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EUCOM UH-60M Full Flight Simulator (FFS) Request for Information (RFI)

General Information

Document Type:SNOTE
Posted Date:Oct 08, 2020
Category: Training Aids and Devices
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address



DISCLAIMER: THIS REQUEST FOR INFORMATION IS ISSUED FOR INFORMATION AND PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY.� THE GOVERNMENT WILL USE THE INFORMATION RECEIVED TO DETERMINE ITS ACQUISITION STRATEGY.� THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS NOTICE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND IS NOT BINDING ON THE GOVERNMENT.� THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION, INVITATION FOR BID (IFB), REQUEST FOR QUOTE (RFQ), OR REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP), AND IS NOT A COMMITMENT BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT TO PROCURE SUBJECT SERVICES/SUPPLIES.� THE U.S. GOVERNMENT WILL NOT PAY FOR INFORMATION REQUESTED NOR WILL IT COMPENSATE ANY RESPONDENT FOR ANY COST INCURRED IN DEVELOPING INFORMATION PROVIDED TO THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.� ADDITIONALLY, ALL SUBMISSIONS BECOME GOVERNMENT PROPERTY AND WILL NOT BE RETURNED.� ANY INFORMATION SUBMITTED BY RESPONDENTS TO THIS TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION IS STRICTLY VOLUNTARY.� NOT RESPONDING TO THIS RFI DOES NOT PRECLUDE PARTICIPATION IN ANY FUTURE RFP, IF ANY IS ISSUED. IF A SOLICITATION IS RELEASED, IT WILL BE SYNOPSIZED ON THE GOVERNMENT-WIDE POINT OF ENTRY WEBSITE (HTTPS://BETA.SAM.GOV).� IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE POTENTIAL OFFERORS TO MONITOR THIS SITE FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION PERTAINING TO THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. NO PROPRIETARY, CLASSIFIED, CONFIDENTIAL, OR SENSITIVE INFORMATION SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN YOUR RESPONSE. PURPOSE: The U.S Army Contracting Command-Orlando (ACC-ORL) on behalf of the U.S. Army�s Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training & Instrumentation (PEO STRI),� International Programs Office (IPO) is seeking information on the production, delivery and installation of a UH-60M Full Flight Simulator (FFS), Associated Spares, New Equipment Training (NET) and Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) to satisfy a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) commitment in the U.S. European Command (EUCOM) Area of Operations. REQUIREMENT: The UH-60M FFS shall be compliant with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the EASA Annex to ED Decision 2012/011/R Certification Specifications for Helicopter Flight Simulation Training Devices requirements of a Level D simulator. Actual FAA FFS certification is not required. The UH-60M FFS shall have an ""open architecture� and allow the change of configuration in compliance with the configuration of the UH-60M helicopters in the armament of the Armed Forces of the EUCOM. The UH-60M FFS shall be capable of and include the following: Initial training Advanced training Refresh training Normal and emergency procedures Various sling loads with various aircraft load configurations Group and formation flying training Day and night VFR, IFR (Including the IMC meteorological conditions) at night with the use of NVG Pre-flight preparation, engine test, taxiing, take-off and landing Hovering, ascent, and descent practice Track flights, visual and instrument approach for landing using the systems ILS/DME or ADF Mountainous and hilly terrain with landing on slope, including the simulation of flights at high altitude Navigational flights using GPS, TACAN, VOR/DME ILS, and ADF Weapons systems engagement Fire-fighting flights with ""BAMBI"" bucket, ""FAST ROPE"" - abseil, crane, SPIES, FRIES, search and rescue flight with an underslung load Perform special flights - test flights to verify the airworthiness of the helicopter Simulation of visual illusions, restricted night vision, misperception of surroundings in the day/ night, and simulation of various levels of lighting at flights with NVG Simulation of battlefield environment/the space of enemys operation from the air and from the ground Ability to set environmental or weather conditions with levels of intensity (e.g. clouds, fog, mist, sand-storm, snow, wind/wind gusts, rain, frost cover, storm cell behavior etc.) Display of visual effects - e.g. condensation trails or smoke trails Light effects while firing and explosions of ammunition or destruction of targets (smoke trails) Movement of objects Movement of celestial bodies (stars, the Moon, the Sun etc.) Capability to introduce malfunctions, failures and alerts Ability to extend capability of FFS to replicate detection of missiles and provide audible and visual warnings Realistic display of cockpit instrumentation and function Cyclic and collective controls Engine control by the engine throttles Pedal/rudder control Visual Database Requirements Shall include terrain elevation, main rivers, lakes, roads, railroads and other cultural features. For night vision simulation, shall include night vision attributes (colors and textures) with possibility to switch between day and night vision views. The high resolution areas shall contain 3D objects, buildings, trees and any other distinguishing structures. Airport environment shall include Lighted runway, runway markings, approach lights, Visual Approach Indicator (VASI) & Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) lights, obstacles on approach plates, ground traffic, tower beacon and tower light gun signals. The following High Resolution Training Areas with minimal 10NM radius are required: Five EUCOM airports Two EUCOM shooting areas Instructor Operator Station (IOS) Requirements Internal and external parameters affecting the behavior of the helicopter in the environment Monitor the values of instrumentation and the position of all controls in the cockpit in real time Scenario objects manipulation of the simulation Communication between the instructor and helicopter crew Weather conditions manipulation Generate and management of new objects in the environment Recording and