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Grenade, 66mm Smoke Screening Infra-Red (IR) Vehicle Launched (SSIRVL), MK1 MOD0

Grenade, 66mm Smoke Screening Infra-Red (IR) Vehicle Launched (SSIRVL), MK1 MOD0

General Information

Document Type:SRCSGT
Posted Date:Jun 01, 2021
Category: Ammunition and Explosives
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Sources Sought Synopsis: Grenade, 66mm Smoke Screening Infra-Red (IR) Vehicle Launched (SSIRVL), MK1 MOD0 The Army Contracting Command � Rock Island (ACC-RI) is using this Sources Sought announcement to provide information to industry about the Grenade, 66mm Smoke Screening Infra-Red (IR) Vehicle Launched (SSIRVL), MK1 MOD0. The purpose of providing this information is to conduct ongoing Market Research and to identify interested sources capable of manufacturing and delivering the Grenade, 66mm SSIRVL, MK1 MOD0. This is a market survey for planning purposes only and shall not be construed as a Request for Proposal or as an obligation on the part of the Government.� The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this market survey or otherwise pay for information solicited.� The Government will utilize the information provided only to develop the acquisition strategy for future requirements.� All information submitted will be held in a confidential status. Item Description: Grenade, 66mm Smoke-Screening Infra-Red (IR) Vehicle Launched (SSIRVL), MK1 MOD0 Grenade, 66mm SSIRVL, MK1 MOD0. NSN: 1330-01-559-7164, DODIC GG24 The Grenade, 66mm SSIRVL, MK1 MOD0 utilizes vehicle mounted smoke grenade launchers to produce visual and IR obscuration. To meet these requirements, the Grenade, 66mm SSIRVL must: Produce a smoke screen capable of obscuring the host vehicle from Visual and IR detection; Generate a screen obscuration time of greater than 30 seconds (visual waveband) and greater than 20 seconds (IR waveband); Be capable of transportation, storage and field handling between -54�C / -65�F and 68�C / 154�F; Function / launch from the 66mm M259 vehicle mounted smoke grenade launcher in all expected environmental conditions including a temperature range of -32�C / -25�F and 63�C/ 145�F Meet the applicable national, state and local environmental and human health hazard restrictions; and Be capable of meeting Insensitive Munitions requirements. In addition, the item shall meet and/or exceed specified safety and performance requirements during and after exposure to natural and induced environments. The Grenade, 66mm SSIRVL when fired in volley / salvo from an M259 Grenade Launcher mounted on wheeled / tracked vehicles shall: Generate a smoke screen height of not less than three meters (threshold), five meters (objective). Generate a smoke screen protected angle that extends a minimum of 110 degrees from the vehicle mounted launcher. Generate a smoke screen with duration of no less than 40 seconds in calm (no wind) conditions. Generate a visual smoke screen duration that shall be no less than 30 seconds, in a cross wind maximum of 5 miles per hour. Generate IR screen duration that shall be no less than 20 seconds, in a cross wind maximum of 5 miles per hour. Be capable of placing IR obscuration within the range of 30-50 meters from the launcher. Allow for an appropriate delay from launch until screen ignition to allow the individual grenades to reach effective height/distance from launcher. Delay time shall not exceed three seconds. Time from launch to effective screen deployment shall not exceed five seconds. Have a point of burst from the launcher not to exceed 30 meters. Weigh no more than 1800 grams. Be functionally and dimensionally compatible with the M259 66mm vehicle mounted smoke grenade launchers. Responses: Interested companies should respond by providing the Government the following information: a brief summary of the companys capabilities (a description of facilities, personnel, and past manufacturing experience as it relates to the above criteria) and availability. The NAICS code for this contract is 332993, Ammunition (Except Small Arms) Manufacturing with a business size standard of 750 employees. Respondents should indicate their business size in their response. Interested companies should provide minimum and maximum monthly production capability (and if manufacturing resources are shared with other item/production lines). Additionally, it is requested that respondents provide the Minimum Procurement Quantity (MPQ) required for economical production. A respondent to this survey should be able to show adequate technical and manufacturing capability and satisfactory past performance in the explosives processing industry. A respondent to this market survey/sources sought must have available a majority of the skills and facilities that are required to manufacture this item. If a respondent does not have the adequate resources (technical, manufacturing, personnel, etc.) available, the respondent must be able to describe and demonstrate his or her ability to obtain these resources in a timely fashion. If a respondent chooses to utilize the services of sub-tier vendors or subcontractors, those vendors or subcontractors must also meet these criteria. All contractors interested in this potential future solicitation must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) Database. Interested parties have 30 calendar days from the date of this publication to submit information to be considered in the development of the acquisition strategy for this item. Any response to this market survey/sources sought should reference the following: Grenade, 66mm Smoke Screening Infra-Red (IR) Vehicle Launched (SSIRVL), MK1 MOD0 Please submit to: U.S. Army Contracting Command-Rock Island, ATTN: CCRI-AR nathanial.s.tutor.civ@mail.mil. Please direct all drawing request questions or any other questions pertaining to this announcement to the POC identified herein.

Original Point of Contact

POC Nathan Tutor, Phone: 3097824972

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