the contractor shall provide the VA with an approved substitute frame within 5 working days. All frames offered by the contractor shall be listed in either Frames/fax or frame catalogs and not be on any discontinued models. Upon contract award, the contractor shall provide a FREE sample kit consisting of samples of each available size combination and color of each frame required under Schedule of Items to allow for different eye sizes, bridge sizes, temples, colors, etc. of the most popular styles. A minimum of one sample kit, display rack, and eyeglass tray shall be provided to each participating VA Prosthetic Office under the terms of the contract. New frame samples shall be provided with each contract renewal or if samples wear out or substitutions need to be made. When fulfilling prescriptions, the contractor shall provide completely assembled eyeglass frames placed in standard alignment and include mounting of lenses. Privately owned frames may be submitted to the contractor for new lenses. Charges for lenses only shall be in accordance with the schedule. Contractor is responsible for replacing like frames in the event of loss of privately owned frames at no cost to the VA or beneficiary. PERFORMANCE, DELIVERY, INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE VA shall require the contractor to deliver items ordered under this contract no later than seven calendar days after receipt of a delivery order. (Receipt of the delivery order will be by VA s submittal of a SharePoint online order, an electronic shared site will be utilized for delivery of orders and receipt of orders.). The contractor shall provide written notification to the VA Prosthetic Representative and show cause in the event he is unable to deliver the required items in accordance with the Governments required delivery date. Failure by the contractor to provide a written notification as stated above within 48 hours after receipt of an order constitutes acceptance of an order. In the event the Government desires expedited delivery, the ordering activity shall telephonically contact the contractor and inquire into the feasibility of obtaining this condition. The contractor shall respond within 24 hours to such request and expedited delivery shall be mutually agreed upon. Upon direction of VA, delivery of eyeglasses may be directly to Eye Clinic, to Prosthetic or to the patient s place of residence (at no extra charge to the Government for routine delivery to any of the above destinations). All deliveries should be sent by 1st class mail or any comparable means. During the one year warranty period the contractor shall make all necessary adjustments (i.e., material defects, distortions, etc). The contractor warrants/guarantees the eyeglasses against defective material and/or workmanship for a minimum of one year from the date of acceptance. Manufacturer s warranties of eyeglass components that extend beyond the minimum one-year period shall be expressed and also enforced. The contractor agrees to furnish without additional cost to the government, all labor and materials necessary to correct defects that were detected during the guarantee period. Should the prescription be incorrectly filled, the contractor agrees to make corrections at no additional cost to the Government. These conditions do not apply to adjustments incidental to the wearing of eyeglasses, adjustments required by physical change of the wearer, or where there is evidence of deliberate misuse or alteration by anyone other than the contractor. If eyeglasses are returned to the contractor for correction of a problem due to contractor error, the corrected glasses shall be returned to VA facility within three (3) calendar days of receipt of the defective glasses. Contractor must have online portal capabilities for errors and issues to be easily recorded by each site The contractor shall immediately notify all affected VAMC(s) and contracting activities in the event of a product recall, removal, required adjustment, required modification or substitutions that is suggested or mandated by the contractor, distributor, manufacturer, or any regulatory or official agency. The information that shall be included in this notification includes: A complete item description, identification. Administrative identification data including contract number, order numbers, and order date. Reasons for recall, removal, adjustment, or modification. Instructions for appropriate corrective action. Contractor shall notify the VA within 24 hours if the manufacturer has a depletion of stock of a specific frame. The VA shall approve or disapprove all replacement frames. QUALITY ASSURANCE: The contractor shall submit weekly reports to the ordering VA with the following information: Work in Progress Shipping List Accuracy of Spectacle Fabrication List (in accordance with ANSI Z80.1 and Z80.5 Standards) Errors and issues reported through online portal If requested by the ordering VA, the contractor will need to be able to provide the following information within 48 hours: Number of eyeglasses returned due to lab error Average in-lab process time Breakage/Spoilage rate In those cases where the eyeglasses are mailed directly to patient s residence delivery confirmation should also be included. SURVEY Applicable when glasses are delivered to individual residence - VA Prosthetics on a quarterly basis will select a random sample population of veterans who receive mail-outs to verify: delivery of glasses, prescription accuracy, and quality of product. The contractor shall provide on a quarterly basis a report on the following: date of receipt of faxed orders, shipment dates to VA, and/or veteran, VA error rates (errors submitted to the contractor to be processed) and Contractor error rates (errors submitted to VA and/or veteran). INVOICES Invoices submitted for payment shall include the contract number, purchase order number, beneficiary s name, and detail of work accomplished. The method of payment will be Government Visa Credit Card and the Contractor must be capable of accepting it for payment. Attachment A NOTE: THIS NOTICE WAS NOT POSTED TO FEDBIZOPPS ON THE DATE INDICATED IN THE NOTICE ITSELF (20-MAR-2019); HOWEVER, IT DID APPEAR IN THE FEDBIZOPPS FTP FEED ON THIS DATE. PLEASE CONTACT 877-472-3779 or fbo.support@gsa.gov REGARDING THIS ISSUE.

Original Point of Contact

POC William.Schlobohm2@va.gov

Place of Performance

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