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Cable Assembly, Fiber

Cable Assembly, Fiber

General Information

Document Type:SRCSGT
Posted Date:Oct 26, 2020
Category: Fiber Optics Materials, Components, Assemblies and Accessories
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Contracting Office Address



Review the below NSN and provide us with any sources that are able to manufacture the item. Please provide the POCs for these manufacturers, if available. All of this information can be submitted to Ken Pliska at ken.pliska@dla.mil, Phone (614) 692-5373on the attached market survey form. Thank you for your time and cooperation. NSN��� 6020-01-530-7677 Item���� CABLE ASSEMBLY,FIBER RQ032: EXPORT CONTROL OF TECHNICAL DATA This item has technical data some or all of which is subject to export-control of either the International Traffic in Arms regulations (ITAR) or the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and cannot be exported without prior authorization from either the Department of State or the Department of Commerce. Export includes disclosure of technical data to foreign persons and nationals whether located in the United States or abroad. This requirement applies equally to foreign national employees and U.S. companies and their foreign subsidiaries. DFARS 252.225-7048 is applicable to this data. The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) limits distribution of export-control technical data to DLA contractors that have an approved US/Canada Joint Certification Program (JCP) certification, have completed the Introduction to Proper Handling of DOD Export-Controlled Technical Data Training and the DLA Export-Controlled Technical Data Questionnaire (both are available at the web address given below), and have been approved by the DLA controlling authority to access the export-controlled data. Instructions for obtaining access to the export-controlled data can be found at: https://www.dla.mil/HQ/LogisticsOperations/EnhancedValidation/ To be eligible for award, offerors and any sources of supply proposed for use are required to have an approved JCP certification and have been approved by the DLA controlling authority to access export-controlled data managed by DLA. DLA will not delay award in order for an offeror or its supplier to apply for and receive approval by the DLA controlling authority to access the export-controlled data. RD002, COVERED DEFENSE INFORMATION APPLIES RP001: DLA PACKAGING REQUIREMENTS FOR PROCUREMENT RA001: THIS DOCUMENT INCORPORATES TECHNICAL AND/OR QUALITY REQUIREMENTS (IDENTIFIED BY AN R OR AN I NUMBER) SET FORTH IN FULL TEXT IN THE DLA MASTER LIST OF TECHNICAL AND QUALITY REQUIREMENTS FOUND ON THE WEB AT:� http://www.dla.mil/HQ/Acquisition/Offers/eProcurement.aspx FOR SIMPLIFIED ACQUISITIONS, THE REVISION OF THE MASTER IN EFFECT ON THE SOLICITATION ISSUE DATE OR THE AWARD DATE CONTROLS.� FOR LARGE ACQUISITIONS, THE REVISION OF THE MASTER IN EFFECT ON THE RFP ISSUE DATE APPLIES UNLESS A SOLICITATION AMENDMENT INCORPORATES A FOLLOW-ON REVISION, IN WHICH CASE THE AMENDMENT DATE CONTROLS. RQ009: INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE AT ORIGIN RQ011: REMOVAL OF GOVERNMENT IDENTIFICATION FROM NON-ACCEPTED SUPPLIES RQ001: HIGHER LEVEL CONTRACT QUALITY REQUIREMENTS (MANUFACTURERS AND NON-MANUFACTURERS) QUALITY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM ISO 9001-2015 OR A COMPARABLE PROGRAM (EX. AS 9100, AS9120, AS9003/2012). RQ002: CONFIGURATION CHANGE MANAGEMENT - ENGINEERING CHANGE PROPOSAL REQUEST FOR VARIANCE (DEVIATION OR WAIVER) ------� HAZARDOUS MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS� ------- �������������������������������������������� . **IF**� AN ITEM CONTAINS HAZARDOUS MATERIAL(S) A SAFETY DATA SHEET (SDS) AND THE OSHA HAZARD COMMUNICATION LABEL THAT COMPLIES WITH NEW 29 CFR 1910.1200 REQUIREMENTS SHALL BE PROVIDED BY THE OFFEROR AT THE TIME OF THE QUOTE. THE SDS MUST BE COMPLETED IN ITS ENTIRETY IN ACCORDANCE WITH FED-STD-313 (MATERIAL SAFETY DATA, TRANSPORTATION DATA AND DISPOSAL DATA FOR HAZARDOUS MATERIALS FURNISHED TO GOVERNMENT ACTIVITIES)..��������������������������������������������� . OFFEROR SHALL DETERMINE IF THEIR PRODUCT MEETS THE DEFINITION OF ""HAZARDOUS MATERIAL"" AS DEFINED UNDER THE LATEST VERSION OF FED-STD-313.� THE OFFEROR MUST LIST ANY HAZARDOUS MATERIAL AS DEFINED IN ACCORDANCE WITH FED-STD-313 AND FAR 52.223-3.� **IF** ITEM IS NOT CLASSIFIED AS A HAZARDOUS MATERIAL IN ACCORDANCE WITH FED-STD-313, THE OFFEROR SHALL DISREGARD THE REQUEST FOR DOCUMENTATION SUBMISSION. PRODUCITON LOT TESTING QTY:� ALL THE TEST ITEM(S) WILL NOT BE DESTROYED AS PART OF THE TESTING PROGRAM IAW BASIC DRAWING NR 18876 13623134 REVISION NR D�� DTD 09/20/2018 PART PIECE NUMBER: IAW REFERENCE DRAWING NR 80063 A3302584 REVISION NR D�� DTD 09/27/2006 PART PIECE NUMBER: IAW REFERENCE DRAWING NR 18876 13623134 REVISION NR���� DTD 04/01/2019 PART PIECE NUMBER:

Original Point of Contact

POC Ken Pliska614-692-5373, Herman Poe614-692-2865

Place of Performance

OH 43218, USA
43218, USA
Link: SAM.gov Permalink
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