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A-E Civil Design IDC/IDIQ

General Information

Document Type:PRESOL
Posted Date:Sep 22, 2020
Category: Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address



1. CONTRACT INFORMATION: �A-E services are required to provide, design, and engineering during construction primarily in support of the Civil Works mission area. Similarly related horizontal engineering projects may be required to support the Military and Interagency and International Support (IIS) missions. The contractor will be required to perform services primarily within the USACE San Francisco District and the South Pacific Division�s Area of Responsibility (AOR). This announcement is for a Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) for A-E services. The Government contemplates the award of three to five IDIQ contracts; however may decide to award to less firms depending on sufficient Small Business Firms interest and the source selection decision regarding how many contractors are considered most highly qualified in accordance with Brooks Act procedures. This contract is being procured in accordance with The Brooks Architect-Engineer (AE) Act as implemented in FAR Subpart 36.6. AE Firms will be selected for negotiation based on demonstrated competence and qualifications for the required work. The services will consist of Civil Engineering for Civil Works Projects at Various Locations within the San Francisco District and South Pacific Division�s AOR. This announcement is 100% set-aside for Small Business. Only Small Business firms will be considered for award. There is a limitation on subcontracting whereby ""at least 50% of the cost of contract performance incurred for personnel"" must be expended for employees of the concerns �as required by FAR 19.508 (e) and 52.219-14. Rates will be negotiated for the initial 12-month period of the contract and is escalated by an annual escalation with federal and state labor escalations. The small business size standard is a maximum of $16.5 million. The Government contemplates award of three to five indefinite delivery contract awards for A-E services for $3,000,000.00 to $5,000,000.00 each (depending on the number of contracts). These contracts include a base period not-to-exceed (NTE) thirty-six (36) months and one (1) option period NTE twenty-four (24) months. Work will be issued by negotiated firm-fixed price task orders. The estimated contract start date is around March 2021. Work and resulting Task Orders are subject to availability of funds. �Estimated construction cost is not applicable to the base contract; however, if required will be determined at the time when Task Orders are issued. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for this action is 541330. The wages and benefits of service employees (see FAR 22.10) performing under these contracts must be at least equal to those determined by the Department of Labor under the Service contract Act, as determined relative to the employees office location (not the location of the work). �A SCA will be included in the base IDC Contract. To be eligible for contract award, a firm must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) at https://www.sam.gov. 2. PROJECT INFORMATION: The work and services shall support primarily Civil Design services for Civil Design (horizontal design) projects. A-E Services for this contract will be used to provide all types of civil works related areas such as: Flood control, damage and risk reduction; Design and inspection services for Dam and Levees, Levee and Dam repair, analyze and design increase of Dam and levee elevation, widening of levee crests, analyze and design new levees, conduct levee inspections; coastal erosion; storm damage risk reduction and beach nourishment; shoreline and stream bank erosion protection; shallow and deep draft navigation; environmental and ecosystem habitat restoration; comprehensive watershed evaluations; and multi-purpose water resources projects , water conservation, water supply and distribution, water quality control, groundwater and wastewater treatment, seismic evaluation and repair of infrastructure, restoration of ecosystem, fish and wildlife habitat conservation, Fish Hatchery facilities maintenance upgrade and repair, outdoor recreation, hydropower, stream bank protection, environmental enhancement, Landscaping, Irrigation design, survey and mapping services; Architectural Design for new buildings and/or restoration renovation of existing buildings for Government Visitor Centers and Fish Hatcheries, to include structural design, mechanical and electrical design, interior design, and experience with LEED certification; Structural analysis and design structural repairs and seismic retrofits; Design of new facilities or utility systems of various types, sizes, and complexities; solar and energy storage; Design services for New infrastructure and/or Rehabilitation of