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Repair of the Eyesafe Laser Range Finder

General Information

Document Type:SRCSGT
Posted Date:May 13, 2019
Category: Weapons
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

6501 EAST 11 MILE ROAD Warren MI 48397-5000


MARKET SURVEY NOTICE Repair of the Eyesafe Laser Range Finder (ELRF) DESCRIPTION OF INTENT: This is a Request for Information (RFI). No contract will be awarded from this announcement. This is not a Request for Proposal (RFP), nor is it a request seeking contractors to be placed on a solicitation mailing list. Response to this market survey is voluntary and no reimbursement will be made for any costs associated with providing information in response to this market survey and any follow-on information requests. Data submitted in response to this market survey will not be returned. DISCLAIMER: Reference herein to any specific commercial company, product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the United States Government or the Department of the Army (DA). This opinions of the authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the United States Government or the DA, and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this market survey questionnaire is to obtain information on industry capability to satisfy U.S. Army requirements for repair of the Eyesafe Laser Rangefinder (ELRF), and subassemblies, to a serviceable condition.These requirements are to support the Integrated Logistics Support Center (ILSC) PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS: In satisfying the above objective requirements, it will be necessary for the service provider to perform the following functions: 1. Repair of the Eyesafe Laser Rangefinder (ELRF), and subassemblies, to a serviceable condition. The contractor shall provide the supplies and services necessary to perform this work, with the exception of the Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) provided. 2. The contractor shall evaluate and test each ELRF, in order to determine the nature and extent of the failures and the estimated repair cost for each unit. Part Number (P/N) Nomenclature 12972530-2 ELRF (w/o can) 13000955 ELRF (in can) 13052444 ELRF (in can) RESPONSES: 1. A brief (no more than one page) company description, summarizing the organizations history and pertinent industry experience that would have provided the proficiency to expertly perform the above described tasks. 2. An executive summary (no more than one page) of the information submitted in response to this market survey. 3. Point(s)-of Contact (POC) with associated contact information. 4. Answers to the following questions: a. Describe your knowledge and experience on designing and repairing the ELRF and respective subassemblies. b. Describe your knowledge and expertise in performing diagnostic testing of the ELRF and respective subassemblies. c. Describe your knowledge of and access to ELRF TDPs and TMs. d. Identify any issues you foresee in performing the above described tasks. e. Are you currently registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) and the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF)? f. How much transition time from award until fully operational would your company require to perform this contract? g. Describe in general terms, how you would execute the functions listed above to satisfy the Governments objective requirements and the timeframes needed for each step. h. Describe your experience in establishing supplier and sub-vendor agreements for repair and procurement. i. Describe any issues you see with obtaining supplier and sub-vendor agreements in necessary timeframe. RESPONSE DUE: Responses to this market survey are DUE BY 13 June 2019. Please submit all responses and any questions prior to full response via email to roxanna.m.genova-lasecki.civ@mail.mil and jeffrey.c.webb13.civ@mail.mil. Please format the subject line of the response email as follows: "[Organization Name] response to Market Survey - Repair of the Eyesafe Laser Range Finder (ELRF)" RESPONSE FORMAT(S): Only electronic responses are requested. Please provide email responses in PDF format to the Government POCs listed below. If you submit multiple e-mail messages, please make sure the subject lines include, for example "message 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3," as well as [Organization Name]. All interested entities (e.g. companies, non-profit organizations, and academic institutes), regardless of size, are encouraged to respond to this request for information. All material submitted in response to this market survey must be unclassified and properly marked. GENERAL INFORMATION: The Government appreciates the time and effort taken to respond to this market survey. The Government acknowledges its obligations under 18 U.S.C. §1905 to protect information qualifying as "confidential" under this statute. [To avoid possible confusion with the meaning of the term "confidential" in the context of Classified Information," we will use the term "PROPRIETARY."] Pursuant to this statute, the Government is willing to accept any PROPRIETARY (e.g., trade secret) restrictions placed on qualifying data forwarded in response to the survey questions and to protect it from unauthorized disclosure subject to the following: 1. Clearly and conspicuously mark qualifying data with the restrictive legend (all caps) "PROPRIETARY" with any explanatory text, so that the Government is clearly notified of what data needs to be appropriately protected. 2. In marking such data, please take care to mark only those portions of the data or materials that are truly proprietary (excessive breadth in marking inappropriate data as "PROPRIETARY" may diminish or eliminate the usefulness of your response - see item 6 below). Use circling, underscoring, highlighting, or any other appropriate means to indicate those portions of a single page which are to be protected. 3. The Government is not obligated to protect unmarked data. Additionally, marked data that is already in the public domain or in the possession of the Government or third parties, or is afterward placed into the public domain by the owner or another party through no fault of the Government will not be protected once in the public domain. Data already in the possession of the Government will be protected in accordance with the Governments rights in the data. 4. Proprietary data transmitted electronically, whether by physical media or not, whether by the respondent or by the government, shall contain the "PROPRIETARY" legend, with any explanatory text, on both the cover of the transmittal e-mail and at the beginning of the file itself. Where appropriate, when only portions of an electronic file are proprietary, use the restrictive legends ‘PROPRIETARY PORTION BEGINS:" and "PROPRIETARY PORTION ENDS." 5. In any reproductions of technical data or any portions thereof subject to asserted restrictions, the government shall also reproduce the asserted restriction legend and any explanatory text. 6. The Government sometimes uses support contractors in evaluating responses. Consequently, responses that contain proprietary information may receive only limited or no consideration since the Respondents marking of data as "PROPRIETARY" will preclude disclosure of same outside the Government and therefore will preclude disclosure to these support contractors assisting the evaluation effort. The Government will use its best efforts to evaluate those responses that contain proprietary information without using support contractors consistent with the resources available. GOVERNMENT POINTS OF CONTACT: Roxanna Genova-Lasecki, Army Contracting Command (ACC) - Warren Email: roxanna.m.genova-lasecki.civ@mail.mil Jeffrey Webb, ACC-Warren Email: jeffrey.c.webb13.civ@mail.mil NOTE: THIS NOTICE WAS NOT POSTED TO FEDBIZOPPS ON THE DATE INDICATED IN THE NOTICE ITSELF (13-MAY-2019); HOWEVER, IT DID APPEAR IN THE FEDBIZOPPS FTP FEED ON THIS DATE. PLEASE CONTACT 877-472-3779 or fbo.support@gsa.gov REGARDING THIS ISSUE.

Original Point of Contact

POC Jeffrey Webb, Contract Specialist, Phone 5862829985

Place of Performance

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