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CO FLAP US50(1) Little Blue Creek Canyon

CO FLAP US50(1) Little Blue Creek Canyon

General Information

Document Type:PRESOL
Posted Date:Oct 20, 2020
Category: Construction of Structures and Facilities
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PROJECT DETAILS: CO FLAP US50(1) Little Blue Creek Canyon The project is located in Montrose, Colorado, approximately 30 miles east of Montrose, CO and 33 miles west of Gunnison, CO. The Route is classified as a rural collector within the project vicinity and is on the National Highway System. The Route runs east and west across the country, from Ocean City, MD through Sacramento, CA. The Route provides access to various Federal Lands, including The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Curecanti National Recreational Area, BLM land and USFS land. The general scope of improvements is to reconstruct the existing 4.17 miles to provide a consistent 12-foot travel way with variable shoulders between 4 to 8-foot.� The work will also include the addition of 1.5 miles of climbing lanes. Proposed new construction work includes large scale rock excavation and embankment, roadway realignment, roadway and ditch widening, MSE retaining walls, drainage culvert installation, guardrail, aggregate base, asphalt concrete pavement, minor bridge and bridge railing work, pavement markings, traffic closure restrictions and night work, traffic control, public information program and signs. SIGNIFICANT QUANTITIES: Schedule A: 20401-0000 Roadway Excavation: 180,000 CUYD 20441-0000 Waste: 38,500 CUYD 25110-2500 Grouted Riprap, Method B, Class 5(Stream Armoring): 580 CUYD 25501-0000 Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall: 60,000 SQFT 20601-0000 Rock Bolt: 2,500 LNFT 30101-000 Aggregate Base: 70,000 TON 40101-5600 Asphalt Concrete Pavement, Gyratory Mix, �-Inch or �-Inch Nominal Maximum Size Aggregate, 0.3 to <3 Million ESAL: 30,000 TON 40301-0000 Asphalt Concrete Pavement: 5,000 TON 60201-1000 36-Inch Pipe Culvert: 2,100 LNFT 61701-4500 Guardrail System MGS, Type 2, Class A Steel Posts: 12,000 LNFT 63506-0500 Temporary Traffic Control, Flagger: 56,000 HOUR 63506-0600 Temporary Traffic Control, Pilot Car: 6,500 HOUR 65101-1000 Draped Rockfall Protection, Wire Mesh: 5000 SQYD 65101-2000 Draped Rockfall Protection, Cable Net: 5,000 SQYD Estimated total cost is $35 to $45 million. This will be a full and open competition.

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POC Ryan Phillips

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