existing infrastructure i.e. Roads, Storm and Sanitary Sewer, Domestic Water Supply, Electrical Supply and District Heat (services incl. design analysis, specifications, plans, drawings required to solicit for a follow on construction contract).Preparation of documents for design-build request for Proposals (incl. design analysis, specifications, and plans); Cost engineering preparing Current Working Estimates (CWE); Cost engineering from concept through final design estimates, using MCACES; performing pre design Studies, Investigations, and Reporting including drawings and sketches; Construction engineering services including shop drawing review and Design intent verification and preparation of O&M manuals; Preparation of Design Documentation Reports; Value Engineering studies, recommendations and conferences; Preliminary Designs and Charrettes including Project Definition Code 3 Design with Parametric Estimating; Sustainable design utilizing LEED rating tools; Application of Anti-Terrorist/Force Protection criteria. The capabilities of A-E firms would include technical analysis, engineering, design including preliminary studies and report development; engineering design through detailed plans, specifications, and design analysis/design documentation report preparation (to include related components of surveying and geotechnical investigations); technical and biddability, constructability, operability, environmental, and sustainability (BCOES) reviews; and engineering during construction services for both inland and coastal civil works. Prepare Design Documentation Reports (DDR), Engineering Documentation Reports (EDR), and engineering appendices in accordance with all applicable criteria.� DDRs, EDRs, and engineering appendices shall include but not be limited to the following, as applicable: Full record of design decisions and methods, results of investigations, analyses, and calculations made for the design.� For each technical specialty, include clear definitions of all criteria, analysis methods, and assumptions. It should be sufficiently clear so that an engineer not familiar with the project could review the DDR and understand how the project evolved into its final configuration and why each key decision was made. It should be sufficiently detailed, for each technical specialty, so that the criteria used, will be evident for purposes of review and historical documentation. DDR�s shall list summaries of important calculation results and selected example calculations for all critical elements of the design.� The final report should contain records of the resolution of critical comments during the independent technical review (ITR) process and copy of the statement of technical review. Description of alternatives that were considered to obtain the National Economic Development Plan (NED); National Ecosystem Restoration Plan (NER) and the Locally Preferred Plan (LPP) from the projects planning study. Relocation documentation report for projects. The locations of existing utilities or facilities that require relocation for new construction or remedial work should be fully described so as to show whether such existing facilities are located within the construction footprint thus requiring temporary or permanent relocation Graphical information such as design drawings, sketches, charts, diagrams, maps, profiles, or other graphical information necessary to clearly illustrate the design should be included or referenced to the contract plans.� The maps should clearly identify all place names mentioned in the text of the DDR.� Each task order when applicable shall be supported by Drawings produced by AutoCAD or Intergraph Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) system or compatible. The selected firm must be able to produce engineering drawings on a CADD system and provide those drawings to the district in electronic format. All new drawings shall be created in accordance with the current Architectural/Engineering/Construction (A/E/C) CADD Standards, ERDC/ITL TR-12-1, CAD Drafting Standard, and Engineering and Construction Bulletin (ECB) No. 2012-22. The A/E/C CAD standards can be found at https://cadbim.usace.army.mil/default.aspx?p=a&t=1&i=7.� CADD submittals will be required in AutoCAD release 2014 or 2015 and the AEC CADD Standard (.dwg format files) along with Civil 3D program from Autodesk (.dwg). Ability to prepare complete detailed construction drawings and specifications using Government guide specifications format shall be required.� CD-ROMs of drawings shall be submitted in a format that is compatible with the San Francisco District�s AutoCAD system or as otherwise directed. Specs Intact Software.