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AMENDMENT TO SOLICITATION 36C24519R0109 - Attachment

General Information

Document Type:FILE
Posted Date:Sep 16, 2019
Category: Quality Control, Testing and Inspection Services
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of Veterans Affairs;Network Contracting Office 5 (NCO 5) 90C;NCO 5;510 Butler Avenue;Martinsburg WV 25405


QUESTIONS 36C24519R0109 1 The contractor must provide all services with vendor personnel without the support of subcontractors. Does this exclude the use of a certified laboratory for all water sample testing? The facility currently has a potable water sampling contract in place. The facility performs quarterly sampling of potable water at random locations throughout the facility. The facility will make results of this sampling available to the selected contractor. In the event he contractor may require additional sampling, or testing methods beyond what the facility is currently conducting at quarterly frequency, the contractor should include that additional cost in their proposal. 2 consultant must demonstrate a resume of VA water hygiene work at locations other than VA Clarksburg. Is the resume of qualified consultant required to be VA specific or will 20+ years of state certified work for public water systems also be considered? The VA paramount requirement for past experience is testing, monitoring, controlling water quality in a healthcare environment. In the VAMC experience public water systems such as local municipalities do not test, monitor, or attempt to control legionella. Specific requirements of the contract are to provide specific critical control points for clinical potable, and high purity water systems. Inclusive of actions to be taken when and if critical control points are not met. Building specific HCA LD plans are required for four buildings on campus that house patients. Risk assessments for all buildings are required to be included. Additional requirements of VHA Directive 1061 Prevention of Healthcare associated legionaries disease. The vendors resume must show clear evidence of working in a healthcare environment housing overnight patients with immune compromised conditions. 3 The contractor must be able to view remotely the performance of water quality monitoring equipment and provide an interface to manage and track water quality. Is there a current SCADA system being utilized or would new equipment be required to begin work for awarded contract? The facility currently has water quality monitoring systems installed on incoming city cold water lines, and hot water generation points. Monitors collect data on incoming PH, conductivity, biocide levels, the facility does not have monitoring in place throughout the hot or cold potable water system loops. Should the contractor require data from throughout the hot or cold-water loops, the contractor should provide cost information regarding the methods and equipment planned to be used for data gathering. 4 The contractor shall integrate the medical center s sterile processing activities into the WMP. Will the physical integration of water system piping be required, or does this refer to documentation integration only? This requirement is for documentation purposes only to identify: the appropriate testing methods, frequencies, and test locations specific to the Louis A. Johnson VAMC high purity water systems to be in compliance with AAMI standards for medical instrument reprocessing, and hemodialysis. The contractor will be responsible to identify corrective actions, and water system specific maintenance activities (such as sanitation) and frequency, upon and to prevent out of compliance conditions. 5 GENERAL QUESTION Is there a current DPD analyzer in place or would this hardware be required to begin work for awarded contract? The VAMC considers this question to be in referencing a chlorine monitor. The facility has chlorine monitors in place at incoming city water connections, and the outlets of facility hot water generation equipment. 6 GENERAL QUESTION Is there current re-chlorination equipment in place or would new equipment be required to begin work for awarded contract? The facility has previously attempted to utilize a chlorine injection system, at the incoming city water connections. This attempt was unsuccessful, and the equipment decommissioned and removed. 7 GENERAL QUESTION Are there currently VAMC personnel trained on the water system and/or cooling towers (if applicable) or would all new personnel be required and provided by contractor? The facility has staff trained for the general operation of the facility potable and high purity water distribution systems. Inclusive of treating mechanical water systems such as cooling towers. The facility does not current employ staff trained or licensed in the state of WV as water treatment operators, capable of operating a potable water sanitation system. Should a contractor proposed solution include the addition of facility specific sanitation systems, the contractor would need to include pricing for staff to provide UI instruction to VAMC for the time period required for licensing within the state of WV. Additional state permitting would be required for the operation of said system, as historically the operation of these systems have identified the facility as an independent municipality. 8 Offeror must send the Past Performance Questionnaire (PPQ) that s attached to this notice Where can we obtain the required PPQ? The PPQ will be provided as an attachment with the answers to these questions. It was an oversight that it wasn t attached with the original solicitation. WMP Questions 1) When was the current WMP created and placed into effect? Approximately 5 years ago. 2) What 3rd party vendor, if any, helped to create the WMP? Phigenics 3) Was a risk assessment conducted prior to or in conjunction with the formation of the WMP?   If so, who conducted the assessment and when did it occur? No documentation is currently available for this information. Please see answer to question 2 regarding the contractor provision of risk assessments. Legionella & water monitoring questions 4) Which laboratory is currently providing the required legionella testing? Phigenics 5) Does the current legionella testing also require the environmental testing of pH, temperature, and disinfectant residual?   If not, how  is the facility currently collecting the testing results? This data is collected on a continuous basis. The data is warehoused through Phigenics and will be made available to the winning bidder. 6) Is the facility utilizing any other data management system currently other than the VA legionella data archive spreadsheet system? Previously mentioned, data is captured and stored with Phigenics. The facility has access to this data upon demand. 7) Are the positives being found in the cold water main, hot water loops or both? Positives are being found in both hot and cold loops. 8) What equipment is currently being used for 24/7 water monitoring? Equipment provided by Phigenics. 9) What vendor provided the water monitoring equipment? Phigenics SPS Questions 10) Describe the current water purification arrangement for example: filter, softener, SDI or RO, etc. High purity water for sterile instrument reprocessing is a DI system. Hemodialysis equipment utilizes a portable RO system. 11) Who provides the ongoing maintenance and servicing of this equipment? Evoqua 12) Is the facility currently conducting the required AAMI testing particularly the TIR 34 testing? The facility is providing monthly testing for sterile instrument reprocessing per AAMI TIR 34, and 6 month testing per AAMI Hemodialysis requirements. 13) Who is the vendor conducting the AAMI testing? Watermark 14) Are there any members of the RME team on the WMP team? Yes

Original Point of Contact

POC Phillip.Duba@va.gov

Place of Performance

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