playback of missions Eye recording Archive data in electronic form Record all flight data, include gauges, voice recording, frequency settings for the inter-communication system, geo-positioning information of the students training flight path Provide instructor pilot information for student pilot debrief and reinforce all training activities within the training scenario. Brief/debrief of Computer Generated Forces (CGF) capabilities to support initial and mission level training. Logistics Requirements Assurance of system failure elimination within the warranty period (24 months) Provision of the necessary number of software licenses according to the users requirements Provision of firmware updates for at least 24 months Provision of after-warranty service, repairs and supplies of spare parts in accordance with a separate contract of after-warranty service, repairs and supplies of spare parts Delivery of the operation and user documentation, technical data package Common Missile Warning System Additional Requirements Warranty beyond 24 month period, Requirements for NSN and IoS (item of supply) Requirements for certification in accordance with EMAR 21 (Military Type Certificate / Military Supplemental Type Certificate) or in accordance with equivalent national regulation. ACQUISITION STRATEGY - PLANNING INFORMATION: Contract Vehicle: The determination of Contract Vehicle and Small Business Set Aside or Full and Open Competition will not be established until market research has been completed and the Acquisition Strategy has been approved. North American Industry Classification System (NAICS): NAICS code being considered for this effort is 333318 Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing.� NAICS is the standard used by federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy.�� Contract Type: The determination of Contract Type will not be established until market research has been completed and the Acquisition Strategy has been approved. Approximate Funding: FMS FY21 Country Funds will be utilized with an amount to be determined (TBD). CAPABILITY STATEMENT: Interested parties are requested to respond to this RFI with a capability statement outlining possible technical solutions, capabilities, and critical cost and schedule drivers for the UH-60M FFS requirement described above. This RFI is to solicit input through concepts or capability statements from interested parties with the specialized capabilities necessary to perform the entire requirement. Respondents shall not be obligated to provide the services described herein and it is understood by the United States Government that the cost estimates provided as a result of this request are �best� estimates only. RESPONSES REQUESTED: All responses from interested parties must include this RFI number, Company Name, Physical address, and the Point of Contact for the organization including telephone number and email address. Additional information (e.g. DUNS/CAGE Code, as well as the small business status under the NAICS 333318). The Small Business Size Standard for NAICS 333318 is 1,000 employees.� Respondents are welcome to suggest NAICS codes for use in any future acquisition activities related to this RFI. The Government requests that no proprietary or confidential business data be submitted in a response to this notice. The Government reserves the right to use any and all non-proprietary information obtained from this notice in any manner deemed appropriate by the Government. �All responses to this RFI must be submitted electronically (via email) to the Contract Specialist, Mr. Jan A. Forman at jan.a.forman.civ@mail.mil, with a courtesy copy (Cc :) to the Technical Point of Contact Assistant Program Manager (APM), Rick L. Denny at ricky.l.denny.civ@mail.mil, with file sizes not to exceed 8MB to ensure delivery. All responses must be received no later than the response due date/time of this announcement.� Reference this RFI number in the subject line of the e-mail and on all enclosed documents.� *NOTE (LIMITATIONS ON SUBCONTRACTING):� If you are a small business interested in being the prime contractor for this effort, please be advised that the FAR clause 52.219-14, Limitations on Subcontracting, has changed. Deviation 2020-O0008 Revision 1 is now in effect which adds the definition of �Similarly Situated Entity� and changes the 50% calculation for compliance with the clause. Small business primes may now count �first tier subcontracted� work performed by similarly situated entities as if it were performed by the prime itself. Please read the full text of the clause deviation 52.219-14 Class Deviation 2020-O0008, dated 03 April 2020, at https://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/dars/class_deviations.html .To assist in our market research and determination of any applicable small business set-aside for this effort, if you are a small business interested in priming this effort and plan to utilize a �Similarly Situated Entity� to meet the Limitation on Subcontracting, please identify the name & CAGE Code of the specific firm(s) you intend to partner/subcontract with to meet the requirements as well as their SB size status under the NAICS that you as the prime would assign for their workshare. Information regarding any planned similarly situated entity should be included in answering any questions outlined in this RFI in order to assist the Governments capability determination. DISCLAIMER THIS REQUEST IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP). IT DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A SOLICITATION AND SHALL NOT BE CONSTRUED AS A COMMITMENT BY THE GOVERNMENT. RESPONSES IN ANY FORM ARE NOT OFFERS AND THE GOVERNMENT IS UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO AWARD A CONTRACT AS A RESULT OF THIS NOTICE. NO FUNDS ARE AVAILABLE TO PAY FOR PREPARATION OF RESPONSES TO THIS NOTICE. ANY INFORMATION SUBMITTED BY RESPONDENTS TO THIS TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION IS STRICTLY VOLUNTARY.

Original Point of Contact

POC Jan A. Forman, Phone: 4073843963, Rick Denny, Phone: 4073845443

Place of Performance

Orlando, FL, USA
Link: SAM.gov Permalink
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