� The A/E must be able to produce technical specifications in Specs Intact format. The Specs Intact software can be downloaded from the following web page: http://specsintact.ksc.nasa.gov. Technical specifications shall be produced from Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS). UFGS can be downloaded from the web at the following site: http://www.ccb.org/docs/ufgshome/UFGSToc.htm Contractor is required to acquire the current Micro-computer Aided Cost Estimating System 2nd Generation (MCACES MII) software and related training from commercial sources for use in this contract. �Cost estimates should be based on quantities, unit prices, material prices, construction methods, current and recent cost data, or cost models based on design information.� The method selected must be equivalent and establish reasonable and supportable costs for comparison of alternate designs. All review documentation, at set completion stages in the design progress, including resolutions and agreements reached in technical review conferences shall be captured and recorded by utilizing recorded comments in Dr. Check�s system. 3. SELECTION INFORMATION: The selection criteria are listed below in descending order of importance (first by major criterion and then by each sub-criterion). Criteria A thru E are primary. Criterion F thru G are secondary and will only be used as a tie-breaker among technically equal firms. � A. Specialized Experience and Technical Competence: A maximum of ten (10) relevant projects of the prime, the subcontractor(s), both or mentor/mentee relationships, not to exceed the past ten (10) years, will be reviewed in PART I, Section F. Of these ten (10) projects, the prime must have performed services for a minimum of five (5) projects (either as the prime or subcontractor). Joint Venture submissions shall also provide a minimum of five (5) projects; however, if the Joint Venture does not have the minimum projects as a Joint Venture Offeror, then the Offeror may supplement with projects performed by the members of the Joint Venture in their individual capacities. 1. Use no more than one (1) page per project. A Project is defined as a project performed under a single, stand-alone contract and/or a single task order issued under an existing Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract(s) unless the project included multiple phases and was issued under more than one contractual order. It shall be noted that an ID/IQ contract is not a project and will not be in compliance with the requirement.�Do not combine multiple task orders unrelated to a stand-alone project to create a single project example.��The contract number or IDIQ number and individual task order number associated with the project in the title must be included for each of the projects. If the project is not 100% complete, note the current percentage and estimated date when project will be completed for each contract and/or task order. For all relevant projects include the percentage of work self-performed by the prime offeror and subcontractors for each contract and/or task order. Percentages shall be shown individually for each firm. If proposing as a JV, include the percentage of work self-performed by each Joint Venture member. 2. Eight (8) of the ten (10) projects shall specifically address the following areas of emphasis, with the most relevant work being associated with USACE and other Federal Agencies: (1) Flood Risk Management/Flood Control; (2) Riverine and Urban Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration; (3) Design and inspection services for Dam and Levees, Levee and Dam repair, analyze and design increase of Dam and levee elevation, widening of levee crests, analyze and design new levees, conduct levee inspections; (4) �Coastal Erosion & Storm Damage Reduction; (5) Shallow and Deep-draft Navigation; (6) Coastal/Wetland and Ecosystem Restoration; (7) Architectural Design for new buildings and/or restoration renovation of existing buildings for Government Visitor Centers and Fish Hatcheries, to include structural design, mechanical and electrical design, interior design, and experience with LEED certification, (8) Design services for New infrastructure and/or Rehabilitation of existing infrastructure i.e. Roads, Rail Storm and Sanitary Sewer, Domestic Water Supply, Electrical Supply and District Heat (services incl. design analysis, specifications, plans, drawings required to solicit for a follow on construction contract). 3. In PART I, Section H, provide a narrative demonstrating breadth, knowledge and experience for each of the following areas: (1) Comprehensive Engineering Design through detailed Plans and Specifications for both Inland and Coastal Civil Works projects, such as, flood control projects; creek restoration; levee and levee repair design; shoreline and stream bank erosion protection; shallow and deep draft navigation projects(dredging); Dam design and dam repair and restoration; �dredge material testing, water quality projects. (2) Architectural Design for new buildings and/or restoration renovation of existing buildings for Government, VA, Military, Visitor Centers and Fish Hatcheries, to include structural design, mechanical and electrical design, interior design, and experience with LEED certification; Structural analysis and design structural repairs and seismic retrofits (3) Design services for New infrastructure and/or Rehabilitation of existing infrastructure i.e. Roads, Storm and Sanitary Sewer, Domestic Water Supply, Electrical Supply and District Heat. (4) All phases of Engineering Design analysis and documentation for inland and coastal Civil Works, IIS and Military projects; (5) Construction plans and specifications; (6) Cost Estimating to include specialized experience with quantity takeoffs, cost schedule risk analysis, MCACES, total project cost summaries, ROM abbreviated cost risk analysis, and other areas of cost estimating as required using the latest software; (7) Value engineering studies (8) Risk Analysis, including leading and participating in Potential Failure Mode Analysis or any other relevant risk assessment activities for Civil Works; (9) Describe the firms quality management plan, including quality assurance process, project scheduling, coordination of the in-house work with consultants, and prior experience of the prime firm and any significant consultant. � B. Professional Qualifications: The selected firm must have, either in-house or through consultants, the disciplines listed below, with registration required (include licensure, state, and certification numbers) where applicable. Resumes (Block E of the SF 330) must be provided for these disciplines, including consultants. 1. ROLE IN THIS CONTRACT, Block 13 under PART I, Section E must use the exact same discipline nomenclature as listed in this announcement. If an individual will serve in more than one discipline, then those disciplines shall be clearly indicated in Block 13, PART I, Section E. Recent for this solicitation is within ten (10) years of the solicitation issuance date. Submit no more than two (2) resumes per Discipline, indicating which resume is the Contract Lead. The following disciplines with applicable professional registrations are required: (1) Project Manager; (2) Hydraulic Engineer with Professional Engineering Licensure; (3) Coastal Engineer with Professional Engineering Licensure; (4) Civil Engineer with Professional Engineering Licensure; (5) Cost Estimator with Professional Engineering Licensure or Certified by a Professional Organization such as AACE, ASPE, or equivalent; (6) Geotechnical Engineer with Professional Engineering Licensure; (7) Environmental Engineer with Professional Engineering Licensure; (8) Geologist with Professional Geologist Licensure; (9) Structural Engineer with Professional Engineering Licensure; (10) Mechanical Engineer with Professional Engineering Licensure; (11) Electrical Engineer with Professional Engineering Licensure, (12) Architect with Professional Registration; (13) Biologist; (14) Land Surveyor with Professional Licensure;� (15) Certified Value Specialist; (16) Registered Landscape Architect; (17) Specification Writer; and (18) CADD Technician. 2. The professional qualification evaluation will consider education, registration, and overall relevant experience in the type of work required, and longevity with the firm. Additionally, the evaluation will consider the firms recent business history with proposed subcontractors. Resumes (Block E of the SF 330) must be provided for these disciplines, including consultants. Although the Organization Chart required in Section D can include additional names and team structure, do not include additional resumes beyond the disciplines required. Each resume shall not exceed one page in length. Individuals performing work as a contract employee shall be reflected as a subcontractor and not listed under the firm they are supporting on a contractual basis. Use the same discipline nomenclature as used in this announcement when identifying Project Assignment on each resume. In Block G-26, along with the name of key personnel, include the firm with whom the person is associated. In Section G, only include key personnel for which a resume has been provided. A Part II is required for each branch office of the Prime Firm and any Subcontractors that will have a key role in the proposed contract. C. Past Performance: Past performance on Department of Defense (DOD) and other contracts with respect to cost control, quality of work, and compliance with performance schedules. Evaluations will be based on established CPARS ratings and other credible documentation included in the SF 330. Point of Contact Names and Point of Contact Telephone Numbers within Section F should be verified as those individuals may be contacted. D. Capacity to Accomplish the Work: The Small Business firms shall demonstrate the capacity to accomplish at least two (2) $250,000 individual task orders simultaneously. E. Location in the general geographic area of the project and knowledge of the locality. In PART I, Section H, describe and demonstrate the teams familiarity within the San Francisco District boundaries. Provide specific knowledge of local requirements, local environmental regulations, soil conditions, and experience with Bay Area Local State Agencies. F. Volume of DoD Contract Awards. Offerors shall provide the volume of work awarded by DoD agencies during the previous 12 months. If proposing as a Joint Venture, include volume of work awarded by DoD agencies for both the Joint Venture and members of the Joint Venture. Volume of work shall be demonstrated in a table format and be categorized by contract, task order, project award, completion dates, and dollar amount. This factor is a secondary criteria and will only be evaluated as a tie-breaker among technically equal firms. G. Extent of participation of SB, SDB, historically Black colleges and universities (HBCU), and minority institutions (MI) in the proposed contract team, measured as a percentage of the anticipated effort, regardless of whether the SB, SDB, HBCU or MI is a prime contractor, subcontractor, or joint venture partner; the greater the participation, the greater the consideration. 4. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Interested AE firms having the capabilities for this work are invited to submit one completed Standard Form 330 (current version) Architect Engineer Qualifications Parts I and II and one (1) SF330 Part II for each firm that will be part of the team, no later than 2:00 pm on October 22, 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, and in the interests of public health and safety, all bidders are required to submit their bids electronically via the DoD Secure Access File Exchange (DoD SAFE) (https://safe.apps.mil/). No hand-delivered bids will be accepted.�To submit via DoD SAFE, contact Brittany Rusch at Brittany.Rusch@usace.army.mil to receive a submission code. Once you have a submission code, you can upload the SF330s to DoD Safe. They must be uploaded no later than 2:00pm on the response date above. �In addition to your electronic submission to DoD Safe, please mail a copy of your submission on one Compact Disc to the street address: 450 Golden Gate Ave 4th Floor, San Francisco California 94102. Lengthy cover letter and generic corporation brochures or other presentation beyond those to sufficiently present a complete and effective response are not desired. Phone calls and personal visits are discouraged. Response to this notice must be received by the due date specified herein. Include DUNS number of the office that will perform the work. The SF330 Part I shall not exceed 70 pages (8.5 inches x11 inches) including no more than 16 pages for Section H. The firm selected for this contract will be expected to submit a quality control/quality assurance plan and to adhere to it during the work and services required under the contract. In Section H, describe the firms Design Quality Control Plan (DQCP), including Design Quality Assurance Plan (DQAP) of subcontractor work. The plan must be prepared and approved by the Government, as a condition of contract award, but is not required with this submission. PLEASE NOTE: RESUMES DO NOT COUNT AGAINST THE 70 PAGE LIMITATION. Each side of paper is a page (70 pages single sided or 35 pages double sided). Use no smaller than 12 font type. In Section H, indicate the estimated percentage involvement of each firm on the proposed team. Include an organization chart (11"" x17"" will count as 1 Page) of the key personnel to be assigned to the project. No other general notification will be made of this work. Solicitation packages are not provided and no additional project information will be given to firms during the announcement period. This is not a request for proposal and no other general notification will be made. Use solicitation number W912P720R0009 in your submission package. 5. PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE: A Virtual Pre-Proposal Conference will be held on October 14, 2020. Attendance is not mandatory for submitting qualifications. All attendees must submit names, name of company, and title to Brittany Rusch no later than October 9 at 3pm PST. The purpose of the Pre-Proposal Conference is to assist interested firms on the process of applying for Government A-E services contracts, explain requirements, and to answer questions from potential offerors. 6. QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS Questions regarding this announcement and the pre-proposal conference must be in writing and shall be addressed to Brittany Rusch via email. All questions must be submitted no later than October 15 at 3pm PST to allow adequate time to respond. Point of Contact: Brittany Rusch at Brittany.Rusch@usace.army.mil or Mary Fronck at Mary.Fronck@usace.army.mil

Original Point of Contact

POC Brittany Rusch, Phone: 4155032953, Mary Fronck, Phone: 4155036554

Place of Performance

San Francisco, CA 94102, USA
94102, USA
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